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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Idolmaster (X360) appears to be translated?
« on: November 25, 2021, 04:16:08 am »
the project was never finished and nothing ever came out from this project
I would love to finally play this series, but I think too much time passed and too few people care about im@s anymore to translate such a text heavy game

Thanks. That's a shame, because the Youtube videos look pretty extensive.

I just wish the translator/hacker had put their files online, unfinished or not, so people with modded systems could test them out.

I've never played an Idolmaster game, but I like management sims (still holding out for a fan translation of "The Conveni" on X360). And if I'm going to play such a game, I'd rather the X360 than the PSP versions.

Anyway, thank you all for the info. Maybe someday in the future the partial translation will surface.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Idolmaster (X360) appears to be translated?
« on: November 13, 2021, 09:59:27 am »
I thought I'd made a topic on this, yet searching brings up nothing. I also don't think my topic was deleted, since I had no warnings. Clearly I never made a topic. Is this... THE MANDELA EFFECT?


The user "zzzzzzzzz" on YouTube extracted the text, translated it, then stuck the files back in his JTAG console and uploaded videos:

There's quite a few of these videos.

Googling brings up zero info though. A reddit thread on a different installments, some comments on a forum about the PSP version, etc. But nothing on the original Xbox 360 version, apart from these videos.

Was there a website?

Has anyone actually played this - is it real?

I have an Aurora modded X360 and it's been very easy to patch games, add trainers, or even hacks (the DOAX2 nude patch is real - though pointless). Basically once installed you can see all the raw files and then just replace files as needed.

However, I've seen no news on X360 fan-translations. This is the only one I am aware of, but the only source is some YT vids. And the YouTuber doesn't reply to messages.

Anyone have any info?


I would like to say thank you for your efforts.

I only discovered the SMB movie last year (original cut), having skipped it back in the day due to bad press.

I was astonished at how genuinely excellent the film is, including it's subtle anti-fascist message. It feels very relevant today - more so than before maybe.

But I also liked the story and the practical visual effects. The original cut was very coherent. Extremely so. Easy to follow, decent comedic and action beats. I watch and genuinely regard it as a well made movie.

I have a long list of films which I've seen, which critics love, which I loathe and I cannot make head nor tail of. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, for example. Complete nonsensical gibberish. Super Mario Movie? It has a beginning, a middle, and end, and I had no trouble following or enjoying it.

Thank you for taking the trouble to restore it like this. :)

Personal Projects / Re: Dreamcast - RENT-A-HERO No.1 - Translation project!
« on: September 22, 2021, 05:06:20 am »
Well done on all that hard work. I am surprised and impressed by the improvements a group of hobbyists have achieved over the developer itself.

There's a major unannounced feature being worked on atm, but I'll save that for next time once it properly works on real hardware!

Oh my god, is it the Mega Drive version of Rent-a-Hero as an in-game unlockable playable via the in-game Creamcast system?  :o

Also, a question:
Is the patch going to be for a CDI file or a GDI folder of files? Or both?

The reason I ask is, my workaround for the screen issues only works with a GDI set-up.

Personal Projects / Re: Dreamcast - RENT-A-HERO No.1 - Translation project!
« on: September 07, 2021, 03:59:04 am »
With a number of relatively cheap DCHDMI converters out there for handling VGA-->HDMI, I'd suggest you to upgrade for an increased res and image quality

Tempting, but I have a fondness for the lightgun games, which can only be used on a CRT.

Anyway, I actually figured out the problem, a whole 20 years later!

I've been fiddling around with various booting solutions to correct NTSC 60Hz games which boot up in 50Hz on a PAL console (Ikaruga, Grandia II, Sega Rally 2, etc.). There's a long list of problem games which should be 60Hz but force themselves into 50Hz on PAL.

After a lot of trial and error, and discussion on the DC Talk forums, I discovered that the Code Breaker cheat disc fixes this. No other boot option seems to work, not even the 60Hz hacked Utopia disc, nor GameShark or ActionReplay, both of which purport to boot in NTSC mode.

Anyway, the problem with RAH isn't 50/60Hz, it's the display signal output.

But I tried Code Breaker anyway.

BAM! For the first time I was able to load the game in 60Hz with a clear picture over RGB SCART on a PAL console.

From what I can tell, Code Breaker does not reboot the system like other boot discs, since it skips the DC swirl and Sega splashcreen, and goes straight into a game's opening screen. So, laymen's guess here, it bypasses whatever boot-up discovery mode the system goes through to determine screen output.

Code Breaker fixes RAH1 and pretty much every single other problem game I threw at it. Apart from Coasterworks.

So, there's no need for you to attempt to fix any code.

But if anyone else has this problem, that's the quickest solution: Code Breaker.

I hope this helps.

Personal Projects / Re: Dreamcast - RENT-A-HERO No.1 - Translation project!
« on: September 03, 2021, 04:14:39 am »
During the hacking process to translate it, is there any possibility of fixing the absolutely godawful spaghetti code that governs the display output?

Long ago I bought a retail copy of the original Japanese version. I live in the UK, had a British PAL Dreamcast, and would boot all my imports using the ActionReplay demo disc given away with DC-UK magazine. I ran all my games, including imports, over RGB SCART to a UK CRT TV capable of handling a 60Hz NTSC signal.

I only ever had trouble with 2 import games.

The American Skies of Arcadia refused to display correctly. I think I fixed this either by switching to AV composite cable, or maybe even RF lead. It was worth the sacrifice for 60Hz, since the UK PAL version of the game was locked at 50Hz.

The other game was this, Rent-a-Hero No.1.

No matter what boot disc I tried (ActionReplay, Utopia), no matter what cable (RGB SCART, AV, RF), the screen was broken. It seemed to shift 50% to the left and 50% down, looping over the other side of the screen, and it rolled continuously. A non-stop rolling, distorted mess.

Eventually, after exhausting all options, I traded the game in at a local indie game store and bought something else.

Later I would play through the English Xbox release.

I know most people here are NTSC gamers. And I know most Dreamcast fans will be emulating or using VGA. But for the tiny percentage of us who play PAL systems and run them over RGB SCART onto a CRT TV (all three of us :laugh:), do you think you could look at the code governing screen output?

Because I never encountered this with any other Dreamcast game.

Oooooh, Pennywise. I've been playing some of your fan-translations recently. Nice work. :)

As for a similar mapper, yes, I was hoping to find one that allowed the game to run without crashing. I followed this:
It is to the ordinary Namco 108 family boards (mapper 206) as TKSROM and TLSROM (mapper 118) is to ordinary MMC3 boards. Instead of having hardwired mirroring like mapper 206, it has CHR A15 directly controlling CIRAM A10, just as CHR A17 controls CIRAM A10 on TxSROM. Only horizontal mirroring and 1-screen mirroring are possible because the Namco 108 lacks the C bit of MMC3. Disch's older notes described an extended and mistaken version of this mapper with a full MMC3, so some emulators may be doing it that way. That extended version is identical to mapper 118, except CHR A15 (bank bit 5) controls CIRAM A10 instead of CHR A17 (bank bit 7).

I can't recall which one it was now... There's a whole bunch of different Namco specific mappers. But I was screwing around editing the iNES header on Dragon Buster and making it try to run under different mappers and one of them loaded the caverns, and you could play it, but the status bar was full of garbled sprites. Which is at least better than it crashing at the start. Then I got bored and stopped experimenting.

So I discovered that Namco's Dragon Buster on Famicom uses an obscure mapper:

This mapper is not supported by the powerpak flashcart (which i own and am too cheap to upgrade):

I've seen a lot of hacks to upgrade NES games to a different MMC standard. I even "hacked" Don Doko Don 2 using some header utility (it's supposed to use Mapper 48, but you can force it to run under a different mapper - surprisingly without glitches), and the Lupin game which in the Goodnes set had the incorrect mirroring. If anyone wants me to dig up what I did to get Don Doko Don 2 working, let me know - this was years ago.


Is there anything one can do to make Dragon Buster work? Can it be forced to run under an alternative Namco mapper? Can one hack it to run under an MMC mapper, or anything else?

Yeah, that's actually a good idea! I did something similar to create a standalone patch for an MSX game that had been translated and distributed as disk images.

I'd never used Lunar IPS' "create patch" option but it was super easy and kinda cool.

Goodspeed OP!

Considering the patch has been out for a while and you mention that you brought this up in the initial topic, I have to ask if you've updated the patch, as there were a few revisions afterwards, and this glitch was brought up by a few people.

I was not aware of this - in the topic I posted in no one had mentioned it, so I think it's obviously been revised since then. I'm not sure if people discussed it on other forums or social media, I only checked here.

I gave up on the game at the time, and was only reminded of it now since I've since upgraded to a flashcart on real hardware (before was emulation). I think I'll have to check out this fix! Thank you!  :beer:

When the translation patch came out I tried to make a post in the official topic, twice, and both times it was deleted and I got a mod warning. Which is weird - I can't figure out why they would want to cover this up. I've now submitted a review.

Anyway, I played the fan-translation of:
Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishi Juurokubee no Karakuri Manjigatame on Super Famicom

And it is riddled with game breaking glitches and bugs. I can't work out if these were introduced by the patch, or if they're in the base game and the hackers who made the fan-translation just never bothered to fix them.

In the dungeon where there's the giant columns of flame, and you must push statues to activate them, I became permanently stuck. I found the 2nd statue, but rather than push it along to the switch, I walked past since I was low on health and wanted to first recharge before attempting it. When I reached the room with the switch the sound effects starting playing as if the flame had been activated, even though it had not. So I went back to where the statue was and it's now permanently missing. Back in the room with the switch the sound effects for the flame are on, but there's no flame and the barrier is still intact. You cannot get past it.

Clearly there's some problem with flag triggers. The trigger to remove the statue has been activated, as if you'd pushed it to the goal, even though you've not done so. Meaning the trigger if you place the statue on the switch is inactive - despite the trigger to not materialize the statue after doing so being active.

Or something akin to that.

Was this glitch introduced by the patch? Or is this game just badly written spaghetti code? Because TCRF shows there are multiple revisions, each one attempting to fix various bugs and glitches:

If this glitch was NOT introduced by the patch, would it be possible for hackers to look into this and correct the bugs? Often a fan-translation patch will address various game breaking bugs. So I was surprised to find this.

Dear Mods: Please do not delete my post here like the last two times in the official translation thread. Many thanks.  :angel:

This topic is less about me requesting work be done, and more about me asking if pre-existing work has introduced game breaking problems. I think it's a valid discussion topic.

Personal Projects / Re: Landstalker
« on: April 07, 2021, 05:00:25 am »
I have a Mega Drive flash cart, but I've put off replaying this specifically because I've been hoping for a decensor patch that reverts the script and items.

I already added the alternate controls patch and had a quick test, and it worked well. So I'd love to be able to integrate that with the retranslation / decensor.

What's this "0 shadow patch" I've read about? Does it add a shadow? Or does it remove one? You know... I can't even recall if Nigel had a shadow before!

The option to activate faster walk could be nice, though some sections in town might be trickier to walk around?

Anyway, just wanted to voice my support for this.

Not sure where to post this. But it might be interesting for some people. This only pertains to the controllers for original hardware, not the Mini console.

Retro-Bit manufactures licensed 6 button controllers for the Mega Drive / Genesis, using shell casts from Sega and, allegedly, with the exact same component build quality. They're pretty good.

However, I found that the MODE button does not function the same as on the original 6 button controllers from back in the day.

I have several of each and have been testing them.

On games like Lost Vikings and Techno Clash the MODE button on the Retro-Bit controllers functions as you'd expect. Accessing the menu or activating the healing spell. However, when used with MIJET's patch for Shinobi III, to access the 6 button mode for the game, the MODE button does nothing.

At first I thought maybe I applied the patch wrong, or it was my Mega Everdrive Pro not working correctly. But when I switched to my old 6 button controller from the 1990s, the MODE button worked correctly.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why the MODE button on the new Retro-Bit controllers functions differently to the older controllers. It works, as evidenced by Lost Vikings and Techno Clash, but for some reason it does not work with Shinobi III, only the old original controller works.

I'm not too fussed about this getting fixed with patches. I have five controllers for my system, so I'm good for options.

But I'm just curious. Like, why? And how? And how come it's not the same for all games?

Thought someone might find it interesting to know.

I fixed it.

I used my TV's secret service menu (via a code to access) to change the V-size and then shift the V position upwards. Everything else is borked, but Chaos Break looks great!

Note to mods: I am not asking about piracy, I am simply asking about a means of getting a game to run in 60Hz. Please delete and PM me if I broke the rules so I can start a new topic while adhering more closely to them.

I wish to play the PAL release of Chaos Break for PS1 in fullscreen, fullspeed 60Hz on my PSIO-enabled original console. It was never released in America, only Japan and the UK. Emulation is not an option - I want this to run on the original hardware. The Japanese import is not an option because you need to read in-game emails.

The game is incredible. It's a hyper-kinetic survival horror with analogue stick control, fast paced action, and just cool atmosphere. It's also a PAL exclusive!

Options: There exists three methods I know of to patch this PAL exclusive into NTSC:

1) PAL4U2K - a patching program
2) Zapper2000 - a similar program
3) A trainer patch which adds an NTSC boot select option

All three of the above solutions have the same major problem: after enabling NTSC output the screen's Y position / Y axis is misaligned. The game screen after patching is too big to fit, and by default all 3 of these align it so the bottom is cut off! It's too low down the TV screen, resulting in the essential energy and ammo counts to be cut off, rendering the game unplayable.

Sweet baby jesus, I am so close, but save for 5~10 pixels my goal is out of reach.

Problems: Let's ignore the trainer patch. It's a pre-made thing by pirates from around 2000, it doesn't work, and I don't feel like hacking someone else's hack.

This leaves P4U2K and Zapper2K utilities. Neither seems to have been updated beyond 2003. Which is very disappointing because the PSIO system, a new development, means we can all be rocking games on our original hardware!

Let's go over them.

P4U2K: This general use patcher requires you use one program to scan your game, thereby creating a patch. Then you use its sister program to apply that patch. The results are the best I can get - the bottom stats bar is about 5 to 10 pixels just out of view. Though the game is fullscreen and fullspeed, albeit with the bottom few lines cut off. So close. If I push my TV button to squash my screen into widescreen mode, I can see the missing lines, but obviously this is no way to play through the game. This patcher is supposed to detect the Y axis and patch it automatically, but there are NO options to vary this or input your own Y parameters.

Which leads us to...

Zapper2K: This is a similar patcher, but it has two boxes to input alternative Y coordinates. Except I don't know how these work. The default for PAL to NTSC patching is 0 and 0. I try this but the bottom of the screen is cut off. Not pushed below the screen edge, but actually chopped off! It obviously recentres the Y axis of how the game screen is rendered, and so no longer renders part of it.

The prog says if your screen is too low to input 21 and 21 into each box. I did this, but while it helps a little, it's still worse than P4U2K. So I try variations:

And so on. The 26 option cuts off even more, and while the 11, 6, and even 1 options provide a bit more of the screen, I still can't see the stats bar. I also do not know what these boxes are actually supposed to do.

I tried varying the first box, from negative to positive numbers, along a massive range, and nothing seemed to happen? The second number seems to affect the bottom of the screen, but I can't seem to just move the whole screen up a bit.


Does anyone know how to realign the Y axis on PS1 games? I just need the screen shifted upwards by about 5 or 10 lines of pixels. A small shift.

Alternatively, has anyone used these patching programs and can offer advice? Has anyone patched this game and got it to work?

I tried editing the patch files each program creates (P4U file and ZAP file), but the P4U file is encrypted (not hexidecimal, I used a hex editor, it's actually properly encrypted!), and the ZAP file just contains a single piece of data on where the Y position code is in the game itself.

I google trawled, and found a long Racketboy forum topic, but no one had this problem. They all managed to get games to patch just fine.

Part of the problem is that Chaos Break, despite being AMAZING, is very obscure. So no one has tried to patch the PAL version into NTSC.

I am so close I could scream. I spent hours on this and I am literally a few pixels away from victory.

Hack request for:
Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (Genesis/Mega Drive)

So the Mega Drive/Genesis Mini contains Shinobi III, but due to the way the 6 button controller works, it is not possible to activate the 6 button mode (you need to hold down the "Mode Button", but on the Mini this does not function like the original controller's Mode Button, it is simply a way to get back to the main menu). Idiots.  :banghead:

Can someone please produce an IPS patch which, when applied, will permanently activate the 6 button mode without needing to go through the special input code to unlock it? (You need to hold Mode Button on 1P controller, and hold UP and C on 2P controller, then press start at the title screen.)

I tried to HEX edit this myself, by activating it in NeoGenesis, and swapping between save states while searching for changing HEX values, but despite finding several potential matches none of them actually activated the 6 button mode.

I don't know what sort of values in the code result in the 6 button mode functioning.

But if someone made a patch, which we could all apply, we could then put Shinobi III on our Mini consoles once it's been hacked and play the game the way it was meant to be played. You know, even if you don't make a patch, if you could tell me the HEX address and value to change I can HEX edit the ROM myself. But I figure others would value this too.

There is a hack:

But this still requires use of the Mode Button, which as I've explained is non-functional on the Mini's 6 button controller.

Personal Projects / Re: Princess Crown (Saturn) English Translation
« on: March 01, 2019, 07:57:15 am »
I intend to play through this on my RHEA board inside my Saturn on a CRT (so I can mention if the font looks wonky at any point).

With regards to patching, is there any chance the patch utility can patch the files created by CloneCD? I used this to rip my discs into the format required by RHEA (it supports other formats, but not when there's audio tracks separate from the data track on the disc).

If not, that's cool. I can just reburn it on a CD-RW and then re-rip it for RHEA. Just thought I'd throw this out there, along with encouragement. Well done all involved.  :thumbsup:

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Symphony of the Night romhacking:
« on: May 08, 2018, 06:43:49 am »
I cheated and used a GameShark to give myself the Mablung, thereby allowing shield spells again. Which is kind of annoying, because the weapon itself is overpowered, but I honestly cannot understand why the Shield Rod was changed to a two-handed weapon. :(

The other workaround is that saves from an unpatched version work. So you can load that, equip rod and shield, save, then reload the harder game and you will be holding both. But you cannot unequip and then requip them, sadly.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Symphony of the Night romhacking:
« on: May 07, 2018, 03:45:54 am »
This was the only topic dedicated to the SOTN HardType hack, so thought I'd post rather than start a new topic.

Did anyone play it much?

I'm going through it, and enjoying it a lot, because the higher difficulty means you need to use the equipment, spells, items, etc. in interesting ways to overcome enemies. Whereas before you could just ignore all the tactics available to you and steamroll through. A good example is that fast knife attacks are more useful than slower higher damage sword attacks, at least early in the game, especially when coupled with the time stop item.

However, I feel this hack went too far, since it disabled the ability to use shield spells. This is very disappointing since because the game is tougher, I was looking forward to having a reason to experiment with all the shield spells.

A few other things were removed too.

I'm just curious if anyone looked into hacking SOTN. The game definitely needs rebalancing, but I would like a bit more choice in what kind of patch or hack I use. This is OK, but I don't like how it's gone beyond mere stat rebalancing, into flat out removal of cool stuff like shield spells. :(

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: May 05, 2018, 04:25:39 am »
OK, I've been playing this patch and am up to the 3-eye hidden dungeon. I've been using a FlashCart with custom mappers, on an NTSC-U machine at 60Hz, running through yellow & white A/V cables on a PAL CRT television which can accept NTSC signals.

Here are my impressions:

I love it. The changes feel natural. It's actually kind of amazing how right all of the small quality of life changes feel. I had to check the original game to remind me.

* The text speed up is perfect - I can't believe we've all been playing the slow version all these years. On actual hardware the sound is great. It reminds me of the fire sound effect for the fire wand, a bit. Like the words are being burned onto the screen.

* Magic - the rebalanced magic feels just right. Again, I wonder how the dev team came to the decision to make it so expensive in the first place, because this feels so much more natural. It allows me to use SHIELD and FIRE spells more regularly, but the LIFE spell is still just expensive enough to prevent over-use. Also, the magic drops now add a real tactical advantage. When I see a red one, I immediately got to my menu and use all the spells I can, powering myself, before refilling the meter.

Importantly, this has allowed me to reach the 3-eye dungeon comfortably. I game overed 8 times so far, and my level ups are Attack 7, Magic 7, Life 8.

* I didn't notice much rebalancing, apart from the skull bubbles. But I haven't played in years. The skull bubble rebalancing is great because it actually allowed me to farm them a little bit in a couple of dungeons when I was 500 EXP away from a level up, but on my last life before the boss. So I'd level up, then either fight the boss, or game over and restart outside.

* The blue around the hearts looks really, really nice on actual hardware and a CRT. :) (See my palette comments below)

As this stands, it's perfectly sufficient for me if you don't make any more changes. I'd feel satisfied completing the game like this. Though obviously you want this to be the ultimate redux, so well done on doing all this.

Fight on good sir!

These are just things which bugged me. Ignore or consider as you wish.

* Magic deselecting itself after use. This is annoying, especially early in the game with SHIELD, where you basically want to use it in each room you enter.

* Beeping - I am cool with the health beeping! It's not so annoying and it keeps me alert. However, I tremendously dislike the beep for getting EXP. It sounds similar to the health beeping, especially when you get two EXP gains in quick succession. This causes a Pavlovian response in me whereupon I think my health is at critical levels. Usually it's in the thick of action where I'm felling lots of enemies (maybe easy blobs) while also fending off and taking damage from the bigger armoured knights or skeletons, when there's multiple enemies in a room. On more than one occasion I've incorrectly thought "Crap! Health is low!" and hit the Select button to use my LIFE spell, only to discover I nearly had full health.

Any chance of changing the tone of the EXP beep, or removing it altogether? Considering how much EXP grinding one does, the EXP beep gets very annoying.

* It would be nice if all enemies gave EXP. Even the kobolds (white headed rat/wolf enemies), and Moblins. Sure they're one-hit kills, and their original function was to induce fear by stealing EXP, but considering that level ups soon cost 2000 or 5000 a pop, I doubt anyone is going to farm kobolds if they gave 2 EXP. However, psychologically that little floating "2" will feel nicer than getting literally zero reward for swinging a sword. (I blame modern game design which has conditioned me to want prizes for every action. I want those prizes!)

* Would it be possible to keep one's EXP when saving using the controller trick, as opposed to a game over? I forgot how annoying it is to have 3500 EXP, away from a 5000 level up, and needing to turn the game off. Obviously one should be penalised when getting game over, by losing EXP, but saving normally? Obviously those emulating won't have this problem, it's exclusive to real hardware. Is the SRAM even capable of recording this, or would it require heavy recoding?

* Someone else mentioned it, but I also find it annoying that you might have 5800 EXP after beating the boss, and you basically waste all your EXP when placing the crystal. You should really get a free level up and then keep all the EXP you previously had. The game is hard enough as it is - cutting out some of the pointless grinding for EXP would not be a bad thing. Is this possible? So far I've been going back to farm skull bubbles before actually placing the crystal if I was a few hundred away.

* Regarding fixing the localisation, I have not read the page you link to, however, I think the following would be good:
- A clue revealing that Bagu is hiding in an invisible square in the swamp. I had to check online for this, and discovered other players have the same problem, wondering how anyone back in the day would find him without a guide. Someone in the river town really should tell you to find the hermit hiding in the swamp. One poster online joked that he thought Bagu was the town mayor, in hiding due to Ganon's "eyes" in the town, and that's why his note has the clout to persuade the bridge guard.
- Is there a clue for finding the water of life? I only found it by accident because someone said there's magic in a cave in some swamp. So I went back to that cave blocked by a rock in the firs swamp, and found the water of life in there. Not sure if this clue was referring to an actual cave with actual magic upgrade, or they meant water of life. But either way, it'd be nice if there was an obvious clue to "curative water" or "healing water" so people know how to cure the sick child.
- The kidnapped child clue is a bit rubbish. They say the child has been taken and is on an island. At first I thought they meant the maze island (which they do), but I could not find him. So I play the dungeon, I get the boots, and then I leave and walk to the Ocean Palace, which is also on an island, and I conclude: "Aha! This must be where the child is!" When in fact, no, the child is on maze island hidden to the south east. I had to use a guide for this after many hours of fruitless searching. Would be nice is the clue was a bit more on the nose - "The child is hidden in the maze on the island" or whatever fits.

Remember, anyone coming to this game for the first time in the current era, won't have copies of Nintendo Power, or necessarily friends playing it at the same time to help. They will only have in-game clues, or FAQs online which kind of spoil the experience.

* Any chance of assembly coding a map system into the game? The original Metroid on NES, and also Simon's Quest, both had map systems inserted into them, and they both work pretty damn well! I was astounded at how good the Metroid map is.

* Any chance of making the cave system easier to navigate? I managed to get through on trial and error, but it is kinda annoying. Not removing the maze, just... I dunno. Maybe having a letter or bit of text at the entrance/exit so you can keep track better?


Please consider providing two patches, one with and one without the graphical changes. As any NES fan will know, the system does not natively output RGB, and there are various emulators which provide different types of palette. Basically what I'm seeing is not what everyone else is seeing, and vice versa.

To be honest, at first I thought the patch included the palette changes already - and then I checked a clean ROM and discovered everything looked the same.

Also, there is artefacting and natural blending of vertical lines on actual hardware. The easiest way to see this is load the original Zelda. See the two item boxes? The vertical columns look like they are twirling, like blue pieces of fusilli.

In Zelda 2, this inherent artefact causes an interesting "colour shimmer" on the roofs of houses when walking - as the screen scrolls the colours blend and artefact, and it seems to create artificial pseudo "extra colours", which resemble "dirty patches" on the roofs. Basically I still stick with the original NES, because I've yet to find an emulator filter which replicates these quirks which you find on CRT TVs.

Random evidence I googled:

I can also try to put a photo of my TV screen up. But looking at all the posted screenshots in this thread, they do not match what I see.

For me Link does not look like this on my TV:

He actually already looks more like this, but with grungy pixelation around the edges:

The browns are all darker, and the sky outside is much, much lighter than in emulated screens. This might also be related to my CRT TV settings.

I've nearly finished the game anyway, so any further changes probably won't affect me.

So I'd like to say thank you for doing this and allowing me to go through the game again, properly, without quick saves, and enjoy the experience at the same time. It's been a lot of fun so far.  :thumbsup:

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