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Let's face it, the popularity of Final Fantasy VI ROTDS is there.  I got an Idea for a Final Fantasy VI Rom Hack where we take characters from other Square Enix games (And one particular Taito Game)  Use a Final Fantasy VI Rom to start with but put the new game in the world of Mana. 

The Characters for example will be changed as follows....

Terra = Lufia (From Lufia and the Fortress of Doom)

Locke = Randi (The Hero From Secret of Mana)

Edgar = Benji (Benjiman from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Sabin = Primm (The Girl from Secret of Mana)

Shadow = Tristam (The Treasure Hunter from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Celes = Phoebe (The Blonde Heroine from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Gau = Kaeli (The Axe Wielding Forest Girl from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Cyan = Hero (The Red Haired Protagonist from Lufia And the Fortress of Doom)

Setzer = Reuben (The Knight with a Dad from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest)

Strago = Aguro (The Other Hero from Lufia and the Fortress of Doom)

Relm = Jerin (The Elf Girl From Lufia and the Fortress of Doom)

Mog = Popoi (The Sprite from Secret of Mana)

Umaro = Vexx (The Dog from Secret of Evermore)

Gogo = Buzz (The Protagonist from Secret of Evermore)

Emperor = Thanatos (The Lich Villain of Secret of Mana)

Kefka = Carltron (The Robotic Antagonist of Secret of Evermore)

Espers would be replaced with Mana Creatures,Flamie Dragons and Professor Ruffleberg's Old Friends.

The First Half of it will exist in the World of Mana with the object of trying to stop Thanatos and Carltron from relaunching the Mana Fortress.  Carltron of Course would want to repurpose it to start a new Omnitopia.

A Disaster would not turn Mana into a World of Ruin, rather make it a composite of Mana World and Evermore, with the object of finding our heroes and stopping Carltron and Perhaps Thanatos as well.

We could call it Final Fantasy VI Mana of Evermore.

That is not a last choice.   Besides Carltron was still thinking of mischief at the end of his own game, and the actual devs never gave us a continuation.  The Sprite kid needs to reunite with his friends, and Benjammin from Mystic Quest needs a better story.

This is probably a lame Idea, but while playing the regular Crystalis today I had this image in my head that someone out there could make a complete Rom Hack out of it and turn it into a story from "The Tomorrow People"  You could rename the Wisemen from Zebu = John,  Tornel = Tyso, Asina = Millicent, Kensu = Kenny, Stom = Steven, Messia = Jade, and while the Main Character can be named his Default name can go from SNK to say Adam.

The Four of Dragonya's Warriors can be renamed Byron, Culex, Sogguth, and Akhara.  While Emperor Draygonia can be renamed Jedikiah after the Robot Shapeshifter. 

And the plot could be rehashed as some kind of plot between the Thargons and the Sorsons with the Tower in the Sky holding a Nest of Swarming Ngarrah Aliens.   Of course the Swords can be explaned as "Adam" being the only Tomorrow Person that can kill, and the Warp Boots could be renamed into "Jaunting Belt". 

Probably a lost cause but Just an Idea I had.

The old Super Star Wars Games were pretty good for what they were but suffered some minor problems in the way they were handled.  As a for instance, in the First one in that dialogue screen with Vader and Obi-Wan both their lightsabers are white instead of Blue and Red (Let's face it it's actually pink)  And in Super Empire Strikes Back....there is simply not enough levels on cloud city where Luke is involved, they even put Han Solo into a level with the Carbon Freezing Chamber and Chewie is the one escaping the city and confronting Boba Fett.  Not to mention that Dialogue boo boo with Solo Being taken to Jabba the "Hut" instead of Jabba The "Hutt"  And while we think that Super Return of the Jedi is Super Star Wars Perfection.    We'll I'd have to disagree, I mean what is that Droid Boss Monster doing in Wicket's First Level?   It would make more sense to switch the Boss Monster from Jabba's Palace and put THAT into Wicket's Level and put the Droid Monster back in Jabba's Palace where he belongs.  And in Super Empire Strikes Back.  You could switch around the Cut Dialogue Scenes a bit and Reprogram so that Luke Goes to Cloud City, Fights Boba Fett, Goes into the Carbon Freezing Chamber and kills the Machine before going to the Reactor to fight Vader.   Am I the only one thinking of this?

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