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Considering some copies are reported to have leaked to the public, has anyone ripped an ISO? I would think getting that version backed up if it's not, to be the better solution.

Yes, my first copy of the game was the uncensored version, however Spider Man runs much faster than in the final version and the image in not properly scaled when you play it on a real PS1, you can't see bars that are in the bottom of the screen like when you are chasing a train with Sandman in your back, so it would be great to have a version that fixes this.

Top Gear 3000(SNES) - There are lots of bonuses you can win during a race, however the b bonus is inaccessible, it would be great to have a hack where you can get the b bonus or hell, just discovering why it is inaccessible and what would trigger it would make my day.

Driver(PS1) - Alter the police AI in the last mission "The President's Run" so they behave like they do in the rest of the game and the mission can be actually doable.

Spider Man 2 Enter Electro(PS1) - Restore the content that was cut after 9/11, level names, the last level and it's cutscene where Spider Man and Electro fight on top of the world trade center.

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe(SNES) - Enable you to play the championship or world series with 3 or 7 minute matches, while the game gives you the choice of playing 3, 5 or 7 minute matches in other modes, you can only play 5 minute matches in the championship and world series.

Alter the behavior of the police's AI in The President's Run, the final mission of Driver You Are the Wheelman on PS1, to match their AI in the rest of the game so that this mission can be challenging instead of almost impossible

There's this game called Top Gear 3000, a racing game on the SNES, those who played it probably know what I'm going to talk about.

When you meet certain criteria in a race you can get special bonuses to add to the money you won, those range from A to E, but to this day no one really knows what the B bonus is for, there's been lots of speculation but no one have managed to actually discover exactly what you need to do to trigger the B bonus and how much money it gives you, so yeah it would be great if someone could look at the code and answer that and maybe hack the game to re-enable the b bonus.

I would also like to be able to play all of the tracks no matter the difficulty you choose, but since that seems to be much more complicated the b bonus is the priority.

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