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For true speedrun we need new way of skipping mini boss that guards road to the last location  ::)

Original metroid game engine was developed with simple (squarish) design of walls and floor in mind. This engine can't handle such complex terrain of Rogue Dawn. I think it's impossible to fix ALL permastuck / clip places  :-\

Samus' Weird Left Leg glitch persists in 1.21, in both Nestopia and Fceux. To replicate: Start a new game, wait until Samus fully spawns, look at her legs. One of the legs still uses the Metroid 1 tile.
Can't replicate. Are sure that you patched correct rom?  :-\

So good that I've managed to get my dirty hands on glitched 1.20 release  ;)
Really want to get that hitting everywhere glitch :D

I know that ball graphics wasn't change. So old ball looks to big for the new suit. I mean it feels like in the suit you are smaller than in ball form. I think new suit also requires new ball graphics.
Also new "cheat" route feels pretty buggy :C

Also when you go trough secret route in bone yard trough hidden metroid art - it feels so awkward, that you can't go back in metroid art room. I mean there are no wall graphics - nothing. Just invisible bs that stops you :C

Version 1.20 available on Metroid Construction.
Wanna to say. New suite proportion feels a little bit odd when you morph. When you in ball form it feels a little too big in comparison to suit form. Maybe it's possible to change ball form graphics to make it a little bit smaller?

Wanna say it again. Please, port some of features to original metroid. At least having 3 missiles on screen at the same time. Original metroid really annoying. Snarfblam, please. :'(

Nice time!  There's definitely some competition in getting it as low as possible!
I'm really sorry. I say it's impossible for humans get this time. This done with tools for route demonstration for tasvideos. It insanely hard to skip hi jump boots. So for humans the fastest perfect time would be same + time that they loose for getting hi jump boots.
And it uses glitches. If you save in the room where boss that requires rockets, then game thinks so that boss is beaten. You have to save, if you use continue boss will chase you trough the game :DD Don't know if this glitch was submitted.
I'm considering adding a player sprite change on the surface and water area to an environmental suit:
That's awesome. Always wondering how she breath underwater  :)



edit: can you also port Rogue Dawn features to original metroid?

It would be so nice to have 3 missiles on screen at the same time, shooting by taping and not holding, wall jump, better bombs, spring ball, wavy ice beam (wave beam use ice beam palette). Not necessary to find those upgrades. Like you just start with wall jump and after collecting maru ball you have spring ball. That would be so cool!  :P
Please. Can't play original metroid after RD  ::)

We also don't know if he patched correct rom or not. So it also can be just his rom issue

Just found a way to kill that boss without rockets. So end of the game now completly open

Some needlessly difficult spots have been toned down a bit including eliminating the long fall drop shafts in the final area.
I like those shafts. It was so nervwrecking to go across them. And if you experienced player you can climb them up. So the last area now is just simple walk to the boss?

So RD would become boring? There is would be like no challenge at all? There was only one place where you can get cheap damage.  In many places if you stop and think then you can go without any damage at all. So i'm pretty sure peoples just tries to play it like Mario Bros when you run without stop trough the whole game. And then they say "Oh it so cheap". I watch how one man plays on stream. There was a place where you have to jump, but you hit ceiling by head and it's really hard to make. But you can use spring ball and make that jump super easy. And he hits that ceiling over and over and over without even thinking of using spring ball. And this is how it goes. If there is some hard place you can always use your items to make it easier. Hard jumps? Use wall jump, spring ball and bomb boost. Hard enemies? Freeze them, use rockets, bomb trough them, use screw attack. This is not a romhack problem that peoples tries to run without stop and thinking.

Yes, bug's layer was a little bit annoying, but soon or alter everyone get it.

jumping is a bit sloppy, there is no rhyme or reason as to why she spins or doesn't spin. sometimes you hold in one direction and she spins (making the next platform more difficult to time) and sometimes she just jumps normally. in a platformer where platforming is a great deal of the gameplay, it would be nice to see jumping made a little tighter.
If you hold forward before you press jump - she spins. If you jump and then press d-pad - she jumps normally. Classic metroid mechanic. In RD it works exactly the same as in original metroid.

edit: i think what actually was overlooked is jumping underwater. I'm pretty sure normal jump wasn't get slowed by accident. So if you jump normally underwater you can jump extremely far. I understand this only in December. So if it is overlooked - sorry for not reporting it :C

Someone found a glitched screen transition that allows you to skip last boss

I was thinking that you can skip last boss, but i was think that you can't fix scrolling after you do that.

I have made maps too. Did you need it?



2. Limit warping in jungle area to Chozo ruins and redesign hive (done).
3. Open up a few locations where players were having difficulty jumping (about 4 locations fixed).
4. Make drop shafts in Metroid hive less brutal (in progress, you won't fall all the way to the bottom anymore  :thumbsup:).
5. Seal off a few passagways that may be causing people to go in circles (such as in the under water area).
6. Reduce the loop back in a couple spots in the ruins.
7. Change a few enemies from indestructible to destructible in tight areas.
9. Reduce scope of the secret area and eliminate the warping/scrolling that loops you back.
12.  See if I can change the 10 missile doors to 5
13. Remove block in underwater area

Hmm... Those changes reminds me something

edit: i mean, after all patches RD will have only one straight corridor. You runs from one end to another and that's it. You beat it.  :D

the ship's crew ask you to leave the E-tank behind. Even though it doesn't seem like it affects the ending or anything, it really made me think hard about whether I should take it or not. Eventually I decided to leave it for them.

This is "save the animals" of this game :DD

Yesterday i watched live stream. Streamer was having really low hp and he gets like 10 missiles in a row from metroids. So that's rng for you :DD

Yes! Finally! Same route as before, but without select + A + B


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