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Gratz, man.

The patch has been updated with the graphical memory glitch fix which should fix occasional lags here and there. Should be on RHDN soon as well.

Seeing Khamrai being mentioned I took a look at it, and far as I know this game has a incredible amount of text which could take years to translate if done by a small party of translators.

You'll need a large team to tackle that beast, Khamrai apparently is very length JRPG game.
I've done pretty much all the text ages ago.

(no pressure intended) If you put an ad here in the "wanted help list", I'm sure a skilled hacker might take the chance with Khamrai. I don't want to make suggestions but I can think of at least 3 brilliant hackers who could do this.
Bwahaha ;D I say, let 'em do it >:D

Oh, come on, you guys. 8)
I take it, you wanna do the bloody mess of a hacking known as "Khamrai" then? :P
I don't mind as pretty much all the text is ready :)

Nothing is next currently.

Yeah, most likely, it's something like "Who could say a hermit like me had any chance?"

The context I have provided in my previous message. He most likely talks about himself. The provided translations are about the same as my and doen't make real sense...


The context is that all the people in a village suffered from a disaster except for this old man sitting in the street all the time. Thanks.

Does anyone know if this game will play on a US SEGA Saturn?
I have a modded US SEGA Saturn, and I was considering burning it to a disc and playing it on actual hardware, but will I maybe need a saturn that plays JP CDs?
I have seen translations before not run on US SEGA Saturn hardware is why I ask.
We haven't applied any regional changes, so yes, it's the same Japanese-locked game. Grab an Action Replay cart for that.

January 08, 2019, 12:24:19 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

But I do think that it is a spelling mistake and "Liver" is supposed to be river.
That being said, the title stays as is. And yes we thought a lot about it.

Don't worry, Flash, WE WONT :)

No, it was inserted.

That's a slightly modified existing font.

Glad it worked for you in the end.

I've just tried repatching the game for SSF Beta R3/R4 and it plays just fine. Meguessing - it's the image stuff. I've also left an extended response to you at the other place you posted this. Maybe paul_met will shed some light on this as well.

That and the ending music is the issues for both original and translation for almost every Saturn emulator existing now. For example, mednafen simply crashes when trying to exit to the world map.

PS: I'm also interested if anyone tried this on the console yet as I heard of some issues but it plays just great on my card-reading saturn usual grey version.

Could Liver really be "river"? It may very well be "Wrinkle River Story". Dead serious.
The title is totally legit - we scouted the whole web in and through for that, and apparently the creators themselves confirmed the title as is, but they didn't care to explain it.

Why is the patch not available through
The game page is actually still queue for submission to RHDN lol :) But yeah, external links will be there since the intro had to be redone.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: One line assistance.
« on: September 10, 2018, 09:16:09 pm »
Thanks, I'll try do sth with it. Not archaic, though. Apparently, an author's decision. Just not sure in what person it should be now...

Script Help and Language Discussion / One line assistance.
« on: September 08, 2018, 10:09:48 pm »
Need help with this single line of text. The context is that u basically see this scibbled on the wall when locked inside a room in game.

[われ まどをあけて くだりたまふ
 いたきこと はなはだし]

We don't confuse 'em. See the readmes - that was a localization decision :)

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