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So, seeing the arabic project makes me think many french too would also enjoy a french translation just because of the presence of Grendizer (Goldorak).

While I know for a fact I won't be able to contribute on the hacking fact, I might have enough spare time to work on a french translation with some friends. Is it something you even consider? I mean managing another language for this project?

If so, how can I help? I'd be honored to provide the first to my knowledge SRW french translations :)

Hey no it's fine, by any mean pease continue those updates.
though I'm a developper myself, or used to be, I know for a fact I'll never have time to really contribute, so it was just out of curiosity really.

as for not playing until fully translated, well I missed this conversation, where I would certainly have advocated for a different choice but well, I respect your position, no problem (but I'm having so much fun with SRW Z2.1 and 2.2 I don't know if the guys who now gave up on this project had the same policy... would have been so sad).

thanks again and keep up the amazing work!

I have a stupid question I didn't find the answer to yet.
after finishing the 4 translated stages, I get the credit etc.
to be able to continue past that just with the menu translated, I had to switch to original jap version, load my save, continue to stage 5, quick save and switch again to patched version.
though now I sometime trigger the patch ending again (still in stage 5) using the patched version...

in short, what's the method to keep on playing with patched version after stage 4, if at all possible?


oh and well, I'm not jap speaker but if you could share your tools not only for translation, I would know if I can help or not... I'm definitely curious anyway on what you use to take those files apart and generate this binary diff patch :)

and of course, merry xmas and happy new year !

Ok, good news. I did further tests and got it fix, though of course I'm not certain how.
I generated another ISO and re-patched it using 32bit bat this time. also tried with graphical tool.
I removed and re-copied the patched ISO to my PSP.
Now works fine.

I don't think it's the re-patching or the new ISO, I'm thinking more of some bad sector on my memory stick or something.
the size of the patched and new ISO was exactly same as before...

Anyway, I'll do another test by just re-copying my originally failing patched iso, to confirm the memory stick issue.
In the meantime I switched back to Saisei Hen, I wish you could also work on this one with the patch still floating around but the team who made it dropped the ball...

Anyway, thanks again, I'm back on SRW A now and damned it's more difficult than my memories of the GBA version playthrough, and definitely harder than SRW Z2!

So first I want to say a thousand thanks to the team, thank you guys!
SRW are there but not so much and it's always a pleasure to see translation project emerge, especially for good psp opus with Grendizer inside :)

Anyway, I'm officially a beta tester now, so here's a few feedback:
- First I applied the patch to my ISO using the 64bits .bat on windows 8.1. I ended up with a shrinked english ISO (from 1.6Gb for the original to 1.3 Gb)
not sure why and if that's normal?

- Now I started playing on my PSP slim (2000) and made it to stage 3 intermission. Now anytime I try to go to next stage, I'm stuck at loading screen (black one with loading on bottom right) and after a few secs the psp shuts down.

I'm running Prometheus 6.6 pro

will be doing more tests with original iso to see if I can get past this point, or re-start from begining, or re-patch etc.


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