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Ah sorry about that. I should have explained better how I got it to patch, thanks elmer  :angel:

I absolutely cannot find a Lunar 2 ISO on the internet that has the same MD-5 that your patch calls for,  and whenever I try to patch an ISO that doesn't have the right MD-5 in xdeltaUI, I get the error "xdelta3 not a vcdiff input xd3_invalid_input".

Is there anything that can be done? Like, can you release a patch that converts any Lunar 2 ISO to the proper MD-5 or something?

It's not online but you can make it yourself. All you need is either a bin/cue dump or IMG version of it then you use bchuck to convert it to an iso/wav dump (it's right in the readme on how to do it). I got the TOSEC IMG release then used cdmage to convert it to a bin/cue.

Woah, wasn't even expecting any mapping changes this late. Very superb work  :thumbsup:

I figured that much! Thanks for the response!

Do you think it's possible to fix the zoomers from getting stuck? It happens when they're crawling and hit a 90 degree angle or when scrolling sometimes. I imagine when it gets stuck you could just do a simple check to see if the enemy is stuck moving in opposite directions rapidly then erase the entity. I know it's not really that important, but it would at least look a little nicer and wouldn't involve you trying to fix the game physics. Lol I know it's lame that my first post is a complaint, but I love your hack so far. I'm enjoying this a billion times more than the original metroid. I was more of a fan of metroid II so it was hard to go back and play the first game for me.  :laugh:

I suppose they thought I was only making it worse. Maybe they were right, it doesn't matter for this thread.

But I agree with Optomon: "The less you speak of it, the less they can google it."
So please, can we move on?

Ah yeah sorry about that, I was just throwing my two cents in. I'll probably stream me failing at playing this once it's released to the public :P

Wow, please stop this at once. I know I got banned from Metroidconstruction for saying this on another thread, but:

There's no point in discussing this. There's a chance Nintendo takes it down. Grimlock is happy to take the risk for himself and for us, creating an amazing piece of work. No need to discuss it. This is the situation.

Why would you get banned for saying that? Some super strict moderators there. Anyway the chances of anything happening to this project are slim. Most of the ones that got taken down by nintendo were very large ones with a large social media following. Metroid rogue dawn doesn't have nearly those numbers. It's nothing new anyway I remember awhile back a pokemon online game got taken down too by them, it must have been over ten years ago

Those controllers are really slick looking actually, hrm and I do have a nexus 7 2013. I'll be sure to let you know how it runs on a 3ds too. I'm sure it wont win any awards for emulator accuracy but I'll at least compare it to something running in a better emulator like nintendulator or punes to make sure it's not doing something to completely ruin the gameplay.

Metroid has a limited number of player animation frames (as well as a limited number of tiles available to produce them).  I do plan to review the player graphics before the final release, mainly to touch it up and possibly make a few changes.  The NES unfortunately isn't capable of high frame animations like the SNES or GBA that other 2D Metroids benefited from.  Basically we're just trying to do the best we can within the NES limitations.  Ideally we'd like to stay within the limitations of the NES so people can enjoy the game on their Everdrive N8 or other compatible flash cart on original hardware.

Oh no wonder, I thought since you changed mappers you could do more with it which was naive of me.  But yeah if that's from the nes limitations it's damn impressive. I love your use of the black background and use of the limited color palette on everything. It really gives the illusion of more detail especially on the ground. Also I wish someone would find a way to make a cheaper nes flashcart lol. I'll probably end up playing on my 3ds which will be awesome since it'll be portable with good controls :D

Did you improve the running animations since the MMC1 demo? Just curious because I think it would make a huge difference. It looks a bit unnatural when she's moving around unless that's some kind of limitation of metroids engine.

Maybe an animation like this, i dunno. I know it's not a running animation either

Edit: Then again I'm no artist either and really it is one of the best looking nes hacks I've ever seen

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