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I know in the GoodSNES set there was a Trainer ROM for Yoshi's Safari (or Road Hunting?) which claimed to support the standard controller but unlike the Mario & Wario controller hack I didn't bother converting it to IPS because I remember it didn't have a way to get through the starting menu so I don't remember if I even was able to use savestates with a standard ROM to check if the in-game hack even worked.
The set I downloaded a couple years ago doesn't seem to have that one. I suppose one thing such a hack would need is visible cross-hairs like the VC version of Duck Hunt, or the Snes9x Wii emulator. But in those cases it's not coded to the game itself, right?

With the release of the Analogue Super NT, I was thinking about how the only games that really won't work are the CRT-only Super Scope games like Yoshi's Safari. I was reading about some games like T2 and Tinstar that can use both the Scope and the SNES Mouse, which does work on the NT and HD TVs. If those Scope games could be modded to work with the Mouse instead, that would be quite cool.

One thing I've always been curious about is Rumble-compatible games on the Game Boy Player, like Pokemon Pinball and SMA4. Could the coding be modified to be used the same way as Drill Dozer uses it, sending signals in either standard or GBP mode, so that programs like VBA on the Wii could use those rumble features?

The DIY is strong with this community.

I'm not confident that you will know what it stands for, so I will spell it out for you: Do It Yourself.
Not that I wouldn't like to, but as I said, I haven't had much luck using APE to find the sprites I need or change them. Though you may have a lot of experience with these things, I confess I do not. The purpose of this thread is to offer ideas, so I thought I would do just that. If you do happen to know of resources that could help me work on a sprite changing project myself, I'd certainly be grateful if you could point me in their general direction.

That's because Luigi's sprites in the SNES version were made for Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World. The original Super Mario World had Luigi as a straight palette swap of Mario.

Also, I actually made an unreleased SMA2 hack that's changes Luigi's sprites to those from SMAS+SMW. For the bonus game's "lose" sprites, I simply gave Luigi a "shock" face to go with SMAS+SMW giving him distinct poses. I don't have them in the computer I'm on at the moment.
It was the World version of All-Stars that I tried, and I still couldn't find anything. Anyway, I'd love to give that a try if you ever release it.

First time poster here, and there's a project I've had on my mind for a while for Mario Advance 2. I like Luigi's sprites from Mario All-Stars' version of World a lot more than his sprites in the GBA version, so I thought it'd be cool to do a switch. I tried doing it myself with APE, but all I could do was look at the sprite sheets for the SNES game, and I couldn't find Luigi's sprites anywhere. I also don't know how it would work with his flutter jump in the GBA game. I suppose it would also be interesting to have Luigi's GBA sprites in the SNES game, but that's less of a priority for me. I did save some sprites for reference (left/right are GBA/SNES sprites, top/bottom colors are the SNES/GBA palettes):


On another note, has there ever been a hack to change Yoshi's arms to green on the SNES / orange on the GBA?

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