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Just throwing this out there... maybe it's something to do with the fact that to play the REAL ROM on a NES you had to attach it to another game to make it function? cos I know this game cart had weird functionality, it looked VERY similar to the NES's Game Genie cart thing.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Best RPG
« on: April 25, 2019, 06:12:44 am »
In Europe neither of all 3 games were released so we had to resort to emulation to discover any of those, anyway. And when it comes to the story FF6 has the weakest of all.
It's very generic, you're rebelling against the empire and travelling the world to find other resistants... Pretty much a copy-paste from FF2 or Star Wars. Sure the main vilain has an interesting character, moreso than in FF5, but other than that FF6's story is weaker. FF5 allows at least to travel through 2 different worlds, to travel different kind of chocobos without any annoying mode-7 effects.
But let's be honest, by modern standards all storylines are kind of weak, but back then they were amazing, as no storyline at all was the standard for most games. (FF7 being the 1st game of the series to go crazy with the storyline but that's another story - they went so far the storyline is too complex to be understandable and incoherent with itself)
I fully understand how annoying it is to have such an opinion poll and always see CT win it, without any debate. But it's still my favourite game of the bunch so I vote for it. It has more replay value than most other JRPGs, as the game itself is shorter but there's more sidequests and endings (*), so you're incitated to replay it. However I'd say playing as New Game+ is very boring as it makes the game ridiculously easy.
(*) technically it's more like a dozen of variants of the same 2 endings

Lets break this down...

"FF6 story is weakest"
at least it was finished, and there was more to FF6's story with character back stories, plenty of hidden flashback stories, 13 characters all unique in their own ways with their own plots within the game itself that all tied in with each other in some way, the Espers story. FF5's story was such a mess and badly written. FF7's was unfinished and incomplete that's why it was such a mess and hard for people to understand after a good few translation script cuts to fit the game onto 3 discs.

"FF5 allows at least to travel through 2 different worlds, to travel different kind of chocobos without any annoying mode-7 effects."

FF6 had 3 worlds.. Esper World (which you get to play a little of, World of Balance, and World or Ruin AFTER the world gets decimated by the game's main villain using the power of the warring-triad goddess statues. It also had a chocobo mount, and 2 airships (where the airships actually had their own backstories. I get your concern about mode-7 tho.. some people loved mode-7 back then and some people just didn't.. I liked it as it added a depth to the world map on a system that just couldn't handle 3D. OH! btw.. FF5 DID use mode-7 graphics.. when you fly the airships.

"endings (*), so you're incitated to replay it. However I'd say playing as New Game+ is very boring as it makes the game ridiculously easy. (*) technically it's more like a dozen of variants of the same 2 endings."

CT actually has 13 DIFFERENT endings, and each of those 13 endings has different text variation depending on who is in your party at the end. I never liked CT at all tried to play it well over 20 times and each time I just stop cos i cant get the feel for the game, SURE! it looks nice, music is good, battle system is good but for some reason just could NOT get into it.. so gave up after trying to play it stupid amounts of times. Getting all the endings required you to have completed the game for the NewGame+ mode.. this was done to make things easier for players so they wouldn't have to worry too much about difficulty to try and get all 13 endings.. playing the same game 13 times would be a drag, thank god for YouTube.

Hey, you're the guy who made that cool map!

I checked out your guide now. It's very thorough! Here are a few fixes to make it perfect:

Fasello ---> Fazello
Lily of the Forest ---> Lily of the Valley

Yup! that's me.  ;D you said you liked the 2nd map.. I did that thinking that it was a picture the main character
would carry in his suitcase to see where he was going.. HA HA!
I DO try and make my guides as thorough as possible, thanks for the compliment.
Thanks for the corrections also, not actually sure why I made that mistake, unless it's cos I was just tired.

Well, now it's perfect :D (I think)

I'm about to finish The Stories Ihatovo , and was under the impression that you are Miyazawa! great game, really liked this one!
and other games, well maybe you like this one.

or search here for more options

thanks for all your hardwork and dedication!

WOW! someone actually linked my website.. :O   thanks for that :) glad to see it coming to SOME use.. :D in fact, I just finished off the Ihatovo sanctuary guide page on there.

Thanks for translating this great game, I really enjoyed playing it.. so much so that I created 2 world maps for it.



News Submissions / Re: Translations: Laplace's Demon v2.00
« on: September 07, 2018, 03:13:09 am »
Congrats guys, nice release.

I've been putting this game off for years cos of the text overflow and other problems it seemed to suffer when i tried to play it many years ago.
NOW I can finally play it with no problems at all :) thanks for giving this old translation a face lift.

Gratz on the release guys, currently playing this over a few days as i'm writing a guide for it on my website, it's a fun little game so far.
Looking forward to seeing all 5 endings and it seems to be working perfectly fine on FCEUX so far so no problems there. I DO have a question though..

The passwords - is this a unique code for everyone OR does everyone get the same codes in the game?

Any hows, thanks again for this great translation.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Nintendo FDS Question
« on: August 06, 2018, 04:33:54 pm »
AH! thanks guys.. i'm actually pretty shocked at only 1 is being worked on but put on the shelf for the time being, i suppose its expected though as I read somewhere that the FDS is a NIGHTMARE to hack and translate games for.

Well, i can list 'Dead Zone' as a current project, i suppose that wont hurt.. immaterial if it is shelved for the time being or not.

Gaming Discussion / Nintendo FDS Question
« on: August 06, 2018, 10:34:07 am »
I'm trying to get my FDS page updated on my website with any FDS translation news, ive tried looking through these forums but couldnt really find any news of anyone working on any FDS titles, I know its not an often worked on system for translations but any news is welcome, so..

Can anyone point me in the right direction to FDS posts with projects being worked on please..?

OR if it's easier..

Anyone working on translating any FDS titles would like to post here their game they are working on, or it's project page that would be fantastic.


Gratz guys on the release, i'm trying to get some information together about this game for a guide..

1. I've noticed that equipping gear and weapons don't raise any attribute stats for anyone, is this an error..? I say this cos ive tested every weapon and armor on each character in the first town you can get, all dropped ones and even the +1 stuff.. and nothing raises stats in the status screen.
2. Do armor/weapons have any stats on them at all..?
3. If no stats on the gear or weapons what is the point in equipping them..?
4. Is the only way then to raise stats is by using gathered EXP to raise stats at the level up npc..?
5. i gather the higher the price of a weapon/armor in a shop then that would classify it as being the best available at that point?

ROM Hacking Discussion / SNES - Might and Magic Book 2
« on: July 08, 2018, 06:45:05 am »
Hi.. just seen that Might and Magic Book 2 English patch has just been released on the SNES,, i'm confused a little so here's a couple of question i hope someone will be able to answer for me..

1. Wasn't this game already released in English as Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World (also known as Might and Magic Book Two: Gates to Another World)? the one published by Sammy Studio/Elite in the USA.

2. Is this Japanese game a totally different game then to the one mentioned above from the USA?

Thanks to anyone who can answer my two questions.

July 08, 2018, 06:54:17 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
AH! nvm.. it seems the cancelled USA release and PAL released was one version and the Japanese version of M&M2 were practically 2 different games with the same game title.

Congrats on your release D-D.. what a fantastic game this is, funny, sexy and also unique, worth the time to play guys/gals.


News Submissions / Re: Site: RHDN 3.0 Site Refresh Launched!
« on: June 23, 2017, 09:30:56 pm »
Well, I LIKE it.. change is good for keeping up with the times. I like the layout also BUT I would make a suggestion.. take it or leave it up to you and no pressure.. all the side info boxes, maybe you could have a small button on each one to press to collapse/hide/show all the info in each one or hide the info. Great new looking website though guys, it's ACE!

WOW! nice   :D  another RPG I can play now.. awesome. Thanks guys for this great gift, just one question.. Are you going to translate.. 'Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2' also? would be a shame to not do them both :)

Hey, you still haven't linked the game page up here. Still new and just getting around this forum for now! The URL button is the second bottom-left icon on the editor bar with the earth shape behind a paper. I've added it here for others. Be sure to check his main page on a desktop browser to see the title under the 2016 releases category.

* Kudos to mrrichard999 and co.. A question: will you be able to set up a team to translate the descriptive text in the English-language 'Arrange' mode of Wizardry 4 (The official one, not the Gaiden series) in the New Age of Llylgamyn remastered package for the PSX? Link to screenshots.

I didn't link my website cos if people are already reading this then they know that the patch is here, lol. Also another reason is that I know how some people can be if your linking other peoples works on your own website, some people don't like it.. whilst others don't mind.. more often than not though iv'e experienced people of made patches NOT liking it and getting funny about it so i'd rather NOT be put in that situation and just link to it's original source now. In any case, TY ObiKKa for the link.

Still have bugs needs to fix in this game, I found the bug and I don't have time to report it.

AND YET! you still found time to say something about it here, without actually saying what it is? okay then.. lmao.

Any hows, gratz guys on this release, I have added this to my website of completed snes rpg/adventure/dungeon crawler
list and also put a link button to this game's page here so people can grab the patch for themselves.

News Submissions / Re: Site: Recent Malware Warnings
« on: December 22, 2015, 08:59:02 pm »
All i did was add this site to my WHITELIST on my antivirus program and problem solved, NO problem any more.
All you need to do then is just run a quick scan on any d/l'd files after before opening/running them or whatever.
I have NEVER had any problems with ANY files from this site and I 100% trust it AND all it's d/l's, iv'e used this site
for a good few years now and have NEVER had a problem, up until just now with this malicious site pop-up.

Thing is.. it's SO EASY for malicious @ssholes now to send in a report to their preferred used antivirus companies
and this will cause then the site to be flagged as malicious. The antivirus program company won't even check the
reported sites/issues.. I know this as fact because a fellow mate works for one of these antivirus companies and he
has said on numerous times to me that reported sites barely ever get checked, it's only when that site owners gets
in contact with the antivirus company that it will then get unflagged in a next update.

I'm NOT saying this is the case here.. it could be MANY issues.. BUT being the type of site THIS IS.. there's NO DOUBT
in the back of my mind that some @sshole has reported this site on purpose for some stupid reason.

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