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Newcomer's Board / Help With PSP Save Data Corrupting on Encryption
« on: January 02, 2015, 10:03:20 pm »
Salutations, board members!

I've been working on a project with SoulCalibur Broken Destiny on the PSP to expand past the in-game limitations with Create a Soul(CaS) and using styles not possible normally(Kratos and Algol) via hex editing the save data.

Though, I've been having an issue that has halted it and prevent me from testing any of it out, as the encrypter I've been using(SED) adds a few KB to the data and corrupts the save data file altogether, even if it's a single byte change.

So I'm kind of stuck here until I figure out how to stop this from happening again. Any solutions? I'll gladly send my hex notes and the save data key for decryption if anyone wants it.

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