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ROM Hacking Discussion / Gate of Thunder Force
« on: Today at 05:11:27 am »
The patch is available here:

The original website of the creator is gone now. I found an archive dot org copy of it here:

The original website and this thread mention a replacement soundtrack - Would anyone still have the files for this?

Thank you in advance, love the game series

if you're fine with most things being on composite video then its not impossible... just a bit "dirty" in terms of the signal quality for what I'm about to suggest:
1 - search for and purchase a decent composite video capture device. since I've never done this and composite video isn't great anyways, I will recommend you take a look at this instead as it is cheaper than the diamond:

2 - get a "splitter" for composite video, also for s-video as you have mentioned it too...

3 - one side goes off to your TV, the other to your computer.

4 - you never mentioned that you wanted LIVE streaming or to mix in your own microphone, much less another camera pointed at yourself... I work for a small production company and we honestly just run multiple cameras and microphones and then sync them up afterwards... its not the most elegant but its very cheap and easy to setup: if you wanted to do just audio commentary/microphone you just point a microphone at yourself - it will also have some of the game's audio being captured from the TV's speakers which will let you sync it up in post. the same applies if you wanted to add a webcam/camera/picture-in-picture of yourself... again, I will say that it is NOT for live streaming or the most elegant of solutions but we don't always have the best on hand...

ROM Hacking Discussion / Super Soukoban patching question
« on: December 20, 2017, 06:03:29 pm »
There is a translation patch for Super Soukoban located here:

Is there anyone who has successfully gotten this patch to work?

Can you please provide me with any further details? I was using a rom with crc32 a9f78e92 and then added a header, which changed the crc32 to 345f9e25 but it fails to patch in "beat" patcher as well as MultiPatch. MultiPatch complains that the rom is too small to be patched even with the header.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Batch-patch creation
« on: June 26, 2017, 05:50:43 pm »
I have a few hundred modified roms and their accompanying unmodified rom. Is there a script and tool out there for the batch creation of IPS (or APS) patches?

yeah the untouched one runs fine and I'm using yabuse and mednafen
i probably should have tried SSF as well!

i'll give it a go tomorrow but I'm really going to reach out to others on this one as its pretty esoteric at 16 years old. haven't seen any copies floating around so it was never popular either.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: [PSP] Last Ranker Main Story Translation
« on: January 09, 2017, 12:45:01 pm »
thanks a lot flame! its not that hard to use really. i just installed python into a virtual windows machine and then dropped my ISO onto the .bat file
i've been trying to archive all translated games for a while now and this is one of the easier ones (particularly for the PSP)

addendum: I neglected to thank you (and all those who contributed) for your work on getting Last Ranker into English. it is a technically impressive RPG from capcom

Thanks a lot Hiel-!
I have been attacking this for hours and I haven't made any real progress. The best result so far is that I can get the emulator to load up the Saturn's menu (it has controls to play/pause/stop tracks and load software, nothing works though).

I'm going to start looking for those who patched the game successfully 16 years ago.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: [PSP] Last Ranker Main Story Translation
« on: January 08, 2017, 11:15:52 pm »
I'm looking for some clarity on the version numbering here. The entry is here: is showing v1 (called 1.7 in the patch's .zip file itself though) but I came across the thread over at which goes on up to v2.3

now this thread here at is a lot more recent than the other one and is not simply an .xdelta patch file like the older one. what version number should the one on be given?

There is an "unfinished" saturn translation patch entry for Ninpen Manmaru:
I just submitted two requests to update the game and translation patch info but this is a fairly old one now, coming from 2001 and the instructions for patching are only accessible at

These instructions (step 5) reference a utility called "" and does not have a cached copy so I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything about it or has a copy. I searched about on google/bing/etc and nothing has surfaced yet.

I'm trying to get this game patched so that I can test it out as it appears that it may be "fully playable" already

EDIT: it also specifies in the patching instructions on that you can use a hex editor in place of "ipins" - so ipins could simply be a diff-patcher ?

Thats it! I remember using bchunk on a *BSD long ago and recalling how AMAZING it was. I using that to rip out the contents of the BIN/CUE. got that track2.iso file and used a hex editor (Hex Fiend, Mac OS X, ) to just delete everything outside of the desired range and BOOM, its working!!!! Thank you so much elmer!

@KingMike/dACE/elmer - Thanks a ton everyone. I haven't gotten this working yet but I have tried a bunch of things.
You can also find those "cmdtools" here: - i do use Mac but I also noticed that the links for the windows .zip file wasn't working on the page (the mac ones were, oddly) so you can grab them from github instead

My issue at this time will be extracting that data "track2.iso" from the larger image.

I have a few images from the internet that all run 100% perfectly fine in an emulator but they aren't broken out into data/audio files, they are just CUE/BIN, CUE/ISO and also CCD/IMG

Unfortunately all of my software also thinks that these are audio format images (2352), also known as Mode 2 discs. Apparently they are expecting Mode 1 (2048) disc images. I need a way now to break out the "data track2.iso" from the other audio tracks and then work with that one. Otherwise the offsets that I have will not correspond appropriately.

I will also reach out to the individual who submitted that hack, MooZ, on his own site's forum to see if he can help me out with this as well.

As a side note: this game actually is quite nice, its the "ladies" version of the great tennis game on the PCE.

Addendum: I can certainly obtain a copy of this game for a very reasonable price from Japan as well. I will be over there later this winter and I know this game is not expensive at all.

My question is in regards to the following hack for the TuroGrafx-CD game "Human Sports Festival"

It is to extra a rom file (.pce?) from the ISO of this game. I would then apply a different patch to translate the game to English but I am stuck on how to actually extract this data. The readme for this does provide me with a pair of offsets, a range, of data to be extracted from the iso file itself.

"from offset 0x1e1000 to 0x221000 in Track02.iso"

My apologies for leaving this thread for over 2 months, I certainly hope this is not inappropriate for me to post to.

Thank you very much for your testing Silver X - I do appreciate the time you took to help me.

I am actually working off of the NoIntro Dicing Knight. rom:
NoIntro: 2a4636abe2246598ea819721d48fb3c8
Patched NoIntro: 80d68dcb25f27438f08f79284a7ccc3e

So there is that to add to the confusion!

I downloaded both the 2.01 and 3.14 goodsets and only 3.14 has Dicing Knight. roms at all - It has four of them in total:
Dicing Knight Period (J) [!].wsc - 2a4636abe2246598ea819721d48fb3c8 (Just like the NoIntro... I checked SHA3-512, CRC32, SHA1 and they all matched...)
.... some over dumps ....
Dicing Knight Period (J) [T+Eng1.0_AGTP].wsc - 7d4ba677a746557366cdc4a753c8862a

So neither of the roms from the GoodSet match your MD5's unfortunately :(
I searched around and I believe I found the same unpatched rom you have (098b747bf9d88f651735b45197e393e1) posted to a Chinese forum thread in 2006 that I found on Google - I can't register unfortunately due to some error (geo-blocked?) and I'm not that motivated to get that rom as the one in the GoodSet 3.14 has already been patched and I can play it.

Hey Sky, thanks for testing it on your end.
Could I trouble you for your crc32/md5/sha1/etc for your resultant file?

I heard a lot of great things about this WonderSwan Color game and found out there was an English translation patch done by AGTP - I got it together and it just throws up a grey screen on the emulators (Mednafen and Oswan).

Here is the patch on RH:

Since I know those two emulators are not related to each other I then tried three different patchers (MultiPatch, Lunar and Ninja) and I am still getting a grey screen.

I was wondering if anyone here has experience with this particular WonderSwan Color game and patching it to English.
The md5 checksum I am getting after patching is consistently: 80d68dcb25f27438f08f79284a7ccc3e

Thank you for your help and time!

Gaming Discussion / Re: Trouble with two SNES translation patches
« on: December 21, 2014, 10:54:52 pm »
Thanks a lot! That was exactly what was needed!
Everything works perfectly now!
I will make sure to hold onto this tush to use in the future

Gaming Discussion / Trouble with two SNES translation patches
« on: December 18, 2014, 12:43:36 am »
The two games that I have applied the patches for are:
Dragon Ball Z - Super Saiya Densetsu (J) (V1.1) ---- MD5 = 0fa7887f1bcde2dd207e20d782092607
Feda - The Emblem of Justice (J) ---- MD5 = 1bfbb1c174b6e7362af678dd584ba324

The patches themselves are located here: - Dragon ball z patch very 1.01 by Klepto Software - Feda patch version 1.02 by Magic Destiny and Stealth Translations

Neither have successfully loaded up in any emulator that I have tried (higan, old version of bsnes, snes9x). I am wondering if anyone has ever gotten these patches to load for them and what emulators/system were in use. Alternatively, is there another version of translations for these games that do exist?

I read the rules for the forum (,370.0.html) and I am confident that this post is safe. I am not request any "patched roms" or anything like that. Just looking to discuss the translation patches for these two games.

FYI - I have been able to load literally hundreds of other patched games on these emulators. I am currently testing every game that I have translation patches for and these are the only two for SNES that will not load at all.

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