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So I've done research on when you change a snes srm save file in hex editor, how do you keep the save file from "deleting itself",
after you change it.

I read this guide quite a bit on how to "generate a checksum":

In that game he mentions that you need to highlight offset 70 to 7FD, then generate a checksum-16 and enter them in offset 7FE &7FF.

So I figured this method would be similar for other snes games?

So for example, for Harvest Moon Snes, I used PAR Codes here: to help me figure out what offsets effect different things in the game.

I figured out that offset 0000001A when changed to "13" gives you a Golden Hammer in your inventory.
But of course if I edit that in the srm file in hex editor and try to run the game, it just deletes the save and creates a new save.

So following how the person did it on for the Seiken gamefaq, I looked for two offsets that could represent the checksum..
I noticed that offsets 0000002F & 00000030 always changed when I compared different save files, so I figured those were the checksum.

Now I tried highlighting all kinds of different areas, even like what the person from the Seiken gamefaq did (offset 70 to 7FD),
but I can't get a checksum that matches the ones already generated.

Which brings me to my question of how do you figure out the checksum offsets for snes roms and go about changing them so your game runs correctly?
And did I find the correct checksum location?
Or is there another way to do this and how the Seiken gamefaq person did it is only done for just that game?

I'd appreciate if anyone had the steps I and others could follow to get this to work.
Thank you and I very much appreciate any help.

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