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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: December 14, 2015, 11:29:41 am »
Success! Finally managed to extract, edit and reinsert the compressed graphics in Rampart (J) for NES.   

Script translation and insertion is also going well with the help of mrrichard999.  All the text is actually already in place, but the script needs to be polished.

It's looking really good for a fully translated release (hopefully) soon!

Castle looks really good!
The logo I find the text a bit small in comparison to the background, like in the original logo the text fills out the background more, almost completely. One suggestion I think could look really cool is to maybe use the type of curved background (as seen in the simons quest logo) combined with your text thus reducing some of the blank space.

Really good looking crown! Nice clean shading. Definitively works better then the first.

I remember this being mentioned, but what game is it a hack of?

It's River City Ransom (NES).
I'm planning on this to be a fairly extensive hack (music would obviously have to be a big part of the hack) and since I'm a pretty crap hacker I'll probably going to need help with this. I'll set up a project page once I have more stuff to show off beside the title.

Holy shit! I never knew about this game. Quirky japanese 8-bit RTS with action stars? Sounds awesome!

Not sure why you guys insist on calling it 90s though? Sure the game is evidently made in 91 but to me the 90s were more about being "rad" and "cool" and the 80s were was it was at with the he-mans, heavy metal and that whole Reagan era. All of the movies you mention were made it the 80s.

New project, inspired by one of the suggestions in the hack ideas thread.

I decided to skip the "A" in the title even though the correct title indeed is "A clockwork orange", I couldn't make it look good and looking at reference material a lot of designs (t-shirts, posters) seem to omit the A so I believe that's fine. There's one or two pixels that need some cleanup and I might add some additional text to it (push start or credits) but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

Thanks for the reassurance, that's great to hear! This definitely has the potential to be one of the best NES hacks ever. Can't wait to play it.

If this plays even half as good as it looks we're in for a treat because it looks absolutely amazing!

Have you commented on the difficulty at all? I know some people enjoy savestating their way thru hard-type hacks but I far more enjoy hacks that's on par with the originals so heres hoping you keep it in line with the other 2D metroids.


Man that's a seriously amazing title screen! :o
I wouldn't change a thing except maybe try to clean up the aliasing in "dawn".

Right, I understand. Many of these localization/revamp hacks comes down to choices made by personal preferences. Just throwing some suggestions out there. :)

Zelda, while almost perfect does need a clean up. Good job!

Btw, in the prototype the game would not pause during the "light up" when you used candles in dark rooms. Imo this was better, the pause is just annoying. Maybe something to consider putting back in ?

Also the credits in the proto used most of the real names of the staff instead of pseudonyms. Imo this should be also part of your retranslation if it isnt already. Check for more info.

Just wanted to pitch in and also give thanks for the patch!
I patched Ace Combat 3 - Electrosphere (J) (v1.1) (Disc 1) [SLPS-02020] (md5: 30f7dce98b6901290cb26c9baf27268f) and it's working great.

I'm using epsxe 1.9.25 with Petes OpenGL2 Graphics driver 2.9 set to max (including hi-res textures) and have not experienced any crashes so far (played about 4 missions).

If your cd is 7zipped, don't use 7zip to unpack it ! That's what I did at first, but when I tried playing the patched cd, it crashed right after the Namco logo.
To make this work, use unPakkiso to unpack the archive.
This is most likely because it has further compression using ecm and unPakkiso decompresses it.  But you could just aswell use 7zip and unecm to properly unpack the iso.

Personal Projects / Re: Shadowgate Classic [NES]
« on: April 14, 2015, 02:57:57 am »
Are you planning on starting any new projects now that you Shadowgate hack has been released?

Oh for sure. :) I have a couple hack-ideas of various magnitudes. Some will probably be abandoned but some should get done. I'm not working on any "main project" right now though and have nothing to announce.

I useally don't like to announce projects in advance as I feel it can hamper my work and just wait until they are finished. In this case I did because it was almost done and I needed the motivation/push to see it through.

Personal Projects / Re: Shadowgate Classic [NES]
« on: April 13, 2015, 05:51:50 am »
I just wanted to thank you for this hack, do you intend to port it on another languages ?

Sorry, no. I thought about including multiple patches for the different language versions but ultimately decided against it.

The simplest way I could think of doing this would be to copy paste the graphics and the data changes I've made into the other versions which in theory would be easy enough (I havent looked at the other languages roms, but I'm assuming they dont differ much beside the scripts), but there is so many and it's really tedious work that I dont have the time nor interest in doing so for all my intent and purpose this hack is done.

Personal Projects / Re: Shadowgate Classic [NES]
« on: April 10, 2015, 09:30:43 pm »
Hack submitted and approved.

Thanks for all your interest and support!

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda 2 for GameBoy - Missing Link
« on: April 08, 2015, 12:35:32 am »
Hey this is a cool project, looks great!
I'm wondering though, why did you chose to go with custom sprites and not just swap in old ones from Zelda 2 ?
Don't get me wrong, the custom sprites are looking good, but if the goal here is to make the hack feel like Zelda 2 game, maybe the old and more recognizeable sprites would work better in that regard?

In any case, bra jobbat!  :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: Shadowgate Classic [NES]
« on: April 02, 2015, 12:54:25 pm »
Hack is done!

There is one or two rooms I'm not superhappy about but overall I'm pleased with the result and it's a definite improvement wich is what I set out to do. I just need to do some final testing to make sure I havent overlooked anything. I like to test my projects on various emulators and screens (computer monitors, tvs, phones) to make sure the palettes look ok.

Oh and as a bonus I decided to include the unused "goblin room"-music in this hack. It will now play in the Sphinx room where I found it to fit very well.

If tests are good I should upload it to the site this week.

Personal Projects / Re: Shadowgate Classic [NES]
« on: March 14, 2015, 08:11:14 am »
So..... chance on MMC5 expansion?!?!?

No, I'm afraid it's beyond my hacking skills. I might look into it, tile-specific attributes would have been sweet, but it's not a huge issue and doesent seem worth it tbh.

One of my dream projects is to hack Actraiser into a building-sim-only by removing the action stages. Not that they are bad but I always liked the sim part best and snes has plenty of good action but not enough sim games.

I actually gave this a shot myself since the documentation on the wiki of this game is really good but as I'm a pretty crappy hacker with little sneshacking experience and also had issues with the snes debuggers constantly crashing I gave up. I figured it would be fairly easy to accomplish by just tagging all the action stages as cleared, however it might break some story/progress sequencing so ideally the stages would be tagged as done at the time they would appear normally. I might go back and give it another shot if someone more experienced would be willing to help.

Personal Projects / Re: Shadowgate Classic [NES]
« on: March 14, 2015, 05:39:29 am »
It all looks great, man. Another one for the definitive version list, for sure.

Thanks, that means a lot coming from you whom I consider to be one of the top artists in the "scene".

Were you planning to do this to any of the other NES MacVenture ports?

No plans but the thought have crossed my mind as Uninvited is also a game I hold dear from my childhood. While I do this for fun it's a lot of work and time consuming. I've been working on Shadowgate Classic pretty much daily for a couple months now and theres still lots to do before even thinking of any new projects. Have to say, doing it all over again isn't that appealing at this moment, but who knows? I might.

Personal Projects / Re: Shadowgate Classic [NES]
« on: March 14, 2015, 12:33:06 am »
So anyway, I'm down to the last couple of rooms but as stated I'll be revisting all rooms for touch ups.
Also made a new titlescreen for it.

Titlescreen hacking is usually one of the easiest (atleast technicly, designing can be another story) part and the original screen already looked good enough so all I really wanted was to add "classic" and also put the skull back in which I always felt was missing. There was plenty of room for the custom tiles after replacing the KEMCO logo using ordinary font, but the data was more tricky as it used some form of compression/control codes for repeating tiles so in the end i opted to skip the push start line and move the "ICOM" credits to the preceding boot-up screen.
imo romhackers should try to keep and respect original credits as much as possible and not just erase them unless it's necessary or if its just reduntant shit like "Licenced by Nintendo".

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