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Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« on: June 10, 2020, 04:41:58 pm »
My goodness, what a BEAST of a romhack! The preview of this hack is right in line with my style - enhancing and upgrading classics while respecting what made them great in the first place.

There's only one thing that puts me off from "trying" it however (along with other ROM hacks like SOM Turbo edition): the perpetual "beta" status.

Glancing over the version changelogs, I more than understand that everything is pretty much feature complete with the objectives of the hack, but to a layman like me, not seeing an offical 1.0 release, implies that there's something that still needs to be ironed out by testers.

I suppose my question would be, if this hack is as polished as it seems, why not finally release a v1.0? Is that right around the corner, so to say?

Keep killin' it, ShadowOne333!

Personal Projects / Re: Might and Magic Restoration
« on: May 25, 2020, 07:01:31 pm »
I'll second that sentiment - cant wait to give NES Might and Magic a whirl with your restoration project once complete!  :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger MSU-1 (with FMV's)
« on: August 07, 2019, 05:50:35 am »
Out of curiosity, would this project allow one to insert the PS1 FMV's, while retaining the original SNES OST, played on an SD2SNES flashcart (real hardware)?

If so, what would be the current functionality of that be? I gather things are still in beta, awaiting tester feedback of how things run, but is everything for all intents and purposes, working at this point?

Personal Projects / Re: Translating Saturn Grandia
« on: August 07, 2019, 05:41:20 am »
This is so damn amazing - it's awesome to believe that the possibility of playing an English translated version of Saturn Grandia is on the horizon. Thank you trekkiesUnite118 for all of your passionate labor!  :beer:

BTW, based on the fast progress you;'ve made on Disc 2 due to some common files with Disc 1, do you have any rough "ETA" for when you feel your translation of Saturn Grandia will be released out of Beta as v1.0?

That's what I thought when I looked at the process. "Why the hell would I need to convert the game's format to apply a 2KB patch?" But I found a nice tool in the process that's become more useful than I expected, since even some PSX dumps come in several .bin files. :P

Gotta say, I thought the same thing the first time I saw these patches. The changes, while excellent in improving gameplay experiences, are beyond minor regarding the code. Furthermore, for them to not be easily applied in a straightforward manner to the most ubiquitous format of clean dumps (Bin/CUE format) is a bit of a head scratcher to me...

I've been racking my brain trying to make them work and finally found a quick, clean way of doing it without crap software like Daemon Tools and UltraISO.

- Use this Python tool to merge all .bin files into one bin/cue pair: You have to install Python for Windows (I can't really say how to make this step in Mac), put the .bin files and .cue file in the same folder as binmerge, hold the Shift key and right click to open a "Command line in this folder". Type "py binmerge cuefile.cue newbinfile" in the console, without quotes.

- Move the new .bin and .cue files to the patch folder and patch it like the readme says.

- Now you can either play the game in iso/wav format, or you can save up disk space and have a tidy ROM folder converting it to .chd, if the emulator supports it: Download the chdman.exe from the lastest MAME release and you're good to go.

Thanks for the detailed methodology dude!

Just to be clear, after following these steps, the resulting patched iso/wav files can then be burned on physical media (say, via imgburn)?

Anyone know how to apply these to the ReDump set? I don't see any clear and concise instructions on how to do so without a bunch of conversion.

I'd also like clear instructions on how to apply these patches to ReDump images. I've already tried (unsuccessfully) with multiple games (Exile, Popful Mail, etc), and have wasted numerous Taiyo Yuden discs trying to burn them to work on real hardware.

I'm running low on my stock of physical media, so would appreciate a reliable method of getting these awesome patches to work with the most accurate and readily available disc images(ReDump set).

My Life in Gaming recently featured Supper's Un-worked Design patches in a recent video, and also spoke of difficulty in getting them to work reliably:

Hey there, having trouble with your patches, would love to get them to work. Below is as an example Popful Mail:

2. 513,912,000 byte (490MB Popful Mail)
3. I can't seem to figure out how to attach the .CUE file in the forum interface!


3. FILE "Popful Mail (U).bin" BINARY
    TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
      INDEX 01 00:00:00
      INDEX 00 39:47:27
      INDEX 01 39:49:27
      INDEX 00 42:09:57
      INDEX 01 42:11:57
      INDEX 00 44:35:29
      INDEX 01 44:37:29

Sorry guys, I need some help applying these patches to Bin/Cue files.

When I attempt to drag the .bin files onto the included binpatch.bat, the cmd prompt briefly opens and closes, and no resulting new file is produced. Same thing if trying to use binchunk.exe. Manually running a cmd prompt to patch the .bin is proving elusive for me to figure out- any assistance would be appreciated!

*EDIT* Is that all there is to patch the .bin file? That is to say, dragging the .bin onto the binpatch.bat? How would I know it worked, because as it stands, the cmd.exe is open for less than a second and closes, and the original .bin is not changed in name or anything. Is this correct, and I should proceed to burn the game with the included .cue? Would I need to rename the .bin to something specific first, and would there be a way of verifying that the patching was successful?

Well, I never tried to mess around with sound as I have no much info about it.

As far as I know, there is a folder named Sound, in which many, many files are stored with DSP format. There are one for the Left channel and another for the Right. There's also Samp and Info files. I found a Winamp Plugin that gives me the option to listen to the music and sound effects in these files.

I can tell you that most of the music is missing just by looking at the DSP files. Most of them are sound effects of different types.

I found four themes with that format, but they are all "the special music" like the intro theme or ending theme. And those sounds nicer than the usual music, which brings me to this (probably so logical that makes me look stupid) idea:

I think that most music is some sort of midi-esque affair. You have an info file that may store the information of each theme's composition, and a sample file with the instruments for each theme.

It would make sense as I remember the Maramba theme song having some of the instruments cut when you walk (Like if the cnannel for that instrument would be used for the footsteps sound effect or something). If the game had entire tracks that wouldn't be happening. I don't know how the original game did this (if they were sound tracks instead of these, I guess, sequenced formats).

All I know is that it's sadly beyond my abilities and knowledge. Even then, de GC version doesn't have much free space, and they altered the music for that reason, fitting both discs of the original release into one.

Maybe someone could try to improve the quality of the "midi" instruments or something..., or maybe trying to change these info+samp files for DSP files if the size problem could be solved (or if they had their quality lowered a little).

Sorry of not having a better response...

No, that was a great, very detailed answer- and thank you for that! Since what I proposed seems beyond the ROMhacking purview,  I guess I'll hold out hope that SEGA may release a PC port (as they did with Valkyria Chronicles)  that may have the superior DC OST included.

Wow, this completely wasn't on my radar- I need to check this out!

Being one of my faves, something I've always wanted in SOA:L was the ability to insert the Dreamcast soundtrack into the Gamecube game. For my money, the DC score is infinitely superior to the GC one; the GC sound is definitely of a lower sound quality, and some of the instruments in different tracks are off pitch. The GC version does have obvious improvements, however, which is why it would be great to be able to hear the DC music with that version.

If it's feasible to replace the GC soundtrack with the DC version, that would be the best of both worlds to me; extra improved features of the GC version, plus the DC superior score. Maeson, is this doable from a coding perspective, or would it be a no-go? Perhaps you would consider adding it to your ROM Hack?

Another cool hack idea that should be done to Zombies Ate My Neighbors is change the crucifix to make it look more like a cross, change the color of the blood that drips down on the game over screen from purple to red and change the one character that appears in the credits level from holding dolls to holding severed heads with blood on his shirt to make him look more like his appearance from the Sega Genesis version.

Great idea; why not combine them- Zombies Ate My Neighbor SRAM Save Hack + Uncensoring

Here's another timely Halloween-themed Hack idea- SRAM save feature for Zombies Ate My Neighbour! (SNES)

This one's a no-brainer; a killer classic, mired in the late-game by the limited password system. The problem is that the password encryption as it stands is limited in that it doesn't save your accumulated weapons, which makes it frustratingly difficult to continues with a late-game password, as you won't have enough ammo to finish the game.

The devs have publicly stated that they wanted to include a battery save on the cart, but due to costs they had to go with an admittedly inadequate password. Here's an excerpt from an interview with the makers of ZAMN:

"Item management is crucial to completing ZAMN, but as Ebert reveals this was more a side-effect of two other factors: "If we could have afforded the battery on the cartridge we would have saved it all for you! The password to save all the weapons you had would have been too long, so we decided that about every four levels we'd at least make it somewhat feasible that you could restart from that location. Admittedly the last few save points are very hard places to start a game from... - Michael Ebert, game dev on ZAMN, taken from hardcoregaming101

This would be a much-needed addition to a timeless Halloween co-op classic.

I think that one guy (Draken?) who wanted to people to pay for his hacks did something just like this but has yet to release it because he wants $$$.

Don't even mention his name; he's like Beetlejuice- say it three times, and you might summon him here, but you'd regret it...

He was working on a different version of the title screen, a "revamped" version if you want.

The dropping blood is supposed to make up for the apostrophe, it was my way to work around with the space I had. :P

LOL I didn't realize that, but now that you say it, I can see it!  :thumbsup:

EDIT: Believe me, I'd love to do it, but like I was saying, if it's up to me, I'd want the blood, crosses, and nude statues restored- not to mention a way to add back in the dripping blood at the title screen. That would go beyond the scope of just modifying the palette, which is why it seems like a simple translation of the Japanese intro would achieve this goal with less effort. If you could help me in inserting the english intro into the Japanese version, then I'm all ears, but keep in mind I have 0 romhacking experience!

P.S thanks for the update; it looks amazing!

That IS cool. I'd love like to see it in action. Something about my artwork being displayed on a real tv makes me giddy.

I gotta get off my butt some day soon and do my alternate title translation version of the hack. ;)

Most certainly is; RGB Modded AV Famicom on a 36" Sony CRT= the Ultimate Castlevania III experience  8)
I'll snap some pics for you when I get the v4 of this hack placed on the cart (gotta send it out to my modder); give me a couple weeks.

BTW, what do you mean when you speak of an alternate title translation?

September 28, 2015, 02:09:50 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I gotta get off my butt some day soon and do my alternate title translation version of the hack. ;)

I forgot to mention; for the title screen subtitle, there is an apostrophe missing in the word Draculas (should be Dracula's).

You're in luck. :)
I've been working lately in hacking both GBA and SNES palettes for the Yoshi's Island restoration, so if you can I can gladly walk you through the process to change the palette of the goop!

Send me a PM if you want to, it won't take you more than 10 min I can assure you!

That's a very generous offer from you, but I'd really be interested in the whole thing uncensored if I'm going  to endevor to do this (blood, crosses, statues), so would inserting the US intro text into the Japanese ROM being more simple if the goal is all 3?

Oh so you have a repro-cart of the hack? :O
Wow, that is great!

As for the ETA, I say somewhere between 24-48 hours, depending on how much time the RH guys accept the submission.

It's actually a real Famicom cart, with your hack placed in it by a modder; thanks for the time estimate ShadowOne333

This one is simple.
All you gotta do is a simple palette swap of the green goop to a red colour to match that of the Japanese version.
I don't mind the crosses being removed and the topless statue though. :P

Definitely does sound simple to me too, yet impossible for someone like me without the requisite knowledge to do it! ;)
Like I was saying, given how popular this game is, I'm really surprised that this hasn't already been done. For my part, I'd prefer the crosses restored as well as the topless statues- perhaps an optional seperate .ips patch include in the hack?

Try this:

It's a hack I did some years ago which takes Vice Translations' hack as a base, I already sent the submission today for an update that changes both the Zombies and the Imp, since I think they're both cannonical (the imp mostly since I can say that this creature appears in the following games while the spiked creature does not).

That is AMAZING to hear ShadowOne333; believe it or not, I've already had your phenomenal patch put onto an actual Akumajou Densetsu cart since a year ago- it's that good! :thumbsup:   Do you know approximately when the new patch will be available (that is to say, will the readme change-log be updated with a patch note so as to indicate when it's uploaded)?

Thank you so much for doing this ShadowOne333; I'm really glad that you see the canonicity (and superiority for that matter) of those two sprites the same way I do. As an aside, do you prefer the starting cross with the radiating light from the Japanese original, or the US revision without the aura?

Two quick hack ideas for Halloween:

1. Super Castlevania IV sprite restore/uncensoring

The differences between the Japanese and US version are demonstrated here:

I'm amazed this has hasn't already been done (green goop vs. blood- come on!). I think it may be easier to just simply translate the Japanese version (it would be just the introduction that needs to be done), and then we'd get to play a much superior version of this classic without needless censorship.

2. Castlevania III sprite restore

IMHO, the original Japanese Castlevania III (Akumajou Densetsu) is superior in every way to the US release (particularly the music) except for one thing; two sprites:

The US zombie looks genuinely creepy and threatening with it's arms reaching towards you, whereas the original Japanese version looks like a non-threatening docile ghoul. Secondly, The hopping horned rabbit looks really goofy to me, whereas the hunchback ghoul from the US version looks really unsettling; both definite improvements. If someone could offer this sprite swap as an IPS patch, I'd be most grateful.

I would love for a new ending to be hacked into NES Double Dragon II that is based on the more conflicted, tragic original Arcade version, albeit with improvements. NES Double Dragon II is easily one of my favourite games of all time, but the sappy, rushed fairytale ending applied by Nintendo is an absolute disaster to an otherwise legendary game. I'll paste some quotes from an individual on reddit, and another from youtube who summarize the reasons I feel the tone of the arcade game made for a very mature and impactful experience:

"I have a feeling that almost everyone considers the NES port of the game to be the definitive version. It sports a more polished look and feel along with a grand total of nine missions building onto the arcade's four. Not to mention, a cool comic book story that unfolds betwixt the fighting. It's a shame the combat wasn't more challenging.

The NES port featured a very gratifying ending against the Shadow Warrior. Kick his ass, listen to his dying words, and Marion is mysteriously resurrected. Happy days! Totally worth the trouble

The arcade port is much less forgiving. Willy makes his return appearance after you, as the player, have pummeled furiously through his army of thugs and weird bosses again. You watch has he makes his way though the hallway to the arena and the music starts. The beat has a sense of opportunity hanging from it. You're literally aching to smash him into the ground. However, killing him nets no special gratification. It would seem that by exacting their revenge, they've drown themselves in their own animosity. Which is when their shadows come alive...

I believe they're the Dragons' rage and murderous nature personified. Very different to what's alluded to in the NES port with the dopplegangers being illusions created by the final boss.

That creepy laugh as they arise from the shadows, coupled with the eerie background ambiance is very disturbing. Beating them is just as strange because they seemingly return to whence they came with that same laugh. Are they gone? Did you just suppress them for now?

You leave through the exit to the ending screen. Marion does not return to the living and stays deceased. The photograph shows her shedding a single tear... is she sad she perished? Is she sad the Dragons gave into their hatred? Maybe both, but it's a far cry from the fairy tale ending of the NES version. My interpretation is that the photo shows the complete opposite of the present time. Marion's dead and the Dragons are lost in guilt, sadness, and became murderer's
(which is absolutely opposite of what they're shown to be in all other games/media.)"

Link to original arcade showdown with ending:

... and abysmal NES ending for comparison:

and another supporting comment from youtube: "The whole concept of fighting a physical manifestation of your desire for vengeance is deep and profound. Furthermore, it also shows that despite all your efforts, Marion is still dead."

Now, having said all that, the original Arcade photo is laughably bad, with a super creepy expression on the face of the Lee brothers (that would obviously have to be redone). In addition, the ending speech of the Shadow Master would have to be redone, as it's currently nonsensical.  In addition, I'd like to see a few preceding expository shots, such as of the Lee brothers against a gritty urban sunset, reminiscing when they spent an evening there with Marion in happier times, cut to them looking out over the water in longing, and then walking away in sadness into the background. One of the Lee brothers then drops the photo of the three of them, which plays out like the original arcade ending.

Needless to say, while I have absolutely no hacking skills, I would love to be involved in the direction of the ending cut scenes, as well as writing the script. I think this masterpiece deserves a proper ending befitting the tone and spirit of the game. Anyone who is interested in making this happen, please feel free to respond in this thread, or hit me with a PM.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Best version of Shin Megami Tensei?
« on: May 16, 2015, 12:35:11 pm »
Heh, speaking as part of the Shadowrun team, that'd be amazing... but a tough project. Not out of the question, though!

To the OP: the AG SNES version. Calling the iOS version clanky is an understatement. Great translation, but it's not worth the PS1/GBA updates to the game. Play the OG then maybe consider the iOS one later on. The SNES version has the best music, IMO.
(SCD's and PS1's are no slouch, mind you.)

Hey, good to hear from a member of the Shadowrun CD translation team; I'm eagerly anticipating it's release- keep up the great work!

If you can maybe keep the idea of a Shin Megami Tensei CD project in mind, and possibly gauge the general interest of the  Shadowrun team, that would be appreciated; it would be awesome for the SCD to get some much deserved love! Thanks for the recommendation of the SFC version, it certainly seems like a great translation.

Now that people are doing msu1 music hacks for snes, maybe someone could pass the mega CD songs to the snes. 

That's a really interesting alternative idea: I think the overall appeal of the SCD version goes beyond the new soundtrack for me however; the intro cinematics, and improved sprites/game mechanics would also be cool to experience that the SCD version offers.

If you're going with the SNES version, I recommend using Orden's patch as well, which can be found on this site.  It addresses further issues including one of the paths being unwinnable due to bugs.

Good looking out, I checked it out and it seems like a great addition to any SFC play-through!

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