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I did some tests here, and these are my configs:
- VBA 1.8.0
- Save Type: Automatic
- Flash Type: 64k

The game saved fine. Which makes me think there's only one thing that could be the problem... you're not using save states, are you?

I'm using beta 3, and the emulator was originally set to Flash type 128k. I changed it to 64k, saved, and reset... Still the same problem.

I do use save states and have never had a problem with them interfering with the save file. I read somewhere if I change from 128k to 64k, I'm going to have to erase the save data and start a new game for the change to take effect. No idea if there's any truth to this, but is there anything else that could be affecting the saving?

The read-only checkbox isn't checked, so it's not write-protected, right? I'm using VisualBoyAdvance.

Yes, same file names. When I go to save during intermission, the save shows up in the confirmation screen, but when I reset, the save disappears. The only thing I found was an option to change the save type. The default is Automatic, and I changed it to SRAM and then to Flash, neither worked.

Check your emulator settings.

Could you be more specific? Is there a setting I need to change that doesn't require to start a new game?

You are unable to actually load any saves in the translation, so I was wondering if there's a patch somewhere out there that fixes this.

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