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Coming each month to check on updates for this game!

We send our henki-dama powers to the team to have courage to carry on!

Can't Wait!
I Agree with Bob Liu, I'm completely interested in seeing the little progress, this way someone could possibly resume the great job you already did and continue it maybe collectively.
Again I offer myself with my two coins, for any help I could do in the project, though I'm not familiar with romhacking at all, I would be glad to start learning.

If there's no actual tangible progress in the translation, don't worry... there are some things that are meant to be "japanese" and stay like that, and this is a great example of that, and maybe destiny it is and we shouldn't mess around with the translation, though it was really sad news to me that the project got cancelled.

Hello, if you guys are making multiple language translations as in "English, Spanish, Dutch, etc."
I didn't know we could make proposition in helping the translation going like last one, but, if I can help the project with something, it would be to make English-Spanish translations.
Just my two cents here, to help the project grow.

Cheers.  :)