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Personal Projects / Re: Project Rohrleitung Gate(SMB1 Hack) (Now released)
« on: September 13, 2016, 11:15:25 pm »
This is way beyond my SMB skills, but I'm watching the playthrough video and it's very cool. Nice NES rendition of Gate of Steiner!

News Submissions / Re: Translations: Kaettekita Mario Bros.
« on: May 19, 2016, 11:00:38 pm »
Thanks for this, I thought I was the only person who even knew this version of Mario Bros. existed. I was thinking of doing this same project myself, but well... I didn't. So you win, lol.

Until the day when we can get a 60hz conversion for the Euro "Classic Series" Mario Bros., this is the best NTSC version you can play.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: January 05, 2014, 03:10:39 pm »

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: January 05, 2014, 07:18:40 am »
I think for the additional titles, maybe something more like "Luigi in DONKEY KONG" instead of "DONKEY KONG featuring Luigi".
If you do opt for the latter, perhaps an ft. for featuring could help.

I would also suggest doing Donkey Kong Jr. next, if only for the fact that changes would be very minimal for a final project.

"Luigi in" is a good idea! Why didn't I think of that? This is why I have you guys. :P

But yeah, I'll probably get the simpler hacks out of the way soon so I can get the 'series' chugging along. Dr. Luigi didn't even need this much time and effort, but I'm glad I worked on it this much because now I know a lot more about NES graphics hacking than I did back when I made the simpler version of this in February. I experimented with so many things along the way that I ultimately didn't use in Dr. Luigi itself, but at least I now have the knowledge and future projects should be much easier.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: January 05, 2014, 06:51:53 am »
Alright, I think I've finally finished this. I made a "trailer" for it. Check it out:

It turns out that I can never really center the logo exactly due to tile attributes, so I guess it'll just have to be that way. It's "centered" if you count the 'TM', at least. :P

I've also given up on giving it new ending animations. I had several done, but I didn't think they were creative and it was taking too long to do. I did change one of them, though; it's nothing major but you'll see it if you beat HI speed on level 20. :)

Now I just have to make the other title screen versions, create patches, and submit! Thanks a ton for all the input! I learned a lot!

I might make a new thread in Personal Projects for the full Year of Luigi series I'd like to do. I'll probably do that after I create mockups of all the new title screens. For now, though, I sleep.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: January 01, 2014, 05:39:56 am »
If you're in for suggestions, I would say check the list of games featuring Mario for the NES:

Donkey Kong Jr.   1985   
Mario Bros.   1983   
Pinball   1984   
F-1 Race   1984   
Tennis   1985   
Baseball   1985   
Super Mario Bros.   1985   
Wrecking Crew    1985   
Golf   1985   
Punch-Out!!   1987   
Super Mario Bros. 2   1988   
Super Mario Bros. 3   1988   
Tetris   1989   
Dr. Mario   1990   
NES Open Tournament Golf   1991   
Yoshi   1991   
Yoshi's Cookie   1992   
Mario is Missing!   1993   
Mario's Time Machine   1994   

I'd start by developing a small Luigi sprite first (since it could be used for the largest number of games) and working my way from simplest to more complex. Clippit's Luigi Bros looks good, but I don't know if he edited the sprite at all or just did palette swaps. If you're so inclined, putting a tie on Donkey Kong and possibly even replacing DK jr with Diddy Kong could help to modernize it as well.

Just thoughts.

Clippit's Luigi Bros. is a direct copy of Nintendo's Luigi Bros. as included in Super Mario 3D World. The only changes are the title screen, palette-swapping Mario to green/blue Luigi, and Luigi to white/green Luigi (so it's Luigi and Luigi). You can see Nintendo's in action here:

That's kind of the style I want to go for, too. Nothing super fancy and upgraded, but subtly removing Mario and inserting Luigi in his place. I'm not really the artistic type, so honestly I'd rather leave things like that to those inclined. I just wanna make a simple set of hacks that put Luigi in the spotlight, like Nintendo's taken to doing. (They've done another instance of this in NES Remix, where some Donkey Kong stages are played as Mario palette-swapped into Luigi.)

That isn't to say that every hack is just going to be a palette swap; some of the later games had more fancy graphics and smaller things that could be changed for fun. Dr. Luigi is a good example; I couldn't just palette-swap Mario since he's just wearing white in the first place. I had to redraw him as the taller, slimmer Luigi. It's still Dr. Mario as you mostly remember it, but with the other brother at the helm with his new viruses. Dr. Mario also had these really unique but weird intermission cutscenes that I'm currently modifying into fun little different things. That's the part that's holding up the release; I've gotta decide what to put there but I also wanna keep it a secret so people are pleasantly surprised when they beat the required stages. :)

But yes, I actually have made a list of all the Luigi-ization candidates I'd like to do if I can find the time. Guess I'll post it now:

Donkey Kong            Donkey Kong Featuring Luigi
Donkey Kong Jr.            Donkey Kong Jr. Featuring Luigi
Mario Bros.            Luigi Bros.
Mario Bros. (Classic Series)      Luigi Bros. (Classic Series)
Super Mario Bros.         Super Luigi Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 3         Super Luigi Bros. 3
Dr. Mario            Dr. Luigi
Wrecking Crew            Luigi's Wrecking Crew
Yoshi               Luigi & Yoshi
Yoshi's Cookie            Yoshi's Cookie Featuring Luigi

NES Open Tournament Golf      Luigi's Open Tournament Golf
Super Mario Bros. 2         Super Luigi Bros. 2

Return of Mario Bros.         Return of Luigi Bros.

All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.   All Night Nippon Super Luigi Bros.
Golf: Japan Course         Luigi's Golf: Japan Course
Golf: US Course            Luigi's Golf: US Course
Super Mario Bros. 2         Super Luigi Bros. 2

The names on the left are the originals while the names on the right are the Luigi versions. Anything filed under "maybe" is something that's either really obscure, kinda already features Luigi as a playable single-player character, or would take too much work to bother with. This is just for fun, after all.

EDIT: (Feels like I make my posts here really long-winded. I apologize for that. Hope it isn't a drag to read.)

Looked through your work, by the way. You are lightyears ahead of anything I'm capable of, artistically. I can see why you keep coming up with all these extra ideas! I don't mean to just outright shoot them down, I just wanna keep on-track with the simplicity I originally had in mind so I don't spend ages redesigning every little thing.

I also noticed you have a Personal Projects thread for your stuff. Maybe after I get some mockups of the other games, should I make a new thread there for "Year of Luigi Series" discussion? I'd think that would attract more discussion from newcomers rather than my current OP with dusty old pictures of an outdated version of Dr. Luigi.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: January 01, 2014, 02:57:25 am »
Happy 2014! I've been playing the real Dr. Luigi on Wii U on and off through the day and it's pretty great. No surprises; it's pretty much just like they said it would be. Operation L is wonderfully fast-paced in multiplayer but pretty easy in single player. I'm currently #2 on the Operation L leaderboard! :D

Also sorry to break it to you again Vanya, but the Year of Luigi logo shows up all over the game and even flashes before the title screen, haha.

かえってきたルイージブラザーズ wasn't rereleased because it was merely a commercial for Super Mario Bros. Furikake

Yeah, I know. I meant more like the gameplay itself so I probably should've just said Classic Series. :P I'm also gonna do Classic Series as well, but I'm doing Return too because I play on real hardware and I'm NTSC (and doing a translation will be fun). I wish Classic Series had an NTSC hack...

I'm up to the challenge. I know basic ASM and I've done a few things here and there.

Awesome. Good luck to you! Keep me updated on how it goes; I'm legit excited to play even my own Luigi hacks, so I'm definitely excited for yours :D

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 30, 2013, 11:34:56 pm »
Man, you guys have blown my surprise idea open before I had a chance to announce it! Yes, I was actually already planning on doing an entire Year of Luigi NES series, hence why I was gonna put that on the Dr. Luigi title screen. It was something I was going to insert into all the title screens (when possible). I didn't wanna bring it up until I finished Dr. Luigi and at least got some of the other hacks off the ground so I'd have something to show off instead of just spouting ideas.

I guess I could show off one that I've already started, though. I was kinda bummed that someone already beat me to the punch with Luigi Bros., so I took it to the next level:

かえってきたルイージブラザーズ! I'd like to translate this alongside turning it into a Luigi game, which would actually be the first translation that this game has even had, to my knowledge. Not like it really needs a translation since most of the text is related to a contest that ended 24 years ago, but at least now you can enter your in-game name in English! I'm always sad when Nintendo doesn't rerelease this or the Classic Series version instead of the old and tired original NES version (or hell, even the actual arcade version; would be nice if Nintendo stopped recycling the gimped NES ports of these games and gave us the proper Donkey Kong and Mario Bros., among others).

I think a whole series of Luigi hacks would be great. I don't think they've done anything for Mario 1/2j/2u.

SMB2u would probably be a lot of fun to make. Roster could be Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, and Nabit. Bonus version could swap the two Toads for Original Toad and Toadette. With some ASM work Nabit could even have his attributes from New Super Luigi U.

Woooah there, changing actual gameplay mechanics is way out of my skillset, haha. I'm only currently capable of doing moderate graphics editing. It's a neat idea, but someone else would have to take that on. Not sure if those would be the greatest character choices, though; two toads would be redundant since it's a single-player game (unless you give them different stats) and Nabbit is basically just an invincible Luigi. (If you didn't know, in New Super Luigi U he is invincible and his jump/speed stats are a copy of Luigi's.) I'd say probably the only character change that makes sense is Peach into Daisy. Maybe also remove Mario and replace him with a differently-colored Toad or something with Mario's stats, lol.

For the Super Luigi Bros. 3 hack I'd do an addendum patch that changes the title to Super Luigi 3 and insert new question block graphics.

I kinda like "Super Luigi Bros." because it follows Nintendo's "Luigi Bros." Nintendo probably only did that so that the game wouldn't simply be called "Luigi" but I like to think they did it because there are two Luigis in the game. If I did a Luigi-ized SMB3 I'd probably call it Super Luigi Bros. 3 and give player 2 the SMB1 palette like Luigi Bros. does. Not sure if I should really bother though since someone's already done this idea. Maybe I'll do it anyway and just not submit it. Of course I'd release it here if people really wanted it, but not as an RHDN submission.

Oh!! And you know what would be great? Super Luigi Land! It always bugged me that it was Mario that saves Daisy in that game.

Dammit, you're spoiling more of my ideas! Yes, I was actually gonna do this; I've been tinkering with Game Boy graphics editing a bit. It'd be an extremely simple hack (there's literally nothing to change except the title screen and Mario's name) but as part of a series it'd be fun. Was considering using the colorized hack as the base so I could at least make him green. And then I'd have an excuse to call it Super Luigi Land DX. :P

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 29, 2013, 03:30:47 pm »
While not Super Mario Bros., I thought it's brilliant what someone has done for Mario Bros. here, using original and modern Luigi. It's a recent hack.
They could've at LEAST changed the old luigi to mario, i mean, come on...  :banghead:

This is actually a clone of the official Luigi Bros. included in Super Mario 3D World if you didn't know (because it didn't seem like you guys realized): That's why they did "new Luigi" and "old Luigi" instead of Luigi and Mario. Their "Made in Japan" line is off-center by one tile, though. I don't like it, I DON'T LIKE IT. FIX IT.

Good to know these already exist, though, because I was probably gonna do those next. I guess I'll stick to inserting Luigi into the ones that take more effort than just a palette swap, like the puzzle games.  :P (Not that those hacks aren't appreciated; I'm probably gonna toss them on my Everdrive now that I know they're there, thanks.)

But yes, I guess I'll come out and say I was thinking about doing a whole series of Year of Luigi-inspired Luigi insertions into the whole range of Mario NES/Famicom games. Some more simple than others. I've learned a lot doing Dr. Luigi, so the simpler ones (like making Super Luigi Bros. 1) would be a cinch. Even if nobody wants them, at least I'll have my personal collection of Luigi goodness to play. :D

EDIT: Actually I just noticed that the Super Luigi Bros. 3 has a bit more polishing on it than simply the in-game sprite and title screen (like the minigame Luigi graphic). Very nice. Now I don't have to go through the trouble!

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 29, 2013, 03:03:29 am »
Redoing the whole thing from scratch wouldn't take so much effort to warrant working off his hack anyway. All the sprites from Warioware are freely available online. Most of the ones for Dr.Wario are already in the right state for insertion into the game and the rest would just require editing the colors a bit with minimal need for altering the graphics. The old patch has enough problems IMO to warrant making a new version. Honestly, I should get off my butt and do it myself. Really, the only thing I would need to research is bypassing the anti-piracy thing and I'm sure that's well documented.

I realize it's really not 'stealing his work' to do it but the way he did the Wario sprite is pretty much exactly how I would do it, so if I submitted one with exactly the same graphics it wouldn't feel right. Plus the submission would probably get tossed as a duplicate. Maybe I'll get in touch with him? Unless you just wanna go ahead and do the hack, lol.

But anyway, to disable Dr. Mario's antipiracy checksum, go to 0x00001216 and change FF to 00. Done. This doesn't always need to be done for all title screen edits but it's a good idea to do anyway. I don't know exactly what kinds of edits trip it, since it crashes when a pill drops in-game and I hadn't actually played the game for a while when I was doing a bunch of title screen edits. I just know that at some point one of the things I edited triggered it. :P

EDIT: Say, wouldn't doing that also free up a palette so you can have the Nintendo logo in the right color AND have the Luigi sprite you originally wanted?

Yep, I realized that immediately but I was going to wait to see if people liked the single shade of green. Doing a single shade of green on the logo gives me an entire extra BG palette to do whatever I want with! Feels good to have a bit of freedom for once with these damn NES palettes. :P Working on this hack has made me slowly start to realize that NES developers in the 80's/90's were goddamn wizards.

Well Like you said, you're taking a liberty with the Luigi Hat version, so in this case it's already breaking the "what-if" premise a bit so you might as well add the gloves too if not the new animations. That way at least you avoid any palette issues.

I don't consider the green hat version to be proper; it's just some trickery with the BG and sprite transparency. This unfortunately means that if Luigi ever moves then the illusion breaks, which he does for the game over animation. I've learned some rough TSA editing which could potentially solve it, but I'd have to redraw Luigi in a way that the hat/head and palettes fit together in a non-ugly way, which would mean I'd probably have to make him shorter too. It's just not worth the effort. I'm happy with classic head mirror Luigi myself. I felt pretty good when I got him looking like 80's/90's-era Luigi, even if the end result means he doesn't look extremely different from Mario (which was kind of his point back then lol).

I am interested in just having the knowledge, though: how would I go about moving sprites like the pill? You said it would be easy, so I'm assuming you know how?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 28, 2013, 01:51:41 am »
I don't have much to say on palette choices, but I gotta give you props for allowing multiple patches for everyone's own preference. That's a great move you decided to make  :beer:

Thanks! Yeah, I asked a lot of my friends outside of this forum for opinions and there was a very mixed response to which version was superior, so I said screw it. Not like it's hard anyway; I just have to make one version, copy it, and change a few hex values.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 27, 2013, 08:19:56 pm »
How the hell did I miss that? :P


I tried it out and I can't get it to run on FCEUX or NEStopia. So it might merit another look.


Oh. I see, it's because it was made on a trained rom instead of a clean one. I get the feeling that might be the root of the issue.

It would be easy enough to replicate on a proper ROM, but I wouldn't feel comfortable taking his work.


What about changing his animations?
In the new game instead of tossing the pills overhanded, he kinds tosses them underhanded. That could work to your advantage.
You'd also need to change the location of the pills, but that shouldn't be too difficult.


I just noticed, that in the new game, besides wearing his hat, Luigi is also wearing his gloves. So you may not even need to worry about palette wierdness if you do the same in your edit.

Actually, Mario tosses them underhanded and also wears his gloves, a red tie, and the stethoscope over his shoulders in the WiiWare Dr. Mario, so that isn't a Luigi thing; it's just an updated look that the series has gotten over time. The only new thing Luigi does is wear his hat. I mean, I could put effort into trying to represent all those updated things in the tiny sprite space I have, but there's a point where it moves away from the "semi-official" look I was going for and into "way too fan-made looking" territory. They'd be neat changes and would actually probably look nicer especially if I modify his proportions to match the modern Luigi, but the look I'm going for is a "what if Dr. Luigi was actually made in the early 90's" look. I also want it to fall in line with Nintendo's recent, cute romhacks they've done (like Luigi Bros.) which are "a little different, but mostly the same". I'm taking a liberty doing the Year of Luigi logo, but that feels like something Nintendo would do (and I'm including a version without it anyway).

By the way, I actually went in and put that good Sony NTSC palette into FCEUX and messed with the blues. I think 1C,2C actually does look better than 01,11, at least with this palette. You have to have a good palette though, or it'll look too bright.

Here it is with the Sony NTSC palette:

And with FCEUX's default:

So it'll look good on TVs, but not in some emulators. Which is alright with me; Dr. Mario was a game clearly designed for CRTs in the first place, since designs stretch into much better shapes when on a TV, like the magifying glass and title pill shapes; the magnifying glass is a tall oval when you play it with 1:1 pixels, but it's a perfect circle on a real TV.


One last thing. About the placement of the copyright. Would it be appropriate enough to drop the original copyright year and just keep the 2013? That way you don't have to lower the thing. I was debating even bringing this up, but whatever. I just think that the closer you can keep to the original title screen the better. Plus, the technical accuracy of the copyright year on a ROM hack is a bit moot.

I did that because that's how Nintendo does it in their romhacks like Donkey Kong Original Edition and Luigi Bros. I wanted it to look official.


Okay actually, i think I found a palette set that looks good on both sides:

Left: Sony NTSC, Right: FCEUX default

Didn't even realize till now that I wasn't using the brightest grey I could in the first place, so the logo is just all-around better. I really wish I could center it properly. That would require me to use the same green on the whole logo, though, and I'm not sure I want to do that. What do you think?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 27, 2013, 06:49:41 pm »
To me reads like "The year 30 of luigi"

Yeah, but it looks weird and asymmetrical if I put the 30-block to the right or left. Lots of other logos do this, so I don't think it's a problem. (Could always just use the non-year-of-luigi-edition anyway. :P)

That's a perfectly fine idea. The differences are relatively minor, and anyone can always go in and alter their personal patches if they so choose.
Plus if anyone REALLY wants another variation, making palette changes is simple enough that they can do it themselves.
I'll probably fiddle with it myself. (I still dig the lighter blue background)

About the 30th block logo. How about placing that into the main game screen somewhere subtle? Like making it the dark blue color and putting it at the mouth of the bottle?

You think the lighter one was better? I personally thought it felt a bit too bright. Dr. Mario has this dark-ish tone in most of its backgrounds, probably to make the foreground stuff pop out more with the limited colors available. I actually do play this on my real Famicom on a real CRT, and when a game has bright colors everywhere it makes it feel extremely cluttered and hard to look at. The contrast is important.

The current one does feel a bit dark though, even in the video (It looks purple-ish in the screenshots but that's because those are taken in FCEUX default palette; the video was done in puNES with an NTSC CRT palette). Maybe there's a better in-between combination? I haven't played with all the blues available.

Also I don't think I'll insert a Year of Luigi reference into the main game screen; the main screen is full of stuff as it is and it's all lined up so perfectly. The way I have it is the way I'm gonna keep it, I think.

Feels good to have come this far though, even if the result is kinda simple. I've learned a lot. Now all I really have to do is finish multiplayer graphics and figure out what stuff I'm gonna put in the ending screens, which I'm gonna keep a secret. ;)

December 27, 2013, 06:51:02 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

From WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

Dr.Wario maybe?

Someone already did Dr. Wario, and they did a good job (though clearly they didn't figure out how to kill the title screen antipiracy since they're missing some graphics, haha):

It doesn't run on real hardware, though. Or at least I couldn't get it to. :(

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 26, 2013, 11:33:18 pm »
Woah, this thread got kinda popular today, huh? I just got home from work, ha ha.

The problem with the right one is white. It might work better with a darker color replacing it. This would require the Luigi sprite being removed or maybe making look like a gold Luigi.

Yeah, you're right about the white being the issue. I had a thought, though... There's another part to the Year of Luigi logo with a "sprite":

It can even be represented by only one or two colors, too, and they're colors that don't look too shabby together: the original SMB question block colors. Nintendo already did this in their own SMB 25th anniversary romhack:

So I could just change the "25" to a "30" and either use orange(brown?)-and-yellow or just white-on-black! This frees up the background palette a bit so I can at least ditch the white. I'm thinking I'll also flatten the black bar that it's in by a couple pixels so that the checkerboard pattern can peek out from behind it and remove a little of that cluttered feeling. I still want it to be a big "pill" shape so I'm not going to do something like GHANMI suggested, but it will look better.

Regardless of this, I think the year of Luigi text makes the screen far too cluttered the way it is.
I would also point out that none of the year of Luigi products explicitly say year of Luigi in game anywhere. Plus Dr. Luigi itself is already associated with it without the text telling you so.

Aaaaactually, I hate to break it to you but:


Still, I think I've come up with a solution to all this anyway. I'll just simply include multiple versions of the patch so people can pick what they want. It's not like this is an official thing going to retail so I don't have to pick one. Patches aren't that big on their own anyway.

I'm probably going to have four versions:

Dr. Luigi Lite

The hack as it was originally going to be, but with the newer logo lettering. All palettes are the same, the only changes are to the logos and Mario. This is for those who want the "how Nintendo would do it" feel, since this falls more in line with Luigi Bros. It's also the only one that'll have a properly centered title logo; tile attribute palettes don't let me do this for the green/grey 'asymmetrical pill' design. The other ones are centered if you consider the trademark icon, but the original Dr. Mario screen didn't consider the TM part of the logo for centering so technically this is "more centered".

Dr. Luigi Standard

New palettes, new viruses, and secret new ending animations! You'll actually have a reason to play this now! (Unless you cheat and go look at it in a tile editor, but that's no fun.) I consider this the "how Nintendo would do it if they felt like putting in some effort" edition.

Dr. Luigi: Year of Luigi Edition

New palettes, new viruses, the new endings, and the classy Year of Luigi title. Since I'm going to change it to the "30th block" I'll be able to revert the background palette to the better blue one. Still including this and Standard as separates to satisfy everyone (and because it's a romhack and I can do whatever I want).

Dr. Luigi: Green Cap Edition

I AM A WIZARD and I have used my powerful magic to grant Luigi his hat, as he has in the Wii U version. Unfortunately this breaks his victory/loss animations and I can't fix those, so this is a separate extra edition for those who want it. Just an idea I had that I didn't want to go to waste.

So yeah, that's how I'll do it. Four IPS patches all with the ultimate goal of simply giving Luigi his rightful place in another NES classic. I think this solution is good.

Make a decision, the year of Luigi is almost over.

Actually! Nintendo said The Year of Luigi will extend into 2014. And this makes sense, as it was only declared in mid-February, so it should last at least that much longer. I'm sad that the Luigi Nendoroid won't be released until June so that'll miss the festivities entirely, but at least they're making it!  :D


I didn't want to make this post any lengthier but check this out:

I'm very happy with this, personally. Less cluttered, more classy, better colorscheme. It won't replace "standard", but it will replace the orangey old one (unless someone really, really wants that).

And here, have a new video. I actually played in this one, showing off the game over animations:

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 25, 2013, 07:12:46 pm »
Just the opposite for me, I find the orange and white very jarring. Those palette constrains can be pain in the butt.
The size of the "Year of Luigi" text box is also making the middle of the screen look like it has vertical lines so I'd either make it smaller or scrap it all together.
Everything else looks great.

Yeah, I had that same thought but I wanted to see how it looked to others. I did toy with making the box smaller but it just looked 'off' that way. I think I'll kill the Year of Luigi bit and go with the blue background you suggested. I was on the fence about it from the outset but I wanted to see what others thought of it before I simply scrapped it.

Do the green borders in-game look alright? I had the thought to do that after noticing the green clipboard in the Wii U game. I studied those trailers way too much. (And I keep listening to Dr. Mario music and remixes while working on the hack; I'm nearly overdosed at this point. :P)

I think the orange and white look great, man, as well as those animations.

Thanks! I think the background looks alright too, but what Vanya said about the Year of Luigi box is also true and if I scrap that (which is the entire reason for the background being those colors) I can go back to much more attractive background options (like light blue/blue).


Alright, I tweaked the title screen. I darkened the blues from Vanya's blue background suggestion and I think it looks really nice. I'm considering these two my candidates for final. Here's a comparison along with the original:

Let me know what you think!

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 24, 2013, 08:46:51 pm »
I will just point out that in the screen shots they showed of the new game they actually didn't change the tiny viruses to match the new designs. They still look like the old ones. Hopefully this is just an oversight and will be corrected before release, otherwise your patch will actually be superior to the new game in that respect.

I was thinking that another patch that might might be a worthy project in the future is to add in the mode from the new game where Luigi tosses only pairs of 'L' shaped pill packets instead of single pills. That mode looks like it could be tons of fun. Of course it'll probably take some considerable ASM voodoo to accomplish.

Actually, there are some bits of footage where the play field viruses look like the new ones. Can't remember if it was only in the Nintendo Direct footage or not. It's either an option or just unfinished development.

And yeah, I'd love to put Operation L into the game but it's beyond my capability.

I've actually completed the damage/game over animations for the new viruses and I'm super happy with what I accomplished given a frustrating limitation with the damage frames. I'm not at my computer right now so I don't have pics at the moment. I just need to make the graphic of the pink virus holding up the 'X' sign for multiplayer and they're done! (Pending feedback from you guys, anyway.)

I also wanted to change the background palettes for low/med/high speeds but that's a no-go; it dynamically assigns the main color of those palettes rather than have a separate palette for each one that I can edit. The title screen'll get a new background though, since I can edit that and the new green logo looks bland against a green background.


I just finished my overhaul of the title screen and I couldn't be bothered to make new GIFs for the virus animations, so I uploaded a whole video to show off everything at once!

Check it:

How do you think this looks? I further modified the virus palettes and of course the title screen is heavily redone. The orange/white background palette is a result of me wanting proper colors on the little Luigi sprite in the "Year of Luigi" line since there just wasn't enough allowance in the BG palettes to slot in the orange color without also using it somewhere else. If that's too jarring, my other choice is the blue-on-blue that Vanya suggested and I can get rid of the Year of Luigi bit.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 24, 2013, 12:35:00 am »
Can't wait 'till this is released. So, can I help make updates 'n' stuff  :angel: ? I like developing ROM hacks (See my prev. post on this thing about me asking to help)

There really isn't anything I need help with; I finally got everything down so I can finish inserting what I want. I had some problems disabling the anti-piracy (Dr. Mario has an anti-piracy checksum that crashes the game if you mess with the title screen graphics too much.) and figuring out attribute editing but I got it all down. (Thanks, M_tee!)

I'm going to consider this done once I finish the virus graphics and title screen, both of which are already halfway done so I don't need any help. I still need to make the virus 'hurt' animation (which is actually just one graphic that the game manipulates, lol) and the tiny viruses on the playing field. I'm also going to do a little something special with the title screen to give it some Year of Luigi love.  ;)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 22, 2013, 04:27:07 pm »
 FINALLY SOMEONE MAKES THIS! I was thinking of this myself, but I'm only good at RPGs... Pokemon in particular  :banghead:

 Want my help at all? I am the Boss of the Chippy Cooperation, after all  :laugh: (Recently founded a ROM Hacking Business sorta thing) and I have nothing to develop right now. Send me a download link to the Dev Tools with the ROM (Dropbox in a ZIP file preferably) and I'll be off!

Well it's less of a demake of the new one and more just a graphics hack to insert the superior plumber doctor into the game. :P I had the idea way before Nintendo announced theirs (and I've been playing my personal version of the hack all this time too, haha). I'm kinda glad I didn't release it yet though because the new logo and the new viruses are going to be much prettier.

I really like this one! I never noticed the subtle lighter green in Nintendo's logo until you posted this.


Check these guys out!

The animations and palettes are based on the actual animations and colors of the new viruses in the Dr. Luigi trailers. What do you think?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 21, 2013, 05:18:05 am »
Okay, I finally got palette and attribute editing down. I'd like to change the logo to look more like Nintendo's new one, colorscheme included. I redid the lettering so I have that down, but now I need to pick colors. What do you think?

Here's what it looks like with default palette:

Here's a preliminary swap to Nintendo's new one:

Do you think this looks good? Should I change the background?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Dr. Luigi
« on: December 20, 2013, 02:27:09 am »
All this music hacking stuff is way out of my league, but wow, I never realized the GB Fever had the extra part but the NES one didn't. Like, my subconscious knew it was part of the song but I never realized I wasn't hearing it when I played the NES version. Would be cool to hack it in but again I don't know the first thing about NES music hacking.

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