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Thanks for chiming in, Jorpho and Bonesy.

So that was the reason, it was an nkit file. No wonder it gave you errors.

You see, tools like Delta patchers or Beat take notice of the original file when you create the patch, so when someone tries to use that patch it checks your game file to see if it's the same that was originally used. It is a safety feature so we can be sure that the patching went well and the result is a full working rom or iso.

Nkit files are GC (or Wii) games compressed with a new algorithm made by Nanook, and while you might use it as a nkit file on some places, the data inside the file is different from a normal iso, so when the Delta Patcher checked your nkit file, it just did not match. That's why rom hacks are shared and uploaded with information about the original game image used called checksums, and you can check if they're the same with Hex Editors or tools like 7zip for example.

In fact I think nkit format didn't even exist back when I did my hack!

In any case, it's good you got it working. I hope you have fun, and now I'll go hide back under my rock again, lol.

To all of you, have a nice day.
A friend of mine told me about this post.

I'm sorry to hear you have issues patching this, please, try this tool:

If it still does not work, please tell me and I can create a different patch with another tool, or maybe just update the patches with the most up-to-date xDelta patch creator available.

Also, there's a newer version that hasn't been uploaded to the hacks' page. It solves one tiny problem with the effect of one item, but I did not update the patch available here simply because I've been waiting for the person that brought it to my attention to respond to my fix, but weeks have passed and I haven't heard of it again.

You can download it here:

Have a nice day.
No worries, everybody has those dumb moments, I know.

I agree with you, I value when things take some effort to achieve. If there's no challenge in doing something, it kinda makes the thing itself feel pointless most of the time for me. Of course I also think it's a game-by-game affair, but the satisfaction you get by succeeding after struggling or having to think out your actions and engage with the tools a game gives you, is when I really enjoy gaming.

Yeah, it would be cool to see more hacks for less popular games (I looked myself into many to see what I could do, even if my hacking skills are very limited), but when people develop amazing tools for the more popular ones and do tons of research, makes sense most of the attention go to them. At least games such as Ogre Battle had some fun mods out there!

I don't like to talk with which games I mess around, but I did play a bit with Breath of Fire 3 while making my hack for BoF 2, some things are very easy to edit, I remember making a small hack which reduced the grinding for master's skills (and what stats they affect), the characters' stat growths and some spells, other things seemed pretty tricky to do though.

And now that you mention the SNES games through Switch's online service, it's true that putting BoF 2 there has brought some interest to the game, I've seen friends that don't usually care about old games asking me about it recently.

I just wish the version of the game in that service had at least the retranslation so I could recommend them to play it there...
Quote from: Shade Aurion on December 15, 2019, 01:52:05 PM
If this is allowed ( then yours absolutely should be allowed. I think you should resubmit and message Nightcrawler and link him to this thread. He's a cool guy and is constantly on top of the ever evolving policy and frankly I think this one just slipped through the cracks. Just make sure to write in the description that it's to bring the exp/zenny system more in line with the GBA release because this really is a balance hack more than anything. It's certainly not a cheat when the grinding is still substantial even with double exp/zenny and anyone who had actually played the game would know that. I love your BoF2 Maeson hack too. I was going to do a full Lets Play but Ryusui/D4S lured me away with their retranslation and enhancement. Your complete overhaul from everything from magic, to shaman combos to character balance. I wish I could use both at once. I know Maeson already does this but it might be a nice option for those that want a less grindy version of vanilla. <3

Side note, BoF2 Maeson is about to break 3k downloads ^_^

Sorry for the late reply!

Let's see...

I could submit it again I suppose, if there's interest for it. I could also check the small hacking notes I still have, clean them up some and add it for an extra. It's not much, but hey, it may be useful, besides the game is pretty workable with just a hex editor.

You can use both Ryusui's fantastic retranslation and my hack, that's why I wanted to go on with this hack in the first place. There are instructions in the readme, but I still remember them:

Grab your clean rom, and patch it with the retranslation.
Run it in your favourite emulator, and let it do the first check, let it go to the title screen and then close it so it creates the .SAV / .SRM save file (it's the important part!).
Patch the retranslated rom with my patch.

And there you go, both the retranslation and my hack. I've fully played through it several times, so I know it works. The only real issue is that the hack checks itself but if you patch my hack (or modify it in any way) it will say it's not correct, but once the check is correct the first time it never uses it again (as long as you have a save file with the check positively done).

Quote from: Shade Aurion on December 15, 2019, 01:52:05 PM
Side note, BoF2 Maeson is about to break 3k downloads ^_^

What-checks the hack's page- Damn, it already is over 3.000 downloads.

...That's like twenty times more I expected. Damn. I hope at least 5% of those enjoyed it, lol.
Such powerful necropost that brought me back from the dead!

I've always believed that anyone should have the right to make their hacks whichever way they want (as long as they don't come from a place of hate or stuff like that), different people have different points of view and intentions with their hacks, after all.

And while these types of patches are "simpler" compared to other, more complex projects, they still can offer some improvement to the experience to the player, specially the pacing that the increased experience and money can bring to old RPGs, so in my eyes they still have value. Not everything should be years-long projects!

I was quite baffled back then when it got rejected because the reasoning was a bit odd to say the least, specially since there were "cheat hacks" before and there have been a number of "x2 exp & money" hacks to be released since then (like for Dragon Quest games).

...But you know what?

In a way, I'm even happy it got rejected. It gave me the push to try to make something more, and while it took me quite some time to get it finished, I ended making a more complete modification of the game that made me feel way more satisfied with the game, which I released back in 2017.

For example, looking back, x2 Exp wasn't enough to bring the game to a better overall pace in my humble opinion. But increased Exp in combination with changes to the Exp Tables for each character, the game felt a lot better, because then you can optimize it for characters that go missing for a long time, or join later and such (or characters that take much longer to level up than others). Of course, there were many other changes but that's just one related to this.

In any case, I wish the best of lucks for you and your hack, and I'm happy to see that the old dropbox link is still working. It takes a lot of you to leave a rar file unattended for years, I tell you.
Personal Projects / Re: The Legendary Starfy [GBA]
April 19, 2019, 12:38:15 PM
I took a small peek at the patch, and it looks pretty nice, and it's great to see the project continue!

I found a couple of things, one is I think the Lobber's text formatting error. The other one, is what I think untranslated text, here are screenshots:

The second one can be seen if you go back to Herman right after talking to him the first time (after he sends you to find his shell, before bringing him the first item you find). The other times you go back before doing what is asked, the text works fine, it's only this one time.

Keep up the great work!
Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Kart Full Screen
April 13, 2019, 01:43:18 PM
Perfect then. Here you go:

If I remember correctly, it is to be applied to a Un-Headered US Rom.
CRC-32 should be CD80DB86.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Kart Full Screen
April 13, 2019, 12:24:07 PM
I have an IPS file for this modification.
I can easily share it, but I rather ask Grego first if it's okay to do so.
Quote from: magictrufflez on January 16, 2017, 07:00:38 PM
One slight beef I have with the changes (including the expanded spell list) is that more characters gain the Atk-Up spell than the original.  I always found the spell to be one of the most OP ones in the game, so I'll definitely keep an eye on how the balance works out with that in mind

Oh, I understand your worry. Atk-Up/Might is a very strong spell.

I'll give you my point of view:
By the point characters start learning this spell, you should be around the events of the Evanth Curch, meaning that you are around 80% done with the game, and you won't have much time to use it (and, for example, the final boss can remove your buffs). The way the level ups work means that you don't need to keep the levels of your characters as high as before, and you reach 35-37 around that part by playing more or less normally. In Rand's case you could very well be already in Infinity when he learns it. And Bleu/Deis does not get it anymore to avoid having access to it too early.

With a cost of 15 AP, it isn't recommended to spam either. Ryu (if you choose to have him learn seplls) does not have much AP to use it freely, and even less if you want to keep using Dragon powers, and Rand learns it quite late, so you don't get too much use from Might either. Aspara is probably the only one that could use it relatively well, and that character already learns it in the original game.

You also need to have in mind that, if someone wants to abuse this effect (or the game in general), that person would rather mass produce items via the cooking system by choosing the normal carpenter (probably also making a ton of biscuits and other things), or by getting Medusa Shields (I can't remember the name on the Retranslation) and use them for no AP cost (Although the monsters that drop it are stronger, so now they are a bit harder to get).

I need to think about people not choosing the normal house too (even more now that you don't need the permanent stat-upgrade items to make the less useful characters better), and if you choose one of the other two, you won't see many of the stat-up items, or Wisdom Fruits for that matter.

And if you choose to not have Ryu learn the longer spell list, you only have Rand and Aspara; instead of Aspara and Bleu/Deis. That's 2 characters out of 8 (9 with Deis), 3 with the normal patch; and each player would make his/her own team based on what they want, or what characters they like.

I tried to look it from different angles.
Quote from: Chronosplit on January 16, 2017, 02:54:53 PM
Does Ryu suffer any other penalties when given a bigger spell list, or is the difference between the two patches solely giving him new spells?

The only difference is as you say, in one patch he gets more spells than the other. The rest is the same exact thing.

You could consider the version that gives spells the normal one, as it's how I wanted to make it. The version without the expanded spell list is there just because I know some people would prefer just to use his Dragon Powers and nothing else, and adding spells to Ryu would make that more annoying for those players.

Nothing more, really. I just wanted a main character that could to more stuff; but I do know that others wouldn't like that.

Quote from: justin3009 on January 16, 2017, 02:16:09 PM
I'm extremely happy to see a rebalance hack of BOF2 ESPECIALLY one that uses the unused lower stat bit of the Shaman System!  I'll need to try that bad boy out!

Yeah, your comments here were what made me look at it. It was quite a cool finding, and I wonder why it ended up being unused.

It was kinda fun to mess around a little with the shaman bonuses; you can even change them so for example make that Sanamo bonded with Bosch transforms Bosch into another character, I don't know, Lin.

The transformations, as I try to explain in the readme, attempt to change a character instead of just improving it; so the original form is still useful. Transformed Sten is less physically powerful than normal Sten, but it can cast magic for much longer, and the added Wisdom makes things like Death or Weaken work more often, for example.

Also, thanks again for helping me find the offensive spells damage offsets!

Quote from: magictrufflez on January 15, 2017, 09:59:21 AM
I rarely get legitimately excited about things, but...

...a BoF2 rebalance hack that's compatible with the retranslation?  SWEET BABY JESUS YES

I'm glad you find it interesting! I only hope it's worth your and others time. I always ask myself it these OCD projects of mine are really worth sharing, and I get quite nervous after submitting them thinking about it, lol.


Now that I see the two hacks I submitted were accepted and I updated my FFIII and Skies of Arcadia things; I think I'll take my chance and go hide under a rock for some time. I'm burnt out from rom hacking and I feel like I need to forget all about it for a while. The time these things have taken from me this last few months so I could finish them for once was a bit too much.

My fault for hacking RPGs, I guess  :-\.
Both Ramirez fights can use Destruction, and the chances of him using it are random like other enemies, but he's more inclined to use Destruction if you use buffing abilities of any kind (Power up, Speed up, Regeneration, etc).

I tried fighting Ramirez 2 several times (Which is kinda boring going through all of it time after time) and sometimes he used it once, sometimes he used it more consistenly. In fact one time he kicked my ass using it three times in a row, which NEVER happened to me in years upon years of playing this game.

About the items, it was one of the things I couldn't find a balance I wanted. Your idea is similar of what I wanted at first, which was to nerf the Ilchymixes (as they're the easier ones to obtain), but I never ended up doing it. I think to make Ilchymixes healing only HP or MP, and leaving both Urala and Polly's specials being the same as they take more effort. But first I need to see if those changes would work as intended, as sometimes you could get unwanted results.

Quote from: Imaynotbehere4long on January 08, 2017, 09:13:13 PM
Again, great job with the patch.

Thank you!

Quote from: Imaynotbehere4long on January 08, 2017, 09:13:13 PM
P.S. If you haven't done this already, I recommend going through a full run of the game with the latest patch. I'm sure a bunch of little things have changed since you last played a full game, and it would be wise to try to see how it all comes together (especially the new Alpha Storm and new Lambda Burst).

EDIT: Is it possible to change what crew members can do? I ask because Merida is kinda useless.

Oh yeah, I've been thinking about giving it a complete go in it's actual state.

But I need some time for it though, and I'm rather short of it lately. Not only real life matters, but also I'm about to finish two other things I've been messing with that have being eating most of my free time, and I'm quite anxious to finish and rest from Rom Hacking for a while (I love it but it takes too much time, worst part being test-playing everything). I want to release those and go hide under a rock and forget about everything for some time, if that makes any sense. I haven't touched a game that wasn't hacking/play-testing for months.

But definitely it's on my mind and once I get to it, probably make a final version ironing out any little thing that I see (Although of course that's if I see something to be improved).

The thing with Merida is that it is a mechanic that ended being unused. At one point in development you could buy and sell ships (Which, in all honesty, could have been really, really cool to me) but we ended with two story-driven ships, so the value of the ship is, as you said, kinda useless. I thought she was needed for a Swashbuckler Rating but it seems I was making that up in my mind...

I don't know if the game will like changing Merida's effect, I never tried. Maybe give her the same ability that Pow has, and let the player have the character they like the most would be the best option, as giving her one effect from the other characters slots would break the choice-making idea of the crew member system. I'll have to look.

But again, I need to test it first, because I don't know how the game would respond.

And, as always, thanks for your feedback. By the way, Happy new year!

EDIT: Okay, here we go:


Ilchymix now recovers all the MP from the party, and only MP. You can only use it outside of battle like before. This way the dishes made by Polly and Urala will be more useful, and no longer made pointless by Ilchymixes.

Merida now gives a passive bonus of 15 to the Quick to the ship, instead of increasing the value which did nothing. She now has something worth to offer.

Descriptions for both things were also updated too. The hack's page is being updated.

Edit 2: I updated the hack again, because of a small oversight. You can download it again by using the same Dropbox link, or wait for the hack's page to be updated to 1.49a.
Gaming Discussion / Re: Good games with bad ports
January 02, 2017, 07:26:05 AM
Quote from: Bahamut ZERO on January 01, 2017, 07:44:51 PM
Lol you just reminded me of the PSP Port of Megaman X. While probably not nearly as bad as the IOS port you're talking about, the PSP port lost a lot of the charm the original had, it had some annoying voice acting, and the entire mode where you could play as Vile had the same one music track... FOR EVERY LEVEL.  :banghead:

I ended up giving that version away to a friend and bought the SNES version at a pawn shop for 5 dollars. Waaaay better deal.  :thumbsup:

Oh boy, the PSP remake... I have a similar opinion than you. It's an okay version, nothing truly bad, but it loses a lot of the original's charm and soul with the jump to 3D visuals, either because the animations and/or the design itself doesn't work as well as sprites for these games. People that didn't play the original won't miss it, though. The anime cutscenes are fine too.

the voice acting I didn't feel it was that bad (At least not compared to X7, my god x7), but it had a few annoyances yes. On the other hand, it has it's super cheesy moments that made me smile and laugh ("NOT A CHARGE SHOT!"), which I usually find amusing (like SOTN's intro, Resident Evil 1, or heck, Mega Man 8's Doctah Wahwee. I love that shit).

And the Vile mode was pretty neat for an extra thing... Sadly, just like you say, it uses the same theme all the time, and it gets old. It's a good theme, but what a weird choice to have it in every level...

Another bad port of Mega Man X was the PC one. It was on a CD, but it had really bad quality sound (mostly depending on what type of sound card you had) and didn't even have the ride armors. And it came with a controller shaped as a Genesis 6 button controller (Which is far from ideal for an SNES game) that also came with other Capcom PC ports, and it didn't even work well for MMX, and it was discovered that the top 3 buttons of those 6 didn't even responded.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Good games with bad ports
January 01, 2017, 05:48:07 PM
Well, now that I think about it and if I have to be honest, I'd take the PSX ports of these old Squaresoft games over the IOS ports. The inconsistent artistic direction and the absolute lack of care is obnoxious and, in general,  they look incredibly amateurish to the point where I can't take them serously, at all.

And each port had their own issues besides the visuals ones (I loved the typo in the first sentence on FFVI before it was patched).

And thinking about those ports, I just remember that another disappointing IOS port was Mega Man X, which looked worse than the original, and feels really, really bland. The original graphics received the same punishment that the FF games got, pretty much. Not only that, but has MANY frames of animation missing, and even some tracks from the OST are nowhere to be found. The intro looks just as bland as the sprites instead of the cool little intro of the original.

Oh, and by the way: The stage changes are not present. They just don't exist. One of the biggest features in the game, went right out the window.

Heck, the game doesn't even scroll, it divides the stages in small chunks and fades to black to change to the next part of that stage (Not even a different section, just another chunk of the same part of the level):

I'll never understand how a company can be okay with this type of shit, not even with a "cashgrab" mentality (This will probably make you look bad, and make new people lose interest in a series, and old fans wanting to play it "on the go" will get angry to, both of which could have brought you the money you want so much).

The original IOS ports of Sonic 1 and 2 were also fucking terrible (Not the Christian Whitehead ones, the ones I mentioned appeared before). At least when the good IOS versions were released, if you had the shitty ones you could get those for free, and god, what a difference...
Congratulations on the release! That title screen looks really nice.

I need to take a look into this series, as it is one I left forgotten for the most part.
Gaming Discussion / Re: Good games with bad ports
December 25, 2016, 11:51:14 AM
About the Might and Magic 2, as far as I know some of the PAL SNES versions didn't have that issue, although probably have other bugs (knowing how these ports usually go it would be common).

I just remembered anther bad port: Grandia II!

Grandia II on dreamcast is much, much better than in PS2. The PS2 suffers from severe framerate drops (Because the game was designed to take advantage of the Dreamcast's extra Video RAM), it could freeze for no reason, it had a lower resolution, suffered audio issues where combat sentences would be muted or not synced to the action, enemy AI problems (that could case a battle to never end) and sometimes characters would turn white and stay white for the rest of the battle...

Also, the introduction of the game (made with ingame graphics on the Dreamcast) was changed into a boring charmless FMV sequence. The dreamcast intro is quite a bit more fun to look at, at least in my modest opinion of course.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life had also a very, very poor port to the PS2 from the Gamecube. It's just plain worse, looks inferior and it feels in constant slowdown. It had a couple of new things compared to the GC version, but honestly, they're not worth it at all...

Sonic Heroes on PS2 it's also a piece of crap. Absolutely horrible framerate (to compare, GC has stable 60 fps, PS2 has 30 with drops) pretty bad controls, lower resolution and worse textures, and long loading times. Rumors say that Sega didn't want to put Sonic into Sony's consoles (And I could see why, seeing how much the Play Station brand hurt their own consoles) but Sony threatened them with not allowing them to put their other games on PS2 if Sega didn't bring the Hedgehog to their system, so they outsourced this lousy port.

Actually, now that I think about it, PS2 has a lot of disappointing ports, mainly when they were developed in more powerful consoles (GC or XBOX). Psychonauts or Killer7 are two other quick examples that come to my mind.

Oh, by the way, Psychonauts on PS3 I remember it could turn your console OFF in a certain part (which I find hilarious).
Gaming Discussion / Re: Good games with bad ports
December 25, 2016, 05:42:09 AM
Pit Fighter wasn't great, no, but the SNES port is still one of the worst things I've seen on that system.

Talking about Mortal Kombat, the Sega CD version is ridiculous.

Why? Well, besides other flaws, it uses the marvelous FMV capabilities of that system/addon to put an intro...

An intro of around 2 minutes. Boring, pointless, ugly... and unskippable. Each time you wanted to play it you had to wait for it to finish, and if you combine that with the loading times and the other problems here and there it's not a very good port to play.

Also, while not technically bad, the port Playstation port of Rayman 2 (Which originated on the N64) was kinda disappointing. Albeit still playable and okay, it was somewhat watered down, it had fewer levels and the visuals weren't as good as in the N64. The reason why I mention it (Even if it's not terrible by any means) is that, as obvious as it is, the N64 used cartridges and somehow the PS1 version with much more space in its CD-Roms ended up not being at the same level.

It was quite the surprise for me as I grew up with the PS1 version and always thought the N64 was the worse one.

And talking about N64>PS1 ports, Space Station Silicon Valley on the N64 is a pretty great platformer with a lot of original ideas.

Some time later (around a year and a half) a PS1 port appeared, named Evo's Space Adventures. It's just shit. Much worse controls, worse textures, the camera is against you and sometimes ignores you if you want to move it, the framerate is bad, the draw distance is laughable, the intro is an FMV that somehow looks much worse than the original N64 ingame graphics...

The soundtrack is completely different too. It lacks quite a number of levels and they force you to progress through them in a lineal fashion, while the N64 would unlock levels from different areas so you could have some variety.

Lastly, the N64 had information on what things you had, which one you have missed, like other "collectathons" of the era. The PS1 version said fuck that and provides you no information, except when you load a save file (And all you got was the number of energy balls you had at that moment, which wasn't that useful).

I remember playing the PS1 on a friend's house when I was a kid (It seems it only was released on Europe), completely oblivious of its existence on the N64, but when I discovered it and saw how awful the PS1 version was in comparison, I couldn't believe it, lol.
Gaming Discussion / Re: Good games with bad ports
December 20, 2016, 06:11:28 PM
OH, I just remembered!

Resident Evil 2 on the Game.Com! Its just...
...Incredible. If the N64 port was incredible for the right reasons, the Games.Com is for the wrong ones.

Even then, the fact that it exists is quite hard to believe too, even if it's only half of the original game.

Another one, Spider-Man 2 (Based on the Raimi movies) on PC.

In consoles, it was an open-world action game. Quite fun for that time and was pretty well received, and Bruce Campbell as the tutorial guy was really, really great, because he tried to make fun of you everytime he could. He was in the first Raimi movie game too.

But about the PC version though... Holy fuck. Everything that made the console version fun was removed of dumbed down. You couldn't swing around with freedom, you had to point your mouse to swinging icons, so it was limited as all hell, making moving around around an absolute chore. But that doesn't matter because gone was the usual content that go along with these open-world games... Because there's no open-world to begin with. just a bunch of small areas. Heck, gone was the combat system for the most part too. No combos, no learning new attacks. It's closer to a point and click game than anything else.

The most amazing part, though, was the marketing. Activison was shitty enough to try and pass this horrible version of the game as something "simplified for kids", and the studio in charge of the PC version in fact was known for making kid games. But at the same time, they tried their best to make the game box and cover look like the console version.

...Now I kinda want to replay these games to hear Bruce being a dick again.

Quote from: PresidentLeever on December 20, 2016, 04:10:13 PM
Then again I've seen much worse on the spectrum and amstrad.

Street Fighter 2 on the ZX Spectrum was pretty, pretty bad. Although pretty much any port to that system is quite hard to recommend, at least as far as I know...
Gaming Discussion / Re: Good games with bad ports
December 19, 2016, 04:58:45 AM
Sonc Genesis is absolutely horrible. Not even one thing works well. The screen-crunch on the GBA makes all the technical problems worse. 2006 was all around an awful year for that series. In fact if I remember right, someone out there made a good GBA version of Sonic 1, and it's pretty much the original game, so they have no excuses at all.

Now I'll comment a few myself:
The original release of Resident Evil 4 on PC.

Coming two years later compared to the GC release, it was an absolute mess. Outsourced to a studio named SourceNext IIRC, and it shows: it looked horrible, had a ton of light and shadow issues, the FMVs were awful with small resolution, no mouse support, it was poorly optimized, getting it to work with widescreen support was painful, and other things.

You could also add the German releases, which suffered heavy censorship and got entire modes cut down.

Oh, and coming from Capcom too, Devil May Cry 3 PC.

Bayonetta 1 in PS3 was another iffy port. It had bad framerate, worse visuals compared to the Xbox360, the cuscenes were blurred to hide them, and a few other issues...

Silent Hill 2 HD was pretty laughable too. As far as we know, they lost all the assets of the final game, and they "had to" make this HD port with a pre-release version of the game.

So its a version that has problems to load new areas, picking items or interacting with other things, which cause the game to crash most of the time. There are typos, audio problems (either mixing issues or missing completely), there's no fog in Sillent Hill, and the loading was weird in the sense that the game would start running before it ended loading, which I don't remember a game besides this one doing something like this. The new voice acting is really lame too, fucks up a lot of the charm of the original (Even if it wasn't perfect) and tries too hard to sound movie-like.

Oh, and you can find Comic Sans font in signs.

It's the cherry on top of everything else.

Silent Hill 3 HD also had many issues as far as I read, but after seeing 2 I didn't even try that one.

Lastly, some of the Squaresoft ports to the PS1 have some flaws that make them very hard to recommend to anyone. The Load times (Which are very easy to notice if you saw the SNES games running before), the worse sound in general, and a few other things make ports like FF V, FF VI and Chrono Trigger not that fun to play.

They're not horrible (Although each one has their own special flaws, like Chrono Trigger lag and last battle, or FF VI mid-battle loadings), but if you can play them in a better way, to my eyes these ports become obsolete.

Sorry if I had to just name one, but... Meh.
And I thought I could rest from hacking a bit!

Well, for parts:

The way the game makes these optional bosses scale is by checking the level of Vyse (of your party), and then grabs one of the different versions of the boss to fight with, the higher the level the bigger the increase in his/her/their stats.

That means if one Optional boss has a "Lvl 40" version and a "Lvl44" version, and you're, let's say, Level 42, you get to fight the Lvl44 version, and such. They're their own entry in the enemy data, and because of that they take many many slots.

QuoteIn fact, I intentionally didn't save after I beat him because I just know that you're going to go back and make the boss harder, right? Right??

Well, if you ask it like that, I could consider it...

I took a quick look at the enemy data and yes, it seems that Lord Bane can't hold his badass title compared to the stats of the other bounties. I need to do some personal things right now, but I'll get to it once I come back home.

I'll increase his offense, maybe a bit more HP, take a look at his abilities, and make the Zivilyn banes he summons a bit more powerful too.

About Ramirez 2, sadly I can't, for several reasons:

The game is not programmed to check the level of the group before a boss fight.
Yo would need to create new data for the several versions of Ramirez 2, which is pretty much not possible as far as I know (If you put bigger files than the ones it expects, the game crashes, also happens with textures for example).
The game has up to 255 slots for enemies it seems (FF), and the game has already 254. The optional bosses take almost a hundred slots for themselves.

I don't know if it could be done somehow, but I freely admit that it's way beyond my abilities (which rank just above "Monkey slapping at a keyboard"). And besides, He already does ~3000 damage to the party if he feels like (I'm still happy for having found how to do it,  :D).

Quote from: Vashzaron on December 15, 2016, 05:07:00 PM
Been playing up to Ixa'Taka now and yeah got to say really like what you have done here, I especially liked the close call for me that was the Executioner

[spoiler]Then my first Game Over was due to Eterni spam by a bunch of monsters   :laugh:[/spoiler]

Tiny question, is some weapon effects not listed in desc in game on purpose or because you forgot? For example Cupil Blade didn't list sleep ingame.

I never expected one of my things would end up being streamed. Now I'm nervous.

About the description, are you playing the NTSC or PAL version? I'll check that too, the descriptions are not very organized in the game's code so probably I skipped it or something stupid like that.

Thank you for having fun!


Okay, 1.48 Here:

Lord Bane received improvements to his stats. Now he should hit quite a bit harder, and also got his HP increased (but not by much). His Zivilyn henchmen had their Power increased slightly too.

The Cupil Blade transformation had it's description corrected, now it says that inflicts Sleep on the enemy.

Thank you both for the feedback! I'll update the hack page.
Yeah. I think I would rather play at 25 frames too (Well, I rather play the NTSC-US version but whatever), but as I said I got asked to do it, so I thought maybe more people would like to have it, and I added it.

With other 60hz hacks I made, this doesn't happen (For example the Mario Parties, or Wario World work like they should). I don't know why exactly this one does this, but it's sad.

QuoteAnyway thanks for making this hack man. As a Skies of Arcadia fan, liking it so far and what I've read of the changes in the read me and this thread.  :thumbsup:

I hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: Version 1.47b is being uploaded to the hack's page!

This small revision is mostly for the PAL version, as I went and looked at the list of enemy abilities and compared it to the NTSC version. There were a couple of moves that didn't had their power updated to the most recent NTSC version, so I corrected them. I'm probably getting close to a Final version, if nothing else pops up.

Until the RAR gets updated, here's my Dropbox Link:

Also, I just saw the review of my hack made by evittalex.
I don't know if you will read this, but let me say: Thank you for such nice words, I don't know if I really deserve that praise, but surely, you made my day!