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Personal Projects / Re: [SNES] Super Famicom Wars Translation
« on: January 19, 2016, 05:28:29 pm »
We know Advance Wars is the official western series names (though probably because the GBA version was the first to get official localization, although on the DS, Nintendo of Japan did decide to revert the series title to Famicom Wars).
If one wanted to go super-localization, I'd say Super Nintendo Wars but there's probably better.
I kinda think SNESWARS or SNES WARS might look nice as logo, if the idea is to try to keep the style of the original logo.
Or possibly "NESWARS" with a smaller SUPER above the NES bit.

A Norwegian translation project was started with you in May 2014. Yes, I am still to receive my first test script from you.

Checked my outbox now. Seems I might've sent it by accident to what seems to be your private mail or something. Forwarded that old mail and attachment to your bisqwit address now. Really sorry about that.

Those versions do some strange things.
I also notice that Probotector in the collection enables the stage select right away. Did the original EU version do that? (I know, in the original releases, it was unlocked in the Japanese version but locked with a code on the US version)
They renamed Quarth as "Block Game" which is very strange but perhaps permissible as from what I hear the original standalone version was not released in EU. However, Motocross Maniacs was renamed "Bikers" and that was originally released in EU?

Yeah, at least the first Probotector did not have any stage select available from the get-go in the original EU release (no idea if it's even there at all on the original B&W cart). As for the other two? No clue.

This hack reminds me of how annoying it is that the Konami Collection releases in Europe calls the Contra titles for Probotector on the game selection menu, but once you boot them you're treated to what's essentially colorized Contra with Probotector title screens and not colorized Probotector :/

^After realizing I forgot to (again :banghead:) to actually send you the Norwegian draft I whipped together last year after you sent me a reminder a couple of months ago, I finally found an empty timeslot to do a quick skimming through the text before sending it to you now. So check your inbox when you have the time, I suppose. :)

That would be great! Please contact me by e-mail and I will give you more information. ->

Excellent. Shot you a mail now.

On the Brambard name; I was always under the impression that it was Brambard, or at least "-bard" for the last bit, with Bard originating from Tolkien's Middle-Earth character Bard the Bowman. Additional quinkydinks to support this is how Brambard, as a playable character, seemingly got replaced by Bowman the Bowshooter (later renamed Chester).

If you want to contribute a translation to another language, contact me. You will need to prove that you can work with text files in a specific format, by completing a test I give to you. The only tool you will need in the translation is a text editor, such as Notepad++ or Emacs.

Been looking for something to whip together in Norwegian lately, so if you've got a spot open for a Norwegian translation; I'm all up for adding it to the agenda. :)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Blue Stinger's Camera: How to Restore It?
« on: March 27, 2014, 07:12:51 pm »
If you're lucky, it's probably some sort of pre-set camera data present in the game's level data that for some reason gets ignored in the International versions of the game (or is just missing). So if you're super lucky, the solution to reimplementing it is basically just fetching the level data from one version and put it into the other (heck, in ultra "too good to be true" world, you'd might even be able to boot one version and just change disc and have victory, but localizations and other changes between releases tend to make that ... well something that doesn't produce results) -- if you're "just" lucky, there might be some memory flag that disables the reading of camera data from levels;

So if you're on an Action Replay/GameShark hunt for a solution, at least try to save yourself some trouble and make sure level data is identical between the two versions (if it's not, try implementing one into the other and see what the results are). Never looked at BlueStinger, but I guess there's always a chance that it stores room specific text/dialog in the room data too and not just geometry and various things such as possibly camera triggers, item placements, and what not.

Depending on how the game handles the switch between static camera and chase camera, you're possibly/hopefully just looking for something that either;

1. Changes value based on what type of camera type it's currently displaying (Say; chase cam, static cam 1, static cam 2, etc.)
2. Changes value based on whether or not to utilize level specific camera data or generic chase cam (basically just an On/Off switch, if you're lucky)

Try filtering memory values for something that changes value between evt. in-game cutscenes and regular gameplay, and/or changes value between different camera angles in the JP version (or any point where the international version may contain leftovers of the static cam system), etc..  Memory location for stuff might not match up entirely between the regional versions. Keep that in mind when you try to experiment between the two.   JP version might be a good place to start, to see if you can force specific camera angles in it by looking for whatever changes everytime you cross between different camera angles. Then try to bring that over to the international one and see if it bears fruit ... or if you're super unlucky and things are just altered horrible in terms of how the camera system works between the two and the only way to reimplement it is through lots of hands on handy work and coding.

You know the name of that disc, just so I can search that thing?

EDIT: Never mind. I've found the info I wanted.

Right-o, in case you only found text and no pictures; you're looking for this (the one on the left). Only like 2500 of those around. Fairly small number.
Catalog ID: DVDZ-9037

PC's lesser than that. Isn't that taken from Advent Children's extras? PC's just a 320x240 rescaled to HD, but with less damage to the video stream than PSX.

It's taken from this old DVD that was packed in with certain Toshiba computers back in '97. Was lucky to track down a copy of that thing a decade or so ago myself. Pretty neat collectible. (A similar type of hardware test disc, but for 5.1 surround sound, exists with scenes from FFVIII, Chrono Cross, and Front Mission 3)
It contains quite a lot of the FMVs from FFVII in MPEG2/640x480 DVD quality streams (and stuff like the Sephiroth scene is w/out subs on that disc). It doesn't have all FMVs, though. Only some of them.  There's a guy on YouTube that's got the entire thing up. T

About qualities, we used the PC 2012 version of the movies, which have less damages on the video stream than PC 1997 or PSX.

How does the PC version's FMVs compare to video quality seen in these sample shots?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: November 11, 2013, 04:23:03 pm »
Well, technically, I suppose you could do .... (4 w/no space after the first 3), as long as the fourth symbol is a piece of properly applied punctuation (!?., etc.), right?

Of course, going by the screenshot I assume brought this forth; I guess 3 or 4 periods totally depends on whether or not you want to treat the ellipsis as a lead in to the next sentence or if it's a stand-alone sentence of its own. (Depending on context, maybe ? or ! to stress/enhance the "reaction" going on?)

To be honest, I think the PAL title for River City Ransom is a good building block for various games; "Street Gangs".

Street Gangs Rivals
Street Gangs Soccer
Street Gangs Hockey

Maybe go all over the franchise and do Crash N' The Boys -- and throw in some subtle Scott Pilgrim love while you're at it, 'cause I say so.

Could of course also try to build on the River City name, since that's totally the one most people associate with the franchise -- other than maybe anyone who sees all games as "those other games that looks just like Nintendo World Cup".

Maybe it's the non-native speaker in me that just finds "Hot-blooded" to sound a bit strange/stupid. In general, I like to consider most things expendable as long as a suitable alternative can be found and its usage is thought through.

Now, just to throw out silly stuff from my system;
Vexing Whippersnappers
Jersey Shore - The Game - This time they're Samurai
"Douchebags -> Douchebag Soccer -> Feudal Douchebags"
Youth in Revolt
Riling Roughnecks

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: May 13, 2013, 12:55:10 pm »
RARE naming conventions are usually very straight to the point and short, usually descriptive names or a name + descriptive title, usually with the name acting as a lead in to some sort of pun when combined with the character's purpose or a certain type of action.
("Guy has thick glasses? Let's call him "Bottles", "Gobi is a camel, let's call him Gobi the Camel.", etc.)

Banjo games also use heavy amounts of rhymes and puns in dialog in general. Good stuff. Very playfull and nice.  What I find important is generally that something's done as part of an idea, was done deliberately, was within the scope of one's own talent, and that the end result ultimately is capable of standing on its own feet.

Journey to Silius love is the best love! Wish you all the best with this project.  :beer:

The biggest problem would be creating "Sunsoft esque" music, especially with the limited bassline DPCM samples.  Or you could go the cheaper route and swap music out from other Sunsoft games, like Fester's Quest, Batman ROTJ, and Gimmick.  :P

I believe it'd be better to create "Journey to Silius"-esque music than borrowing from other SunSoft games (where I think RotJ, Ufouria and Gremlins would be the best sources). Problem is that despite the tracks in SunSoft games being easy to recognize as "SunSoft Music", their games also have such distinct sounds/styles to tham that would make any track from any other game feel out of place in Journey to Silius.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: May 09, 2013, 12:18:59 pm »
^Not everything can be saved or is worth saving.  Throw it out and make way for original content to fill in the gaps.

Also, regardless of what spin is used on the naming conventions, I think going full "-kun" on it all does have a pretty playfull charm to it that might be worth using - so it's not a complete disaster if the terminology base isn't entirely English-rooted or whatever. (You often find "localizations/translations" that goes far and wide in its approach and borrows terminology and linguistic quirks from all sorts of other languages, but for some reason they're almost always dead afraid of actually integrating concepts elements borrowed from the source. Of course, intent and purpose is key.)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: April 29, 2013, 02:41:33 pm »
I never did get around to finishing the Breath of Fire 1 translation hack, but here's how far I got.  Yes, this is working all within the game engine. =)

Love this! Especially the expanded text strings, layout and the icons for stuff (ESPECIALLY the icons)... OK. That about covered everything. Or did it? If I were to pick on something; I guess I feel the background is a little "noisy." Think the main issue isn't the picture, but that gray line in the middle of it, if it was just same level of blue filtered all over. The gray bit is kinda distracting + I feel it kinda blurs a bit with the text.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: YouTube/Google Video thread
« on: April 09, 2013, 07:40:05 am »
Hitler was still undeniably "The Leader/Master D" in Bionic Commando. (Graphics still being very much Hitler in all 8-bit console versions, rather than redrawn/altered, and in the remake they go out of their way to imply it in-game that it's Hitler. Only a few regional censored SKUs, such as the German version of Rearmed, avoids it -- down to removing the close up scene of his head exploding -- for shame ... an PEGI 12+ rating), but regardless of which version you're playing; you're never really fighting any good ol' Nazis in Bionic Commando (besides Hitler himself) as the main opposing force is Weissman/Killt's Imperialists/Imperial Army (Which in all but name is a sort of Neo-Nazi faction, I suppose.)

As for jump button in 2D space? Who needs them! You've got a bionic arm! Gotta give FatShark the thumbs up for how Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 has all its levels and secrets obtainable without needing to jump at all -- although the approach gets significantly different in many cases when you do take it that way (game even has a disable Jump difficulty setting and even a separate tracker that shows whether or not you've finished stages without using the jump feature)

Either way, will be cool to see a fresh translation of the Famicom version  :laugh:

Why down + B? Isn't that Crouch + Attack (Yeah, yeah, you can't crouch on stairs), wouldn't crouch + A (Jump) be the norm for "drop" commands like this?

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