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Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: October 02, 2021, 10:56:49 am »
Hi !  I'm Bernie, otherwise known as Cmdrfan.

I'm old enough to have grown to love my C64 back in 1985-1991, then my A2000 back in '91-'96. But I also played a lot on my younger brother's NES and then got a Sega Genesis of my own around '92. I got into emulation big time after 2005 when I had a powerful enough PC, and began to try every system that could be emulated, specially consoles. Even when I bought a Wii around 2009, emulation was always a goal (good controls, composite output, SD card reader, etc...), altough I didn't mod it until I got a pair of classic controllers in 2011. Throughout all this I've been always interested in ROM hacks, because they're a HUGE example of "modern conveniences" that let us enjoy old games even more (well, that and save states of course), except that they are a modern thing that can also be used on real hardware so they feel less "cheap" compared to stuff that's only possible in emulation. Just imagine we had had easily available ROM hacking back in the day, instead of just things like Game Genie and Action Replay.

I'm also a professional translator in English and Spanish, so even though I don't know anything about programming a ROM hack I would be glad to assist with rom translations or localizations.

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