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I just quickly zipped up my work folder on this project, removing all the binary files so that it's fine to share.

No idea how helpful this will be - I haven't looked at any of it for ages, so it's a mess - but hopefully you or anyone else might get something from it. :)
Thanks, it sure helps something ;)

Just thought I'd pop in here since I did the translation on which you're basing it, and I put that alphabet in there. You're not quite right on that last screenshot: the tile for number 0 is at $622DA, so you need to go to that tile and push + until you've got it there.

I could give you a zip file with my work if it helps? I should point out that there is compression in the game which I had to reverse engineer, and I don't know if you will need to deal with that (I did this over 2 years ago).

Here's a map that I made of the ROM contents:
Code: [Select]

661 Checks compression type (see below)
136D Screen location for "Push Start" 1
1374 Screen location for "Push Start" 2
F1A0 Graphics "Shin-chan/Masao-kun Wins"
26C61 Tilemaps for game mode graphics
2CBE0 Mini-game title graphics
2EC4E Tilemaps for mini-game title graphics
4D3FC Start of "Omake" graphics (compressed)
4DD87 Start of compression table
4E073 Story Mode text
55286 Toy Hunt sign graphics
5C2B8 Story Mode font (compressed)
60294 Graphics "Push Start (compressed)
60A88 Start of title graphics (0000-1FFF, compressed)
614D7 Start of compression table (0000-1FFF)
6151D Start of title graphics (2000+, compressed)
61DE7 Start of compression table (2000+)

622DA Mini-game font
642DC Mini-game text
66C00 Quantum Battle graphics
68950 Graphics "Push Button 2"

I also wrote a lot about how the graphics compression works, but I won't put that in the thread right now since it's probably overkill at this point.

Yes, I already knew that you did the translation and I wanted to ask you in private, but I did not want to bother and I have put it in the forum so that more people can comment.

Anything you have could help me, if it's not too much of a hassle.


It means that in this moment both colors for letters are white in video memory. There might be a game scenario when colors will be different, and so will be letters.

Sounds like you have used another color number to redraw the letter. If for example there are 2 same brown colors at line 6 just like in your screenshot, that doesn't mean they are identical, because their index is different.

Thanks for the explanation, it is good to learn when you are starting.

The address is probably off by a few bytes. Try pressing the -/+ keys until it looks better. That should fix it.

As for the colors, unless you load the palette from the game, what you see in the tile editor is bound to look different. But this shouldn't be problem when all you're editing is a simple font.

Perfect, thanks.

Now I can work without failures.

Hi, I need help

I am trying to translate this game into Spanish and I need to include characters from Spanish.

I have opened the file with the Tile Layer Pro and I find the letters of the dialogs and explanations of the game, but they have several colors and in the game they are completely white. I have tried to edit some letter and that letter shows pixels of different color.

I have also tried other graphic editors and those letters also appear with different colors.

Other graphics in the game I can edit without problems.


My suggestion would be to translate it like: Oh no, you are hear already! I can't believe it!

I like it, in spanish it could be

"¡Oh no,
ya estás aquí!
¡No puede ser!"

To be fair:
- It is using a black and white manual.
- The still images don't make it clear.

So the manual has to make it clear it's the same color. However, in game, it shows 4 red beans being grouped together, so the color. By using the word "together", it is obvious they mean the same color.

Still, I have no problem modifying the Spanish text to mention the color to make it more clear. I might even update the DX hack to mention this.

Puyo Puyo does mention color: 色

Although the manual is in black and white, you can see that they are grouped by the same shade of gray that they are also colors. ;)

If in Puyo Puyo 2 he does mention color, great!

Dr. Robotnik is really a hack of Puyo Puyo, but since at that time America and Europe did not know the puyo puyo, the game was adapted in any way (that is why some dialogues do not make sense since they did not give them importance)

The game should currently be called:

Dr Robotnik Mean Puyo-Puyo Machine

Do not you think?  :laugh:

@Jate: So for the tutorial, you put "Agrupa cuatro o más beans del mismo color para lograr que escapen."
You don't need to mention the color because:
1 - The original translation does not mention color.
2 - It's obvious from what is being shown, you are to group the same colors.

I have seen that in the manual if they mention that they must be the same color, I would like to indicate it also even if it is not in the original game.

I was looking at words that mean clever in Spanish. There seems to be less in Spanish:
- inteligente (intelligent)
- brillante (brilliant)

While "chispa brilliant" does mean "brilliant spark", I wounder if that is clear he is talking about how smart he is? I was thinking "un sabelotodo", which means "a know-it-all". Frankly could say: "I'm a know-it-all, and I think I can defeat you!"

There is also a popular Spanish saying: "comiendo moscas (eating flies)"
From what I can, it's used when someone isn't concentrating. So Frankly could make a joke about Arms eating flies, hence why he lost the last match.
I do not know the phrase "comiendo moscas"
But if the idea is to say that Arms is distracted or not focused, this phrase is more appropriate:
"Estar en las nubes"

And regarding what Frankly says "brilliant spark" or "chipa brillante" I think he means that he has had an idea, since when someone comes up with an idea it is common to put a light bulb on his head, and the light bulb could be the bright spark. We can put:

"Tener las ideas claras" 

Arms está siempre en las nubes
y por eso no hace nada bien.

Sin embargo, yo tengo las ideas claras
y creo que sé como vencerte.

January 20, 2021, 02:16:53 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
For Dynamight's second line, I feel we can keep the stick part if we change the sentence to something like:
"Ya has dado suficientes palo al Dr. R. (You have given enough stick for Dr. R.). If that doesn't work, they change palo to problema
Yes, is better.

Dynamight I think he's trying to say he's furious because we're (the player and the escaping beans)
giving Dr. R trouble and he will blow us up like fireworks.

Perhaps you could say:

¡Estoy a punto de explotar!

Estais dando muchos problemas
al Dr. R.

Os haré volar por los aires
como en un espectáculo de
fuegos artificales.

In "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoon, this isn't the case. Robotnik has a machine that builds (or baking) them from objects/food (see episode 1 @7:35: They are not powered by animals.

I had heard of the series, but had never seen it. :)
I like it, it's funny and surreal in the style of the usual cartoons.

Due to the design of the characters, this game is completely based on that series and if you have seen the series you can do better the puns of the characters (that is not my case)

Asi que propongo esto:

Mi último invento,
la malvada máquina de
beans al vapor,

In this way, we do not specify what steam does to the beans, although we suggest that it cooks them

Personal Projects / Re: My translations of NES games into Spanish
« on: January 17, 2021, 07:49:49 am »
Awesome work, sics   :o



@Jate: So for the tutorial, you put "Agrupa cuatro o más beans del mismo color para lograr que escapen."
You don't need to mention the color because:
1 - The original translation does not mention color.
2 - It's obvious from what is being shown, you are to group the same colors.


I have slowly been updating the excel document. I'm happy to include two separate translations for the dialog. Latin Spanish by sics/Max1321, and European Spanish by Jate. More work for me, but nothing I can't handle.

Let me go and update the to include the translations, and I'll provide my notes on certain English slang.

Edit: Check the excel spreadsheet. It has a Latin / European section, along with notes to explain some of the sentences.

Great job.

I will review the dialogues to adapt them as best as possible to the game and the game manual but if you don't mind, I want to change things to make the dialogues more coherent.


Dr. Robotnik needs steamed beans to feed into his robots...

The game was aimed at a child audience and they did not give much importance to dialogue, but now that we are adults we want to see things with a little sense, I think.


January 16, 2021, 03:42:24 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

On the other hand Robotnik talks to his subordinates, he does not need to surprise them, but to inform them, so using SEAN TESTIGOS would be the ideal.

It is not a machine that vaporizes beans, it is a machine that works with steam.

The way of speaking to his subordinates seems to me more correct the one that sics comments.

I would put this:

Observar mi malvado sueño
de liberar Mobius de la música
y la diversión para siempre.

But according to the plot of the game that appears in the US manual, the machine vaporizes beans and then turns them into robots. It expels steam on the beans, but we do not know what effect it has on them. A sauna doesn't cook, but uses steam.
The robots in the Sonic games have animals inside and they are alive because the robots have to feed on their energy or something like that.
The beans if they cook them, they die, and they do not serve to put them inside a robot. But if you steam them, they may weaken them and make them more manipulable to put into a robot.

Mi último invento,
la malvada máquina de
beans al vapor,

no solo se deshará de esos
alegres y animados beans
de Beanville,

además los convertirá en
robots esclavos al servicio
de mis malvados planes.

¡traerme a esos beans!

Offtopic: Surely when they created the game, the idea was not so complicated ...  :P

I'm off for a week, so I can spend some time sorting the dialogue out. I have included a link to an Excel document with the English and Spanish translations. This should make it easier to check and update.

Also "¡Dios mío!" is the equivalent to saying "Oh my God!". I personally don't think using religious words in this kids game is a good idea (although Amy Rose does say "Oh My God" and "Holy Cow" in Sonic Heroes, but shut up! :P)

"Gracious" is basically used when you are surprised at something. Although it's a old fashion word which I don't here people in English use that much. 

¡Qué susto! seems to be used when you are shocked at what you see. So I went with that.

You will update the excel document, right?

As sisc and Max1321 speak Latin Spanish, you could put two translations: Spanish - Spain ans Latin Spanish Although much of the text is valid for both.

Regarding ¡Dios mio¡ you're right. I thought we could put an onomatopoeia to make it more sympathetic and funny (like the lookout who is surprised at the beginning of Monkey Islans)

January 14, 2021, 10:12:03 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Jate has asked me to give my opinion on his suggestions, but since unfortunately I only speak Latin Spanish, everything I say will be based on my knowledge of my own language, in addition to being a lot of information to process at the same time, perhaps my analysis will not be perfect, I'll do my best anyway.

I didn't know you spoke Latin Spanish.

Thanks for giving your point of view, all opinions are good.

First, I don't understand the reason to change the meaning of some sentences, mainly because they should accompany the actions of the characters and reflect their personality...

The changes in order or meaning of the sentences are because the original meaning did not seem coherent to me. Although it is true that I have not observed much the appearance of robots ...

On the other hand Robotnik talks to his subordinates, he does not need to surprise them, but to inform them, so using SEAN TESTIGOS would be the ideal.

It is not a machine that vaporizes beans, it is a machine that works with steam.

From what I was able to research FAN—LOVING may refer to someone devoted to something, but there is not much information about it so just use AMANTES DE, since from the context it seems to be that it means that.

Note: In the same way, mentioning the name of the game within the game seems to me something normal in such a self-referential title.

SEAN TESTIGOS in Spain seems like a very polite way of speaking and is rarely used. Here I think we would say: OBSERVAR or ADMIRAR

The reason for omitting the description or name of the machine, for my part is that it is not clear what the machine does to the beans (What does the steam use for?) In the dialogue we can see that the beans enter the machine and leave as robots.

To be continued... (I'm using the tablet and I'm very slow quoting and answering. When I can I will get on the pc.)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Move text position in a game
« on: December 22, 2020, 07:14:11 am »

I wanted to know if it is possible to move the position of the intro text in the game Golden Axe Warrior (Master System)

The text is aligned to the left and I would like to move it all to the right so that it is more centered

As for the Beans' gender, the game doesn't say. In situations like this, it's best to refer to them as males.

Yes, I have tried to use words that do not have gender to refer to beans, but if you have to use gender, it is better if they are male.

I will say that we do have decide if we want to "improve" the dialog? For example, - is used instead of a comma:
Most likely this was done to make it standout more that a pause is required while the text is on the screen for the amount of time set. So Arms' first dialog cold be:

Original: "Beans, beans tengo ganas de echarles una mano - o las dos.
Improve: "Beans, beans, tengo ganas de echarles una mano, o las dos.

Personally, I think it gives more charm sticking to the original. But I don't have too much of an issue improving it as well. It's a tough decision.

I have tried that the dialogs are directed to the player (who seems to be accompanied by the beans to release them). In this case, Arms seems that he is speaking alone or thinking, I think you are right and leaving it closer to the original dialogue also works well. We could put:

Beans, beans dejar que os eche una mano - o dos.

If the phrase were addressed to beans I would add exclamations
I have used adorable to not refer to the gender of the beans, but if we consider that they are male we can use another word that is better in English.

¡Beans, beans dejar que os eche una mano - o dos!

For Arms' second dialog, the word FEAST and BANQUET have two different meanings:
- Feast = a large meal, typically a celebratory one
- Banquet = an elaborate and formal meal for many people

Since he is talking about making the meal for Dr R (one person), FESTÍN would be correct.
Also, when he says "beautiful feast", he is talking about how the food LOOKS, not how it TASTES. So I would go with something like: "Quiero usar beans para preparar al Dr. Robotnik un magnífico festín."

You are right and it is better to use FESTIN, I like your proposal:

Quiero usar beans para preparar al Dr. Robotnik un magnífico festín.

Arms calling them "adorable beans (adorables beans)" I feel is a good alternative to "beauty". This may be a Spanish thing, but in English, we would not say "adorables beans" because the second word indicates it is a group (adorable cats, adorable hamsters, adorable ponies, etc.). It just seems strange to an English speaker seeing "adorables beans" instead of "adorable beans". From what I can tell, in Spanish, the adjective must be plural if talking about more than one.

I have used adorable to not refer to the gender of the beans, but if we consider that they are male we can use another word that is better in English. Maybe:

Venir a mis brazos, pequeños.

As fisth phrase, if the phrase were addressed to beans I would add exclamations:

¡Venir a mis brazos, pequeños!

December 20, 2020, 07:24:21 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

In the opening, "My latest invention, the mean bean-steaming machine", should that last part be translated? The game's title is called MEAN BEAN MACHINE, so translating "mean bean-steaming machine" seems unnecessary and loses it's charm, especially when he explains what the invention does in the next sentence.

You're right, it's redundant. Maybe the first 2 sentences could be:

Con mi último invento por fin voy a liberar a Mobius de la música y la diversión para siempre.

Esta máquina hará realidad mi malvado sueño.

December 20, 2020, 07:43:44 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

For Humpty, the "shell shocked" is a term that came about from the British during WW1 ( Although in the TMNT cartoon/games, they use this saying a lot. Usually when they are irritated when something bad has happened to them. It's also a reference to the fact they have shells.

Some of Humpty's animation does involve him hiding in his shell (well his head anyway), so the writers borrowed the line from TMNT. For the Spanish translation, saying "sorprendido (surprised)" is a suitable word, but it does lose the pun.


¡Dios mío!
Habéis llegado hasta aquí.
¡No me lo puedo creer!

December 20, 2020, 08:11:33 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
As for his second line, "eggcuse" is a pun on "excuse". There are a lot of English puns that can be with eggs. The "scramble" part is a reference that you scramble eggs together. "Huevóname" apparently is a pun on huevo (egg) + perdonar (forgive), but that doesn't seem to be clear. In cases like this:
- Change the sentence to a pun about eggs.
- Lose the pun and stick with the translation.
The second option is the safest.

Spanish word game with eggs I can think of this:

No se puede hacer una tortilla sin romper algunos huevos, perdonarme pero tendreis que derrotarme para llegar hasta el Dr. R.

I have finished proposing my changes, I hope someone else decides to give their opinion and we can improve the translation together.

Personal Projects / Re: My translations of NES games into Spanish
« on: December 14, 2020, 07:22:45 pm »
Unfortunately since August I have tried to publish my translations and I have not been able to do it, when I try to use the "Scratchpad" it automatically banns me.

And when I try to use any of the allowed servers it just doesn't work...

I have already tried from other browsers, from other PCs, even from other physical locations and it is always the same. Obviously I have already discussed my case with the administrators, but they have not been able to solve my problem :-\

For my part, the only thing I can do is keep trying, although more and more new projects are accumulating :P

¿Siguen los problemas? Supongo que no tendrá nada que ver que en el foro uses un nick y en la web otro distinto... Por dar ideas...

EDIT: Today 17/12/2020 I have modified some dialog after reviewing them again.
I hope that sisc and jackic or any other translator will also leave their opinion to have more points of view, because some dialogues do not make much sense and it is worth adapting it to our customs ...

It seems good to me to leave the dialogue with Coconut like this:

Soy Coconuts y voy a ser el robot favorito del Dr. Robotnik

porque te derrotaré en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.

Arms' dialogue is strange but we must understand that, like Coconut and the rest of the robots, he is talking to the player (who is the one who tries to free the beans)

But this one is so self-centered that he talks to himself. I would interpret it like this:

Beans, beans, tengo ganas de echarles una mano… o las dos.

Quiero usar beans para preparar al Dr. Robotnik un delicioso banquete.

Venir a mis brazos, adorables beans. (Arms = brazos)

The gender of the beans is male or female?

December 16, 2020, 03:15:09 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I am going to put a post by dialogue, so that we can comment on them separately.
I see that I can't do it if someone doesn't answer ...

Voy a cumplir mi malvado sueño de liberar Mobius de la música y la diversión para siempre.

Mi último invento, la máquina para vaporizar beans.

Y no solo me desharé de esos alegres y animados beans de Beanville

sino que los convertiré en robots esclavos al servicio de mis malvados planes.

¡Robots! ¡Traerme a esos beans!

December 17, 2020, 01:19:47 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Usa IZQUIERDA Y DERECHA para mover a los beans cuando aparezcan

Usa los botones para rotarlos de un lado a otro mientras caen.

Y ABAJO para acelerar su caida.

Agrupa cuatro o más beans del mismo color para lograr que escapen.

Si acaba el espacio para moverse no podrán ser salvados.

Liberar varios grupos de beans incrementará más tus puntos.

Cuidado con los beans refugiados porque no se pueden agrupar…

… pero pueden escapar junto a otros grupos.

December 17, 2020, 01:41:49 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Arms piensa demasiado en si mismo pero asi no se centra y no consigue hacer nada útil.

Pero yo he estado pensado y creo que ya sé como te venceré.

¡Dios mío! Ya estás aquí ¡Estoy sorprendido!

Pero por favor, disculpa si acabo con tus posibilidades de ver al Dr. R.

Pero por favor, eggscuseme si es que bato tus posibilidades de ver al Dr. R. (sics proposal) I like this proposal because it talks about "eggs" and "whisk" but I do not see in the scene any reference to eggs.

My opinion is that it makes some reference to his nickname Dr. Eggman (Dr. Robotnic), I would omit that reference because it seems strange to me since the robot is not egg-shaped and the robot speaks of its boss as Dr. R (no eggman )

December 17, 2020, 01:55:20 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Un tipejo como tú ha conseguido reunir muchísimos beans.

Creo que voy a tener que probar algunas técnicas nuevas.

¡Estoy que echo chispas!

Tengo hambre y me apetece comida para llevar, así que voy a por ti.

¡Tengo ganas de explotar algo!

Como el Dr. R no para de recibir malas noticias,

voy a ofrecerle un gran espectáculo de fuegos artificiales.

Soy Grounder,

pero puedes llamarme MTA, porque soy como un Misil Tierra-Aire ¿?

y estoy a punto de lanzarme a por ti.

December 17, 2020, 01:59:05 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

¡Vamos debilucho! ¡Enséñame de que estás hecho!

Olvídate de esos cabezas huecas que has visto hasta ahora.

¡Soy Spike y voy a acabar contigo!

December 17, 2020, 02:18:31 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Milord está preocupado por su éxito, Sr.

Pero vuestro destino es que el viaje termine aquí.

Prepárese para combatir contra el campeón de Lord Robotnik.

Veo que has conseguido enrredar al viejo Cara-Peluda ¿verdad?

Supongo que por eso Doc me ha enviado a cortarte el paso.

¡Largo de aquí, perdedor!

Llevas mucho tiempo escarbando por aquí como una lombriz.

Ya es hora de dar la vuelta y volver a tu casa, amigo.

Voy a ganarte sea como sea.

¡Sois unos inútiles! ¿No sabéis hacer nada bien?

Tendré que hacer yo mismo el trabajo sucio y capturar esos beans.

Just beware that I think Max1323 speaks in Latin Spanish, so the translations might be strange to a European Spanish speaker. I could also provide a Latin and European Spanish translations (release as two separate patches) if needed.

Yes, from what I have been able to see in some images I think he speaks Latin Spanish.
Maybe it is a problem because we use a lot of words and in each site they have a meaning or they are not used.
I will give my opinion on the European version.

To make things easier, I have taken screenshots of the dialog and put them side by side (Spanish on left | English on right) that Max1323 has translated.

I will review all the images and comment on what is wrong. Do you mind if I put the image here with my comments so that others can also comment?

At the moment I have looked a bit and I have seen some dialogue that is not well constructed because the entire dialogue of the character has not been read. For example:

The robot monkey says:

"I´m Coconuts and I´m Dr. Robotnik´s favorite robot" (next screen) "because I´m going to finish you in a flash."

Currently says:

"Soy Coconuts, y soy el robot favorito del Dr. Robotnik."
(next screen) "Porque te derrotaré en un parpadeo."

They are two sentences but they are not coherent

And the correct thing I think is:

"Soy Coconuts y voy a ser el robot favorito del Dr. Robotnik"
(next screen but same phrase) "porque te derrotaré en un instante."

"Flash" could be interpreted as "visto y no visto" or "en un abrir y cerrar de ojos" but "instante" is shortened if necessary

@Jate! Most of the graphics have been edited, with the difficult ones done by Reld (who is updating the High Scores one today):
The fun part is dividing them into tiles and changing the map layout.

What you can do is possible check the translations, mainly the dialog! Let me try and take the screenshots and put the, side-by-side to make checking them easier. Some of the robots use some interesting slang, like:
- Spiker says "Stick it to ya"
- Dragon Breath says "The Doc's sending the boys 'round"
- Fuzzy-Logik talks in old English since he's a medieval knight "But thou art destined to proceed no further."
- Grounder makes a pun about lunch "and I'm gonna have you for launch"

It wouldn't hurt for another Spanish user to check the translation.

Of course.
If I can help with my opinion, great!

How is the translation going?
cisc and jackic know a lot about it and are advising you well with the translation.

Do you need to edit some graphic? I could try to help you with that.

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