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Quote from: Jorpho on December 05, 2021, 11:17:34 AM
Are you referring to the images you posted? There is indeed no text there; were you expecting that?

As per the above posts, the precise text strings are probably laid out somewhere else in the ROM – probably using some custom encoding – and you will have to find them with a relative search.

No I'm not expecting, the question was about tables, probably I will not do a table in the way I was trhinking.

Quote from: reyvgm on December 05, 2021, 11:55:12 PM
If you eventually are able to insert a translation into the game, please get someone to translate the original Japanese script and don't reuse the bad translations SNK did (as hilarious as they might be).

Yes, I'm studying japanese and I certainly would do a new translation.

Quote from: Anime_World on December 06, 2021, 08:08:37 AM

2bpp linear reverse-order, enable row interlevead

Thanks! Mine isn't so perfect, still a little disorganized:

Thanks for reply!

Certainly there's no text in the examples, only graphics.

I've made a comparison beetween american and japanese versions of Art of Fighting 1. In the american version, the characters are graphics with 2 tiles. In the japanese version the characters are graphics with 4 tiles, same way of Ryuko no Ken 2.

It's very scary for a beginner like me! If only I could find a easier way to find the pieces of characters and try to replace it. Also, there's no romaji characters in the japanese version.

When I chose this one and start to study the way the game works I've never imagined something like that!
This is my first attempt of trying translate a SNES game. I chose Ryuuko no Ken 2, AKA Art of Fighting 2. This game was Japan only and was one of my favorite fighting games at that time.

First, I've opened the game and it's a mess! All sprites are misaligned. But with some help of Mesen emulator, I could locate the japanese characters.

With this, I've realized the fonts are bigger and use 4 tiles per character. Also, there's no "romaji" characters with that size, it will be needed to replace all japanese characters sprites for romaji characters sprites (I was thinking use the sprites of Art of Fighting 1, that had a western release).

So I request a help about this:

1-How can I do a table here? With the characters using 4 tiles, it will be possible to do a table?

2-Is there some way to organize the sprites in a better way? I've used some options in Tile Molester, but nothing helped.

I didn't found any tutorial or video of some similar problem. I hope someone can help me here. Thanks!
Hello! It's been a while, but I've updated the translation to version 1.1, fixing some errors and names.
Hello! It's been a while, but I've updated the translation to version 1.1, fixing some errors and names.
Quote from: RealGaea on August 14, 2021, 03:23:55 PM
The message from the Password Screen still has SLICK name. Fix that later.

I will verify. Thanks.
I can help, since I'm a japanese language student too.

Also, I did the River City hack, I love Technos beat em up. I've tried to start a translation of Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, but I messed the characters and other problems... So I did the other hack.

The title screens are awesome. I would love to know how you to do something like that in my hack too.
Quote from: Jaz on July 04, 2021, 10:48:26 AM
Amazing work!!

If you decide to add more to this hack, here's a few items that would make it even more impressive:

- Title screen hack
- Removing the margin in the storyline screen
- Selectable 2 Players Mode B
- Original shop items
- Removing the decimal for prices

I hope someone can figure out the palette issue with odd tiles that couldn't be changed.

I've tried to change the title screen , but it's a nightmare, the tiles are a complete mess!

The other thing, maybe it's easier to do a complete translate of the japanese game. My hack was only to adapt sprites, names and story text of DNM in RCR. It was my first hack, I'm still learning romhack.

I even tried to do a translate from japanese, but there's a lot of problems with the charactersthat I couldn't find in HEX, so, I did the actual hack instead the translate of original.
Awesome, I will try it in my everdrive for sure!

Also, I'd like to see the 3DS remake translated. There's no much info about it  yet.

Quote from: Lusofonia on June 24, 2021, 08:01:53 PM
Why don't you relocalize the GBA version, then? That remake has a properly translated plot, but still has RCR names. It'd be cool to see the real names there.

It's a good idea, I've played a lot this version.
Thanks, I've tried to translate the japanese version, but there was a lot of pointers and could became harder. So I did the actual hack.

I'd like to try translate the PCE CD version, but I even didn't found the graphics. Infos about PCE CD hacking are hard to find.
Quote from: Lusofonia on June 13, 2021, 12:48:12 PM
Would you at least be able to remove the decimal dot? The prices between the two will at least be more similar when it's removed.

I did a search and didn't found the values with decimal dot...

Quote from: Cyneprepou4uk on June 13, 2021, 09:40:11 PM
It's most likely that restoring prices would require a simple copying bytes of prices lookup table from one version to another. However, knowing how Nekketsu games work, prices that are displayed at shops don't read values from thas table, it's a fixed background data, which should be edited along as well for each screen. Generally it isn't hard to do.

Probably it's not so hard in this way you talked. But I couldn't found these values. It isn't like a simple text, I could found all names of shops and products, but not the prices. Also, it can be hard to verify in japanese version if the products are the same in american version. Some names are different, this I can affirm because I've played the translated game in PS4. In this wiki (I've used a lot in this hack), I can see all the differences of prices beetween the two versions. If I can understand how to change it, maybe I can do this change. It's not so easy at all, since there's a lot to change.
Quote from: Googie on June 10, 2021, 09:30:00 AM
I'm gonna give this a shot when I get back from work, I had similar issues with my RCR hack with the palettes, so with some help where the offsets are I made all the clothes white, I'll make a story around it. 

I'm a big fan of this game, and I'm glad you got motivated to work on this game, thanks for sharing with us. :D  :cookie:


Quote from: Lusofonia on June 10, 2021, 10:55:58 AM
Looks good!

One suggestion: is it possible to restore shop prices? The US version changed the yen to dollars, and that was reflected in the in-game economy as well.

I think it's something really hard to do, the currency is totally different. The easiest thing was change $ to ¥, but there isn't so much sense in it.
I have finished the patch and will post here, for test purposes. I've played through all the game, but I will play again in search of problems.

There's a known problem in the arm of some enemies that will be white. If I change this to the cloth color, the eye of this character changes for this color too. For this reason I couldn't change this.

The title screen will remains the same, It's a mess and almost impossible to change it only editing sprites, it would be needed a lot of changes that I can't do with my little knowledge. Also, ArcSys uses River City in the new games, I don't see any problem with the title screen.

All names and text were adapted to use the script of the PS4/Switch version.

If someone can test it (especially in 2P), please do it and inform a feedback here! Thanks!!!!

File name: River City Ransom (USA).nes
CRC32: c3508f7e
MD5: 294e4fa092db8e29d83f71e137d1f99f
SHA-1: a8612a36d9d2739d2b321b6ebb97c2757ccca410
The american game has upper case and lower case fonts, the japanese has only upper case and katakana. For this reason, in the PS4/Switch version, the game is all in upper case.

Also, I've tried to change some of the names to lower case and replace symbols like " to :

But the game crashed! I think I can't do so much changes without a hard knowledge.

At least I could resolve the start screen, Riki's costume is darker than in japanese version, because the color it's not available in the palette of american version. Since I could't found a way to find and change this instruction in the rom, I think this will be the a good solution.
Quote from: werewolfslayr925 on June 02, 2021, 08:41:27 PM
This was my first hacking idea/project attempt, and I quickly dropped it in favor of something much more manageable for my level of language and programming.

If you're making the patch for the Japanese version of the game and need a tester, send me a message. I'll be glad to help  :thumbsup:

When it's done, I will want your help!

Quote from: Flaviogames on June 04, 2021, 08:56:35 AM
otimo trabalho, tera uma versão PT BR? eu nunca joguei esse jogo, mas agora vou querer jogar essa hack quando finalizada :thumbsup:
great job, will there be a PT BR version? I have never played this game, but now I will want to play this hack when finished.

Probably I will do!

Quote from: Lusofonia on June 04, 2021, 02:15:10 PM
Can I give you a suggestion? Why don't you make the characters' names include lowercase letters? I'm saying this because the american version of RCR has every name in uppercase, and I find it kinda ugly because it looks like screaming.

I already changed all names... I've made a test with all names in lower case, but it became weird, for this reason I leave as original. Also, in the official translation of PS4 compilation, it's all in uppercase. Maybe I can do a new attempt later.

I think 50% of all text are already adapted. And finally, I could manage a way to correct sprites! I've changed some of them, but there's more to correct. I still couldn't correct the start screen. The attributes are inverted and Kunio and Riki are part of background, not common sprites. If someone here knows how to correct this, please let me know!
Quote from: Lusofonia on June 03, 2021, 07:41:19 PM
So basically must change the colors of the sprites frame-by-frame, right? I say this because some frames still have jeans in them.

Hi Lusofonia? Are you brazilian? I'm brazilian too. :)

Yes, I can't find the correct byte to change the information of palette the pants is using. I've read an old topic when a user explains this in this game:

With informations of the topic, I could correct some of the colors, since he post some bytes and address. But I really couldn't understand the way he discoverd the byte, he said he used Debugger option, but didn't explained how to use it. I'm trying to understand Debugger option, but no success for now. I sent a PM for him, but no answer until now.
Hello, thanks for the comments.

I've made some updates and I want to show here.

-Updated the opening with the text from japanese game plot.
-Changed the names of all characters in the game to his japanese names. Due limit of characters in names, some were abbreviated.
-Changed names of locations and schools.
-Updated some dialogues, according japanese game plot. Until now, the fight against Sawaguchi and talk with Hasebe.

There's a lot to do, but there's not so much text. Also, there's no need to change all of them, like texts from shops.

I still couldn't found a way to correct some sprites colors, if someone can help with it, please let me know!

Hi. This is my first post, I hope I'm doing everything according to the forum rules.

In my first hacking experience, I was trying to translate the game Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, AKA River City Ransom. I'm a student of Japanese, but as my knowledge of this language is still small, I've decided to take another path, using River City Ransom to restore Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari.

The first step was replace RCR name with the DNM names (Alex to Kunio, Ryan to Riki...) something successful. In this way I intend to replace all the text with the official translation (released in the collection Double Dragon & Kunio-Kun Retro Brawler Bundle).

Afterwards, I was able to replace several sprites, managing to restore Japanese student clothes to the characters. However, the colors are messy in some characters, I tried to change the palettes but in some cases, like the character Riki, he didn't keep his clothes in the correct color.

Later I also intend to change the title screen.

I always found it curious that a game so beloved was never translated by fans, that's why I decided to do it myself. I saw that many have tried, but never finished. Maybe one day the official version will be hacked and it will be possible to run on NES / Famicom (something difficult, due to the way it was developed), but I hope to go through this translation until the end.

Being the first time I do this, I ask for opinions and help with color correction. I've seen a few older topics here on the forum, some were of great help, but they didn't solve all my doubts. Thank you for now!

Tools used:
-Tile Layer Pro