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Hello everyone. This is my first post on the forum. Last year, during the pandemic lockdown, I was playing the amazing Final Fight CD color hack by Pyron, and started imagining playing the game with the original arcade soundtrack. Since I had some time off, I searched for some high quality versions of the arcade tracks. Then, I started remixing them to make them the exact same length as the CD tracks. Using the CD tracks as templates, I remade the arcade songs to fit perfectly on the CD. Since I was missing the Time Attack track, I created a new remix of Industrial Area 1 (that sounds quite different from the regular version) to use on that mode.
Also, since I could not isolate the voices on the CD opening track, my opening includes all of the sound effects (taken from in-game SFX) but not dialog at all. The same happens with the ending track. But, even with those flaws, the experience of playing the game with Pyron's hack and the arcade soundtrack is really, really great. And almost arcade perfect playthrough. I would love for someone to help me pack the soundtrack in a hack so everyone can play the game this new (old) way.

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