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Bad news for anyone who will attempt translating the PS2 port of this game.

The text is stored in a way of having each letter/symbol/number/kanji baked into a particular texture only once and then constantly re-using those symbols to compose a sentence.

For example, let's take a sentence of: "I want to translate Flower, Sun and Rain PS2 port."
A texture for this sentence will be populated with each letter/symbol that is used only one time:


The letters/symbols will then be formatted in a certain way and the texture will look like this:


This is why when you examine text textures in .BIN files, the sentences don't make any sense. It's because, once again, a texture only stores certain letters/symbols (that are used by game engine to render proper sentences), not full sentences.

I know this because Flower, Sun and Rain and Killer7 share the same lead programmer and text in Killer7 is stored in the same way. And more than that, Killer7 2016 source leak contains all the tools needed to render such textures but still it will be not an easy task.

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