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Wow...embedded cutscenes...I didn't think of that. This takes data mining to a whole new level. I have a lot to think about here...

I was able to use ISOBUSTER and extract the ISO into it's parts of essentially a .mov, what looks like a BIOS file, a small ID file of some sort, and lastly a large CULDCEPT.DAT file of about 35 meg.

I extracted the file RAW (I figured that is the safest) --- and examined it with Notepad++. I realize that many examine the files from a HEX view -- but if I throw NP++ into a Japanese char set I get Japanese text. Is this a wise end-run assumption?

Awesome start --- thank you, guys. I will start the journey of a thousand steps...if you have more keep it coming.

Hello --- this might be an ambitious undertaking, but if I would like to make a translation for the PSX game Culdcept Expansion Plus --- how would I go about it?

I see utilities listed on the site but they seem to be game-specific. I do see that others have gone outside of those utilities and have managed to do these hacks on other games.

Any suggestions to start?

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