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I take it you're not familiar with the Music Players in other versions of the Final Fantasy games. It's basically Sound Test, allowing you to listen to all of the music tracks IN the game, in a easy to use list. However, I do know that Woolsey Uncensored SHOULD still be compatible with the MSU-1 patch, so you COULD replace tracks with you're own music if you so desired.

Thanks, I understand now. I meant adding this information somewhere to your project page or readme, like a screenshot of what the music player window looks like, or just including what you just wrote somewhere in the description. That way us newbies know if they want to patch it or not.

As for the music player itself, I've tried and failed to get it working using both Lunar IPS and the Online Patcher, and both with an unheadered ROM. The result was the same both times - the intro logo music sounds like bombs going off or a Kaiju crashing through a city. I'm using the lr-snes9x emulator on Retropie 4.7. Maybe just an emulator incompatibility? I managed to get DancingMad's MSU-1 patch working (and also TWUE 2.10.2 along with it) and now I've got amazing modern music and your awesome work combined. Just for whatever reason the music player in your download doesn't want to play nice.

@Rodimus, something more objective you may want to consider is giving new users like myself a clue as to what the music player actually does.

You explain the patches it has (main README), which patch you recommend (main README), that it needs to be installed after the bug fix patch (music player README), that there's optional patches (music player README) and that it exists in this hack (main file description download page). But what does it do?

I've heard mention of MSU-1 for Chrono Trigger and also FF6. CD-quality music that sounds awesome (I watched a couple of videos on Youtube). Is that it?

Or is it a literal music player like Winamp that lets you play In Da Club by 50 Cent while while leveling up?

At this point, I figure it could be either of these, or neither.

Tried patching it a little while ago to find out for myself and the opening sequence sounds like Godzilla stomping through a city. I'm sure it's something on my end, though. (Retropie 4.7, lr-snes9x, using the Online ROM Patcher)

The zip file actually include a document detailing the changes from the SNES version, to the GBA version, and to Ted Woolsey Uncensored. This was to make it easier for people who were only familiar with the SNES names of monsters, items, and spells. Like the Music Player patches, I've thought about making additional optional patches for some who desire it, which would include a B-Button dash removal, and one that reverts most of the names back to their original SNES counterparts. Exceptions would of course be for things like Phoenix Down (as Fenix Down is clearly wrong).

I understand. I've seen that document. Maybe keeping that file open would be a good compromise for what I'm doing. On a side note, I personally very much prefer having B-button dash without needing Sprint Shoes, but I'd love a version that has all of the original item/monster/spell names for nostalgia and walkthrough reasons. But that's just me, and of course it's different for others. And even then I agree that the obvious typos should be fixed (RMOVE, Fenix, etc).

I'm very new to rom-hacking, what is involved in having two different text versions (that also allows for the bug fixes + addons + Opera) - a "typos fixed, everything else left alone" version, and the current version? Is that a buttload of work to manage? In any case, what you've done already is brilliant and much loved. Thank you again.

@Rodimus, I've recently found this project of yours and I absolutely love it. I dare say it breathes new life into a beloved game I played in my youth. Thank you for this.

My only nitpick is very subjective and has to do with the renaming of many items, spells, and monsters. I've decided to follow a walkthrough for the first time in order to grab most of the items, Rages, and optimal stats/equipment/Colosseum stuff I can to maximize efficiency. I believe all of the renaming you've done is in good faith and relevant to the rest of the series, but I've found it makes following walkthroughs very difficult when I'm needing to Google lots of different items and monsters in order to find their other names, and then I can compare them to the items I'm seeing in-game.

I hope this question hasn't been asked before (there doesn't seem to be a quick way to search 55 pages of a forum thread here), but I'm wondering if there's already a version that includes your bug fixes, addons, and updated Opera changes but retains all the original names for items, spells, and monsters. If not, it's not the end of the world. I'm still having fun and it's a minor hiccup, and something probably only unique to me. Just curious if it's right under my nose in this zip file.

Thanks again!

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