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Of only four pictures posted on the RHDN Shenmue II (French) page, one already contains a huge grammar mistake... nice >_>

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Help required with SMW1 ROM
« on: January 11, 2012, 04:59:51 pm »
That did help me find a clean ROM, thank you for that, but the IPS still does not work with either headered and unheadered version of the clean SWM ROM.

Is it because of ZSNES?
Should I patch the SMC file instead of simply having the IPS file and the unpatched SMC file in the same folder?

This is the first time I have encountered a problem with an IPS file, ever.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Help required with SMW1 ROM
« on: January 09, 2012, 01:39:25 pm »

I cannot get the Super Mario World 1 hack Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom 2 to work with ZSNES.

I have tried headered and unheadered ROMS, obviously, both from downloads or from adding/removing the header myself with NSRT; to no avail.
I'm not sure whether there are different versions of the (U) ROM.

Well, if someone could check the problem or host the right ROM for this hack, I'd appreciate it.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: Final Fantasy VI: Stand Guard released
« on: August 19, 2011, 01:27:27 pm »
I'm nearly at the floating continent. I must say this hack's pretty well done, but it's still far behind the GBA version of FFVI.

I have noticed a few grammar mistakes, but so few, I'm amazed >_>

I have picked the Hard difficulty, obviously, but the game is (much) easier than the original, are you sure you did not get the IPS files wrong?

I'm not a big fan of the font, but I like what you have done to the text; for instance naming the person who is speaking.

As for the register, it's off for some characters. Kefka swearing is one thing, but I would never imagine Sabin swearing.

All in all, this is a good translation / revising, but for what the hack attempts to do, FFVI Advance has done much better.

Some name changes are extremely opinionated, and clearly do not reflect the original Japanese names nor the original English translations.


I can find plenty of examples in print going all the way back to Chaucer that would suggest otherwise.
Conformity replies are only grammatically acceptable if they do not start another clause. Using 'as' means you are comparing (i.e. not conforming), therefore using two clauses, even if one is elliptical. Consequently, you cannot reverse the word order of the subject and the auxiliary verb when you use 'as'.

'Lisa loves pizzas.'
'As I do.'
'Lisa loves pizzas as I do.'

That would not be possible with 'so' or 'neither', because 'so' and 'neither' are not used to compare the subject of the second clause to the subject of the first clause, but they are used to conform to it.

The data disagrees with you. Check its properties. ^_^
Prevents all ailments? Teaches Esuna? I doubt I've missed something big about it, it's a helmet which prevents all ailments at the cost of 0 defence, 0 magic defence, etc.

Anyway, here come the snapshots with some of the errors and mistakes I have found:
'the faster your gauge will fill'
'If your skin is ashen'
'after all the pain, he chooses you as successor'
'It's time I killed you!'
'The force is strong with this ring.'
Although, if that is a clear reference to Star Wars, Force should start with a capital F.
Wrapping, I suppose (only tested with font #1). and
Hermes' and Hermes's are both correct, but it would be better to use one consistently (Hermes's from the chest, Hermes' from the item list).
The map does not account for this geographical alteration.
The name of the dark sword Dark is glitched in a weird way. All spaces after the 'k' from Dark will have whatever was there on the previous screen (when going up or down a screen in the item list, in this case, Poison Rod) or what was previously equipped (when changing your equipment to this sword).
'The sealed gate lies to the east of Vector.' You cannot have possessive genitives with anything but human beings. and
Many of Gau's Rages have 'No description available' (not that you're not aware of this) while others (Murderer in the example) have wrong descriptions, since the Rage learned from Murderer allows Gau to use the Berserk spell.
'I am relieved'
'There's been enough enough loss of life.' is a very clumsy sentence. Not to mention that really does not go well with the speech expected from an emperor.
'There have been enough lives lost'. or simply 'Enough lives have been lost.' are much more correct to use here.
'or he intends to wipe them out quickly.'
'So do I...' or 'As I do...'. 'As do I' is not English at all.

Thank you for this demo, I'm way too eager to play the final product, now ;s

I don't know, after you get Edgar, the game was not much harder than the original. After Locke gets Eagle Eye and a long-range weapon, he is as efficient as he was in FFVI, but without the Eagle Eye (Sniper Sight).
You can't exactly focus on stats, whatever they are, when you don't even have Espers; the bonus you get from equipment does not improve the hit rate much, and you can only sacrifice so much defence (Ribbon is unusable, btw).

I have just finished the demo, my strongest char was Lv17 and I never found the game difficult at any point -- I mean too difficult, the difficulty is rather well balanced without power leveling once.

When I get unlazy, I'll host pics and report the bugs, typos and mistakes I have seen ;s

'BrainSugar', oh you...

Not being able to run from Intangir is really annoying when trying to get all rages for Gau.

Also, give me back Catoblepas, Bismarck and Zona Seeker D:

The lowest tier elemental spells (Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder) all auto target one party by design. Although, I must confess, it's one change nobody has warmed up to. :'(
I like it. It may be a good idea to have that as the default targetting, but still be able to target one opponent by pressing R or L (for all relevant spells, not just Fire, Blizzard and Thunder).

My first impression about the hack is that the characters miss far too much (50~60% of the time). There is nothing that robs the fun of a game more than characters missing. I don't think special attacks should miss so much, if at all. Out of 100 tries (each, obv), Hissatsugeki missed 64 times, Aura Smash missed 40 times, Locke using Attack with Main Gauche missed 56 times. I know that is not mathematically relevant data, but I thought I'd actually test it in-game to illustrate my argument, it's the point of the release, right? :)
I have noticed spells seem to miss quite a bit, too, but it's nothing like physical attacks, so I have not run any test.

I love the FFIX thievery system, and the great equipment you can steal early on thanks to that.

Do people lie about hacks purposely, or are they just stupid?  Myself and another person have playtested the WoB and this lunatic says the first bosses do 10x his max hp???
Is accusing people of lying, calling them names or assuming they're not good players your only defense?

None of these are true.
I'm an excellent FFVI player, and I'm also very good at planning chatacters and planning battle tactics.
Had I kept a save from that point in the game, I would have posted a picture, but I have not, and I am not playing that crap again. Ultros (Lethe River) could deal 250 damage to one character, my best had 80 HP. The Phantom Train was dealing 400+ damage to all characters, at that time, Sabin had barely broken the 100 HP limit. Kefka (Narshe Cliffs) could also deal more than five times the value of Locke's HP. Ultros (Opera House) could deal eight times the HP of Gau.

The fact that some regular enemies (Vulture, WoB Kohlingen area) can ohko your party in one attack does not help the levelling up process.
It's basically one or two fights -> heal up somewhere free, because you can't even get money for the inn. Over and over, until, after two hours, you have gained two levels and a whopping 20 HP.
Brilliant gameplay, there.

Just because you can program shit does not mean you can make a good game. Lesson learned.

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