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Title: Translations: 5 MSX translations added to the database
Post by: RHDNBot on February 26, 2006, 10:58:08 am
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Update By: Starscream

The MSX database has been updated, it includes now the translations of the following games:

Daisenryaku 2: Super Risk Campaign

Fray (

Pennant Race 2 (

Runemaster 3 (

 Xak 2 (

These were only available in rom/disk format before, so these patches have been made by me to complete the database due to the hosting policies of this site with regard to images.

The information in those entries is a bit sparse at this point, if anyone has additional comments to make (especially about the actual status of the translations of Xak 2 and Fray, since I couldn't find any information), you can leave a message in the forum
 here  (
or possibly directly contact the staff.

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