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Title: X7 handheld discussion
Post by: ozzy on July 02, 2022, 09:56:09 PM
Hey guys,

Hope you're well?

I'm trying to download a sega emulator and sega roms specifically disneys quackshot and sonic on to my x7 handheld via my macbook.

I'm really struggling as i'm completely new to this i've had to watch tons of youtube vids to come here.

If anyone can help step by step as i'm completely noob to this rom world i'd be very grateful. Bare in mind im on a macbook
Title: Re: X7 handheld discussion
Post by: Jorpho on July 02, 2022, 11:15:56 PM
There hasn't been any discussion of the X7 handheld here before, so you may have come to the wrong place.

What have you done so far, and what makes you think it's not working?

If you can only find Windows instructions, then you should probably just find some way to run Windows on your Macbook, because you're probably going to need to do that sooner or later. Virtual machines or Bootcamp are popular.
Title: Re: X7 handheld discussion
Post by: The Beaky Buccaneer on July 03, 2022, 03:02:31 PM
I have to agree with Jorpho that this seems like an unusual site to find your way to for advice on this handheld! :D (I guess there's something out there showcasing ROM-hacks running on it?)

Still, assuming that it's the one that looks like a cross between a Switch and a PS Vita, this device apparently presents itself as USB Mass Storage when connected via USB, so it should show up fine on your Mac and you shouldn't need to use Windows to add anything to it, even if the instructions out there use Windows to present their examples. Also, it doesn't look like you need to add an emulator, as a brief search suggests that the console has them built in already for the common classic consoles.

There's a tutorial video here ( that appears to cover what you want to know, but I don't know anything about this hardware beyond that, so I hope that it points you in the right direction. :)