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Title: Chrono Trigger: Complete - trying to do some edits, running into errors
Post by: macker on April 18, 2022, 08:04:18 PM
Howdy, loving the Chrono Trigger: Complete mod. It's really nice work, and it's great how it blends the more accurate translation with the Woolsey stuff so seamlessly.

I've been trying to use the mod as a base for some personal work, but editing the patched ROM file has been giving me errors(I'm patching un-headered with Lunar IPS). For instance, when I try to change just one letter in a dialogue box in tflux(location 001, string index 26), I get a "index out of range error" when pressing the update button. The error does not present when attempting to edit the CT rom with other patches applied - for instance a CT rom patched with the CT+ mod presents no errors when editing with tflux. Just checking if there's anything I'm missing that could help in this situation.

Alternatively, if there is a version of this mod without the frozen flame additions, that would be awesome too! I'm really just trying to revert that specific stuff back to the original text.
Title: Re: Chrono Trigger: Complete - trying to do some edits, running into errors
Post by: FireBrandWhip on May 22, 2022, 01:56:22 AM
This could be because either the ROM has been expanded so much that the index is out of range... One thing to try is go into a string say string number 26... Copy the text in string number 26 and change the string index to FF. (Usually I would change strings to FF when adding new ones to ensure that I always get a blank spot)

Paste what you copied from string 26 into FF update it... And see if that re-points the string for that location pointer, which might allow you to further work on the other strings. If so and it doesn't crash then you can edit the other ones as normal and delete the copy of 26 that you made.

Though I've never come across this in temporal flux when I've been using it this might work.