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Title: ROM Hacks: Advance Wars Story
Post by: RHDNBot on January 18, 2022, 06:56:30 am
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Update By: PlatinumSkink

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is the sequel to Advance Wars, both for Game Boy Advance. They take place in the world where war is fun and lightweight, where dimwitted kids can be fearsome battlefield commanders and the COs (commanding officers) are as varied as they are amusing. The battle itself takes place through turn-based tactics, where one commands their entire army before the other, seeking to capture properties to gain the funds to produce stronger units than the opponent. It features a campaign mode, which contains the bulk of the character interactions and story in the game...

PlatinumSkink had a story in mind. It would serve as a sequel-story to Advance Wars 2, which tied up a couple loose ends and ultimately would give a better sense of closure than the current ending did, he hoped. However, there was something thoroughly unsatisfying about just writing a fanfic and publishing it on some fanfiction website where it'd likely not be read a lot. No, instead, he decided he'd go the distance. He'd actually hack Advance Wars 2 so that he could tell his Advance Wars Story in the purest way possible; through the game itself!

This is Advance Wars Story. It tells an original sequel story to Advance Wars 2 and assumes familiarity with the gameplay. 34 missions have been designed and created to serve as a new campaign. Some new units have been added, numerous units have been altered, numerous COs have been balanced. A new story is told.

The skills to produce this project were obtained from the Wars World News Forums, where the best Advance Wars 2 hackers in the world can be found. Without them, this production would not have been possible. The relevant link leads to the release page on that site. However, it was also deemed fit to share this production with the great romhacking database that is

Now, while PlatinumSkink maybe sees himself as a decent enough storyteller, he might potentially not be as good a game designer. He hopes that after people play his hack they could tell him what could be done to improve it, and after several editions perhaps this hack could be made even greater!

Good continued luck, fellow commanders!

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Title: Re: ROM Hacks: Advance Wars Story
Post by: Bonesy on January 20, 2022, 12:00:14 am
To anyone holding off on checking this out for whatever reason: from what I understand it's a totally new campaign rather than just adding COs and units and rebalancing.
Title: Re: ROM Hacks: Advance Wars Story
Post by: Kikiviejon30 on February 19, 2022, 11:30:34 pm
This was a great game, personally anything advance wars is a plus for me since the overall series was forgotten by nintendo up until very recently with the new 1+2 reboot coming up on april, i had to register to romhacking net just to leave this very brief review of the game, i enjoyed it very much, i believe there was not a hard campaign here, but the regular campaign was very enjoyable, since this is a hack and not an officially developed game, i just have to ask the creators, are there regular requisites to unlock certain missions? like on the original game you had to finish some missions on certain terms to unlock a bonus or secret mission, i finished the game, up until the last mission, which is very very hard, and i consider myself a very good Advance wars general, its just that its not balanced, the Enemy has too many buildings and resources, and you must have done something with the IA since its not very easy to cheese, at least i couldnt do it  :'(

any tips on the last mission? i believe its Sturm >:D :'(
Title: Re: ROM Hacks: Advance Wars Story
Post by: PlatinumSkink on February 23, 2022, 10:38:42 am
Thank you very much, Kikiviejon30! :D

Nope, no particular bonuses or secrets. I focused on making a complete story that could be completed by just beating all the missions, if you reached the last map than that's about it.

The final map... Mass-damage powers are really strong on it, especially on the wings. The goal should be to take out the Black Cannons, and it can be done by simply sending two bombers at the same time from one side so only one can be shot by the cannon, because you're avoiding the range of the other cannon. Other than that, just surviving is plenty. An artillery straight from the base can do a lot of damage.

But, yeah, I've heard from several sources that the map is too difficult. I'll be making it easier next update, whenever I get the time to work on that. Thank you for playing! :D