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Title: Stuck on Zelda 3 the cube - water room
Post by: martits on October 26, 2021, 06:20:27 pm
This link to the past mod is epic but bloody hard. I am so stuck on one room but there are no guides I can find.
This is what I understand so far.
There are 3 blocks that move. 1 block erases water, and the other 2 create a water tile in the spot they were moved from.
The blocks are only allowed to move if the tile behind it is not water.
I think I need to get the blocks over the gates to make them disappear (as is the case in other rooms) so I follow the water blocks with the eraser blocks but every combination I have tried gets my blocks stuck.
Do the warp tiles do anything other than reset the water tiles?

If you want to see video footage of me trying and failing, I streamed it live -

Title: Re: Stuck on Zelda 3 the cube - water room
Post by: phonymike on October 28, 2021, 12:23:36 am

The solid block will only ever go through 2, 3, and 5.
1 and 4 will be used as access points by Link.

Clear barriers 1 and 2 with water blocks, so that you can move the solid block through 2 and 3 (by using 1 as a passageway).
Then clear barrier 4 with a water block.
Move the solid block through barrier 5, then come back up through passageway 4 to move the solid block up.

Very impressive puzzle.

Full solution:
Use a water block to cover 1. This will be used as a passageway from the other side.

Use the other water block to cover 2.

Push the solid block up through 3 so you can get inside the section.

Push the water blocks at 1 and 2 back out of the way from inside the section (you still need a water block to cover 4).

Push the solid block to the upper right corner, and back down to the tile next to 2. Walk through the passageway 3, and then 1 to push the solid block left through 2 to the main section. So now 1, 2, and 3 are clear.

Use a water block to cover 4. This will be used as a passageway. You'll need the solid block to help with this.

Once 4 is covered with a water block, you can now push the solid block up through 3, walk through 2, then push the solid block to COVER 5. Move the solid block down 2 tiles, to the left one tile, then go push the water block at 4 down, then go back around through 5 and 3 and push the water block out of the way. 4 is now clear.

Go to the solid block, and move it right one tile to block the path to 4, then go around and push the solid block up from passageway 4. Now you can push the solid block up to the exit.
Title: Re: Stuck on Zelda 3 the cube - water room
Post by: Letterbomb on October 28, 2021, 05:34:30 pm
Hello! I came here to send the solution to the puzzle since Puzzledude cannot do that himself.


The solution to the puzzle written out by Puzzledude:

"First undo all existing water with regular block. Then the goal is to bring water blocks 1 and 2 on the correct intersections (on the picture). You cut the third line with the regular block. The water blocks don't cut through, but wait on place of cut for Link to be on the other side. The blocks are then pushed back out once and once on the side. All three lines are cut now.

Finally you also bring the lower water block to section 4 to cut this line as well. You reach the indoors to push it back out using the regular block, which also can be rescued out in intersection 2. The water block on intersection 2 is moved out of the way. Once water block 1 is on intersection 4, you move water block 2 in again, to bring the regular block to intersection 5. Water block 4 is moved back out again. Regular block is pushed back up to cut the final intersection. You made it to the door, which is the goal. The door is already opened."

I hope that this helps. Also, Puzzledude would like to thank both of you for playing this hack. :thumbsup:
Title: Re: Stuck on Zelda 3 the cube - water room
Post by: martits on October 29, 2021, 06:09:00 am
Thanks guys.

I am kind of kicking myself now because I was so close.
I pushed the water block at intersection 2, one block too far so I got it stuck.

I guess this is the kind of thing that happens with your brain when you've been stuck on a puzzle for an hour  :crazy:

What a puzzle though. Definitely the hardest Zelda puzzle ever and I have completed all of them.

Much respect to Puzzle Dude. I will finish the game to honor him (and because I like it  :laugh:)

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I'm stuck again.  :-\


This room has a switch that needs something to sit on to keep the door open.

None of the blocks move. There is one statue that doesn't move.
I think I need some power gloves to pick up the statue but think I missed them and I can only go one screen back to where there are 3 statues.

Title: Re: Stuck on Zelda 3 the cube - water room
Post by: phonymike on October 31, 2021, 01:11:23 am
Wow that's pretty cool. At 49:58 you glitched the game. I think when this happens the game doesn't know what floor you're on (first floor or second floor of the current screen). From that point forward there's no enemies or objects on the screen (there's a movable statue on the room you're stuck on, but you don't see it because it's glitched.) Hopefully you have a savestate from before the room where the floor disappears.
Title: Re: Stuck on Zelda 3 the cube - water room
Post by: martits on November 01, 2021, 07:21:05 am
That's pretty funny. I thought I was so cool glitching the game so I could skip the difficult section but I had no idea how I did it or that it would ruin the whole of the game.
It seems that hitting the warp tile as it was falling caused this.
At least I found a save state on the water tile puzzle. So I had to do it all again  :banghead: