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Title: ResetEra gets sold.
Post by: Chronosplit on October 14, 2021, 01:11:05 pm (

4.5 million is a whole lot of money.  Especially for a forum these days.
Title: Re: ResetEra gets sold.
Post by: Jorpho on October 14, 2021, 11:51:35 pm
Seems to me a lot of people would have one believe that forums are mostly dead, and Discord is the future – for some reason.
Title: Re: ResetEra gets sold.
Post by: FAST6191 on October 15, 2021, 08:08:28 am
Discord is the future in the same way that proboards and .tk domains were the future.

Sadly where a lot of the useful data that might have landed on proboards forums and .tk domains was archived then implosion of discord will probably see a lot of useful data, both generally and historically, lost to the abyss and I don't think people have learned to take incremental backups or something to recreate the service like the demise of geocities.

As far as resetera... I have no fondness for the place (their mindset and whatnot is antithetical to common sense, basic observations of reality and ideas of community building from where I sit) but owing to the loose lipped game devs that pass through it from time to time they have generated some useful advance information, and put things into place after the fact, before.

Never head of m.o.b.a. network but seems like much as the name could imply they run a bunch of game specific interest sites and stats sites (multiple for league of legends, overwatch, vainglory, actifact the dota card game, dota 2, smite) which if we are talking about rarities in current space year then I would not have placed much money on such things being around still, that said I don't play any of those and have never even heard of vainglory.
Nowhere near interested enough to know if they were self spinups of acquisitions and what the timeframe was there, no who is behind it. if you are bored.
Am slightly curious as to the 4 million though. Valuations in general are basically meaningless at this point, however seeing the investor relations thing then they are seemingly concerned with growth, profit and the like. That said umbrella site and built in audience is a pretty decent loss leader or aiming for long term returns.
Title: Re: ResetEra gets sold.
Post by: Pennywise on October 15, 2021, 10:21:28 am
I wonder if anyone has made an offer to buy RHDN? I would find that more interesting.
Title: Re: ResetEra gets sold.
Post by: FAST6191 on October 15, 2021, 12:16:04 pm
I wonder if anyone has made an offer to buy RHDN? I would find that more interesting.

I would love to be watching when the lawyer doing a liabilities assessment finds out after someone puts in the offer before consulting them.

More seriously I doubt there has been a truly serious offer. You get the odd chancer that might want a URL with some history/weight but at the same time it is not like the URL is much good for anything other than this (can't shortcut your way past the hard to gain first few thousand users/search engine prevalence for a general gaming site), revenue streams are minimal and potentially not much more than they are, it is not like any of us are contractually bound to this place (think buy a business to avoid having to do hiring of skilled people), a few weeks back when the analysis about the crazy price Mario 64 came out then it was noted someone there bought a previous price listing site to shut them down but doubt that would happen for this place*, and those are pretty much the main reasons outside of tax writeoff, rich person mouthpiece (see most newspapers), fraud (again not exactly massive revenue around here) and so forth. Most things in this scenario tend to be founder retires and someone else high up chucks a grand or two their way as a token sum.

*sure you had Sony and whatnot patent basically cheat finding to make achievements in pre trophment games, and savestates to do replay challenges. As disgusting as that was for those with a care for obviousness and prior art then it was probably still just defensive actions. Being so general I doubt any given series would try it on like you might for a fan site for a game/franchise dedicated to hacking (not to mention those usually fall to C&D from what I have seen). Don't think zophar's or badderhacks/baddesthacks would be up for it either, outside of dead so might as well have the URL redirect.

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