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Title: Metal Gear Super Romhack for NES?
Post by: Metallo on August 20, 2021, 04:12:06 PM
So, a while back I merged a couple of the Romhacks on here (by applying them on top of one another). The Stack was successful. It created a fun experience (better looks and the gameplay was fixed).

I came across one issue: the remaining Romhack which replaces the Super-Computer in the NES version with the titular Metal Gear TX-55 is for the Famicom version. I do not know how to convert the Rom Hack into an NES Format. Does anyone here know how to extract Textures (or does anyone here know of a utility to swap a Famicom rom over to an NES format?). When I tried patching it to an NES version, it scrambles and inverts a bunch of textures and colors. The game functions but looks like confetti. Any help would be appreciated.