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Title: ROM Hacks: ASM Machina Version 1.4.1 Release
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Update By: opiter09

After a week of furious updating, with the release of Version 1.4.1 ASM Machina is at what will hopefully be its final version (at least for a while!). ASM Machina is a major hack of the very first two Pokémon games for the original Gameboy (Red and Blue), updating all the various factors of its turn-based gameplay. All the basics are given a fresh spin, namely:
- Overhaul of wild Pokémon available in various areas
- Overhaul of the teams of Pokémon faced in battle
- Overhaul of the moves learned over time by all of the Pokémon
- Touch-ups to the various moves used in battle, especially in regards to their Type
- Some changes in Type effectiveness
- The three starters, and their appearances in the Rival's teams, have been replaced with particularly hard-to-encounter glitch Pokémon, lending battles an air of mystery and wonder

However, this is not all. A radical re-orientation of combat has occurred, whereupon focus is shifted to moment-to-moment, intra-battle gameplay, with tense decisions needing to be made in combat (effected by dramatically reducing the amount of move uses and healing items available), while between battles health and move limits can be reset, making no fight unfair simply due to previous ones. Further, the "Normal" type, a non-type type whose existence never really made much sense, has been eliminated and replaced with the Sound type. Almost half of the moves in this game were Normal type, and so this elimination has allowed for a spreading around of types, thereby creating more interesting matchups throughout the game.

Along with these more macro changes, a variety of QoL changes and small bug fixes (without "fixing" beloved exploits!) has been implemented. Some highlights include:
- The removal of the maddening "low health" alarm
- The changes to Wrap and similar moves made in the prior hack "Wrap Improvements." Namely, instead of forcing one to sit there unable to attack, instead these moves simply prevent switching out party members
- The early bestowing of an Exp. All, sharing experience among all party members to help reduce grind
- Becoming "fully paralyzed" in the middle of using Dig or Fly no longer makes the subject entirely invulnerable for the rest of the battle

Finally, a few reversions to the Japanese have occurred, most notably the restoration of the original text about the Old Man in Viridian City.

All in all, this is a very wide-reaching hack, and now that it is in its perfected form, it is hoped that it will greatly improve the experience of going back to these venerable games.

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