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Title: Super Mario Land 2 Textures, Tiles, and MarCas help
Post by: KekShadow_08 on August 11, 2021, 01:32:11 PM
Hi. I started this Topic because I got into sml2 rom-hacking a short while ago, and I wanted to get information, and get tile files, and textures for beginners.

Custom Bitmaps and Tiles
When you edit the title screen, you can use custom tile files found in your documents or files section. these are downloadable and are either ".dib" or ".bmp". These are mostly used for editing title screen, and certain textures.
If you guys have any textures or tile bitmaps, feel free to post them here.  :thumbsup:

MarCas Download
Just Download the .zip file, and extract it. Its that simple.

The Editing Itself (Level)
When you open the rom, your taken to the Intro Level. Beneath the "File, Editor, Options" section, you should see a bar that says "Intro". (This is the "Map Section") Click that bar, and scroll to select the level you want to edit.
Select the Block you want to use by using the bottom scroll bar and clicking the block you want to use. To Move around the level, use the scroll bar directly underneath the level itself. 
If You click "header" you can edit pallettes, music, the time counter, and more. If you click "Block Data and Tileset", you can edit the tilest, and select blocks. The "Events" section gives you Mario to click and drag around.

This is a basic glimpse at editing with MarCas, which is what this Topic is about. Feel free to reply with more info and bitmaps! Also there are more categories in MarCas, but you need external files for them.