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Title: ROM Hacks: Star Fox Exploration Showcase v7.86.3 released!
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Update By: kandowontu

Star Fox Exploration Showcase has proudly reached version 7.86.3!

What is Star Fox Exploration Showcase? This is a romhack that is built off of the source code, and has many, many new features! So many features that they cannot all be listed in this news article!

Some of the major features include:
-Alternate camera angles, complete camera control, all-range mode
-Additional Ships and Weapons that are selectable
-2 player mode
-An endurance mode, a 4th boss-only course, a scored edition mod for points
-Model testing mode, SFX/BGM testing
-Freeze + Explore mode to remove the rails and travel as you want
-First person cockpit mode
-God mode with no death/infinite bombs
and much, much more!

This latest update brings many new features to the table, notably:
-Pre-game menu for turning options on and off. No need to memorize the codes for endurance run/level features codes/scored edition codes etc.
-Huge models mode, rainbow fire mode, enemy firing disabled and other options also on this menu!

-New Game+ Mode - Challenge the game like never before, with weakened laser shots and bomb damage, limited to single laser only, and reduced rapid fire.
-2 Player CPU mode - Want to play 2 player mode but don't have a friend to play with? Get that authentic 2 player experience with a CPU as your friend.

Other changes include fixing the wrong instruments being played in some BGM's during testing/endurance runs and 2 player mode adjustments.

What is next in store for SF:ES? Only time will tell.

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