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Title: ROM Hacks: Zelda Kong V-VIII
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Update By: Zero Meaning

Zero Meaning continues celebrating the anniversaries of Donkey Kong (40) and The Legend of Zelda (35) with Zelda Kong V-VIII. This second four-part series of hacks morphs the ape's arcade classic into even more Hyrulean adventures mostly focussing on Zelda 2.

Play as an Armos Statue (vs Aquamentus), Zelda 2's Link (vs Thunderbird), the fabled Triforce Keeper (vs Dark Link), and an innocent village Child (vs a Giant Bubble). All enemies, graphics, and palettes are unique to each hack. Choose your character, save your friend, and stop the forces of evil!

These hacks exist for both:
-The NES port:
-The Original Edition which adds in the pie/cement level:

A video longplay without commentary can be found here:

If you enjoyed these hacks, please look forward to more soon!

Previous entries in this series:
-Zelda Kong I-IV:
-Zelda Kong I-IV (Original Edition):

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