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Title: PS1 on PSP Game ID ?
Post by: ZackLegacy on April 01, 2021, 12:40:28 am
Hi Guys, I have a question about PS1 games on the PSP and I can't find anywhere how they do it.

Some PS1 games to work well on the PSP it is necessary to change the Game ID of the game, otherwise it does not work, an example is Dragon Valor that does not work well at all with the native ID, so if we change his Game ID to a another that matches another game, it works well ..

My question is: How do you know or discover that a certain Game ID will make that game work correctly?

Is it just a deduction?

Trial and error?

or do you use any parameters for that?

Thank you guys, hugs and forgive me Google Translate.
Title: Re: PS1 on PSP Game ID ?
Post by: MysticLord on April 03, 2021, 04:42:02 pm
There's some info on that at the FFHacktics wiki, as it related to Final Fantasy Tactics.

I think they use it to avoid collision errors in save states and memory cards when playing the PS1 version on the PSP. Check out the details there, but it seems like you'll need to track them down yourself (though if they're stored as ASCII text, that shouldn't be hard)

Title: Re: PS1 on PSP Game ID ?
Post by: ZackLegacy on April 07, 2021, 10:16:21 pm
Thanks, I'll check ...
I discovered some strange things in the compatibility of some games with Adrenaline, for example Dragon Quest VII, the American version does not work because the dialog boxes are invisible. But if you copy the Japanese Dragon Quest VII BOOT HEX code and put it in American, the dialog boxes work normally and with the English language normally, I am playing and no bugs so far. I found this interesting, if changing the GameID from the American to the Japanese, it doesn't work, but if you move code, it works very well.
  I would even like to understand better why, maybe TheFlow knows why and who knows how to invent a plugin or program that makes these changes automatically, thus increasing compatibility with Adrenaline.