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Title: ROM Hacks: Pokemon Yellow - 151
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Update By: Razormime

Pokémon Yellow - 151 makes all 151 Pokémon obtainable in-game with well thought-out placements, enables Pikachu to learn SURF (for the mini game, battle, and world travel), changes all direct references to real world places and animals to Pokémon-canon alternatives, changes two VERY minor places on the map for quality of life reasons, and retains as much vanilla Yellow as possible: difficulty, dialogue, etc…

All wild Pokémon missing from Yellow were added into appropriate routes from Red and/or Blue. For any Pokémon that needed new places, plenty of consideration has been given to location and rarity. No Pokémon have a 1% spawn rate - Some are pretty rare (4%/5%), but nothing insane.

All in-game trades have been redone, complete with new nicknames. The nicknames of the new trades were thought about very carefully so that they were very live-with-able. Attempts were made to use names of Pokémon that have appeared in the Pokémon Adventures manga or TV show, or have a nice ties which the original translator might have made.

VERY minor changes to text eliminate real world locations and animals. In these instances, the project does its best to select appropriate Pokémon world counterparts which tie the games even closer together. For example players will find that Lt.Surge, "The Lightning American," is now known as "The Lightning Unovan" - something which has since become officially canon. Other than future game references like this, the project attempts to make edits so minor that even seasoned players may not even notice the changes. The slight edits aim to tie Yellow into the Pokémon world more, and to the real world less.

The author really hopes that players try to do the play-through WITHOUT reading the “SPOILER DESCRIPTION” at the bottom of the Read Me file. All Pokémon will be found - players need simply to play through the game like normal.

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