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Title: EarthBound Rom-Hack
Post by: TheNooseMan87 on October 26, 2020, 06:32:27 pm
Hey, so I’m currently working on an EB rom hack that’s really early in development, and I really don’t think I can do it alone. So I just wanna check and see if anyone here has any experience with Pk hack, pixel art, EBmused, or really anything that would help out.

so, heres the story: So, Here’s the main gist of the story. It takes place around the events of Mother 1. You play as Jonas, the notorious -- of Roachtown, The starting town of the game. All the kids want to avoid talking to you, none of the girls are into you, and you’re just an unpleasant person to be around. After walking around town for a while, Jonas discovers a cave and enters it. After exploring it for a while, he finds a ledge where he sees Gigue. Jonas overhears about his plan to brainwash all the members of roachtown, so nobody could put a stop in his plans to take over earth, after learning that george stole psi from his race. Gigue makes a deal with Jonas that if he will help Gigue partake in his plans, He will be taught psi, and board his Mother-ship, and will spend the rest of his life there, assured that he will not be brainwashed. Jonas agrees. This is the main part of the hack, having a set objective, and going to strange and wacky places, strange npcs, picking up a new party member every so often, and fighting weird foes. (Just like EB) Nearing the end of the game, Jonas finds a strange bed in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, in his sleep, he is transported to his own magicant. There, he realizes that he is a horrible mess. And is told that if he doesn’t change, he will be throwing away his own life. After waking up from magicant, he decides to confront Gigue, and fight him. After a while Gigue has an emotional breakdown, filled with rage, Gigue heads to Mt. Itoi. To confront Ninten, Ana, and Lloyd. With Gigue fleeing, Jonas heads home, and ends the game. That’s pretty much it.

I have a discord server as well! Again pretty much any help would be appreciated, so if you would like to, it would be great! Link: