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Title: control freak and keyboards
Post by: klaus on April 10, 2020, 07:06:05 pm
hi all,

i was testing super metroid redux, which looks very good.
but then i could not continue playing it, because it seems there is a problem with control freak (CF) and keyboards.
i do not have a gamepad, i use just plain keyboard and CF forces me to press too many keys in same time.

for example: if i want to do something basic like: jump to the right and fire a missile. that require 4 simultaneous keypresses.
keyboards allow for 3 only.
- jump,
- right
- brandish (missile)
- fire (brandished missile)

it possible to work around it, i just need to stop going right, or stop pressing jump key each time i want to fire a missile, but then that completely ruins the gameplay.

i did find this:
with optional ips patch "restore default gameplay (remove Kejardon's Control Freak)".
it did work as intended for super metroid turbo, but sadly not for super metroid redux.
patch applies fine, game starts, i can see in controller setup screen all the CF stuff is gone but then, when the game do start, samus cannot move left or right, at all.
i can do things like toggle map, but that's it, no left or right movement.

anyone else can confirm CF doesn't work well with keyboard?
would anyone know of a way to remove CF from redux ?