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Title: ROM Hacks: Have You Played Atari Astroblast Today?
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Update By: eskayelle

Easy to learn… difficult to master.   Such was one of the mantras of the Atari 2600 in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.  With the first Atari romhacks posted on RHDN comes eskayelle (’s quadrilogy of Astroblast hacks, a fun space shooter where the player blasts meteors, spinners, pulsars, and UFOs, all on a quest to stay alive and achieve a personal best score.
Astroblast being both a paddle and a joystick game, emulators sometimes aren’t so friendly with the joystick’s horizontal movement velocities such that the game is playable on a d-pad.  These romhacks solve for that without requiring players to search for configurations in any emulator.  The mods also present different milestones for increasing difficulties, giving players options as to how and when they want to make the game a bit harder.
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