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Title: Utilities: Another new SMB3 Editor
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Update By: mchlnix

Almost 12 years after the last update to SMB3 Workshop a new Editor emerged with the goal of rising from its ashes.

With permission of the original Workshop creator, Hukka, a reimplementation project grew into a complete new Editor providing several quality of life improvements for Level creation.

These include:

- selecting and moving of multiple objects at once
- cut/copy/pasting of objects
- undo and redo of most manipulations
- more intuitive level pointer manipulation
- support for vertical levels
- instant header editing

and more...

Although not all features of Workshop are implemented yet and some quirks have not yet been fixed, after 5 months of development a beta version of the 1.0 release is available for a wider audience.


There is a Windows ( and Linux ( standalone version available with Mac users having to go the slightly higher effort route of downloading Python and one dependency as described in the Readme ( of the source code.


For enthusiasts who want to follow the releases more closely the GitHub page ( offers the source code, the newest versions and an issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests.

For direct contact, reach out to Michael on the SMB3 Romhacking Discord (

Contributors are also welcome, as Python ( is easy to pick up, compared to other Programming Languages.

RHDN Project Page (

Relevant Link (