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Title: [PSP] Corpse Party - Crash
Post by: Zaid on January 21, 2019, 03:06:39 pm
I'm currently translating the first Corpse Party [PSP] game to Portuguese. After finding some tools created by SkyBladeCloud and some other Russian guy, I manage to start the translation itself.
I translated the 1st chapter introduction, everything worked. Then the game continues to the characters introductions and I try to change the text for each one, after this the game asks if you want to continue or stay in the characters introduction, if I choose the 1st option the game freezes, if I choose the 2nd option the emulator crashes.
After some testing, I realize that the translation (of the character introduction) itself does this.
I've tested only this character:
He has 3 boxes of text.
I have the same problem with the 1st box, but I changed a little bit and it works: (
The 2nd is the problem, i tried to change it, but it does not work: (
When the game asks this: (
After choosing, the game freezes/crashes: (
It does not matter if I go check the character text or go right to the exit.
I didn't test the other characters btw. So I'm afraid that this can happen to them.
Can you guys help me? I'll link to the tools I'm using if someone need it.
Besides that, thank you for trying to help me!
Title: Re: [PSP] Corpse Party - Crash
Post by: Sara-chan on January 22, 2019, 08:29:20 pm
In the script files for this game, choices use labels with the exact same text to indicate where the choice itself begins.
You must translate both of these instances of the choice text identically.
If you don't, the game will freeze when such a choice is reached.

I can't go into much more detail, but probably needless to say that I know this particular scripting engine quite well.

There is one more possibility, that pointers or file sizes are messed up, but given the game's engine, I would doubt it is the case.

Edit: Given you actually haven't translated the choices yet, possibly the translations have overflowed in a way that overwrote the labels used for the choices, causing the freeze.
Title: Re: [PSP] Corpse Party - Crash
Post by: Zaid on January 22, 2019, 10:43:51 pm
Well, The script files are separate from each other by the descompression tool. For each chapter and for each room in the chapter.

The files are in .dat format, they are label in this way: script_map0.dat to script_map31.dat for the 1st chapter.
So, the script for the character introduction room is in the file 17, and is the only thing in this file.
I've made the translation until the 22th file (without the file 17) and the game works fine. As I said, the character description is the problem, not the choice itself.

I think the tool I'm using changes the structure of the .dat file itself, because some of the translated text is bigger than the original one. Maybe this is the problem, so I used a hex editor, but, even translating in that way I wasn't able to make it work.

If you want to give a look I'll link the script:!AOoBUSiR!XAOgzj1cHLK4G8qQ_7BiYXe6QxzD88hTQh6fpvmpink (!AOoBUSiR!XAOgzj1cHLK4G8qQ_7BiYXe6QxzD88hTQh6fpvmpink)

Besides that, I'll continue to test it.
Title: Re: [PSP] Corpse Party - Crash
Post by: Sara-chan on January 23, 2019, 05:36:54 pm
I'm extremely well aware of how the file formats and layouts work, probably better than anyone else.
My guess is that you've messed up (or even overwritten) some of the event triggers in the file when editing the text.