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Title: Project autem (New life comming soon!)
Post by: GlitchyTSP on October 07, 2018, 03:02:24 pm
(This Project was officially DISCONTINUED, however it will comming back soon!)
(All versions here are pretty outdated, if you want to play project autem I suggest you wait until it's new release.)

Project autem (yes I know its spelt wrong) Is a hack of the original SMB,

Details:Worlds 1-4 are complete (level
5-2 & 8-4 aswell)
New & updated GFX (see screenshots below)
New story (see story section below)

Plans:Add/Replace music

Story: Pofessor E-gad has called Mario and Luigi to Help him move his ghost lab in Evershade valley to a new location, However while the brothers are moving some boxes, They accidentally activate E-gad's Time machine and are sent to a time when the mushroom kingdom was ruled by Bowsers ancestors, upon arrival to the past One of the nearby castle gaurds capture the machine, In fear of Becoming trapped in the past forever Mario races after the machine, While Luigi tags along.

IPS file must be applied to Super Mario Bros. (JU) (PRG0)
Download version 0.0: Autem.ips?dl=0
Download version 0.1:

Please tell me what you think!

(Also, sorry if patch file downloads are banned,)
(Apparently their not.)