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Title: Putting Accented Letters in Fire Emblem 7 (U) GBA
Post by: Hiew on August 31, 2018, 12:06:36 pm

I started to play Fire Emblem 7 these days and I'm enjoying a lot the game!
I'd love to translate it to my native language, but I don't have any experience with that.

Searching for tools that could help me I ended finding FEditor Adv and this tool is so simple that even I could translate the whole plot by myself!

(Exemple: (

But of course, I find some problems too.

In Brazilian Portuguese we have some accented letters, and when I try to put it on the editor I get a kind of code, like this:

á = [0xE1]
é = [0xE9]
ô = [0xE2]
ã = [0xE3]

There's a way that I could put the accented letters on that codes whitout have programming knowledge?

I already found some font files, like the menu's text, the fonts used in the game text, the opening scene text... but I don't understand about programming, and don't know what I should do with the files... (

I also tried using a european version of the game, but sadly it doesn't work with the FEditor Adv, and I even wasn't able to find any text of the game using a hexadecimal editor.

Is there something I could do to solve it?
Thanks for the attention!
Title: Re: Putting Accented Letters in Fire Emblem 7 (U) GBA
Post by: FAST6191 on August 31, 2018, 06:05:28 pm
Simple way. If there are characters or punctuation in the game that are not used or that you can work around* then overwrite those with the relevant characters.

*take your finished script. If it turns out there are no uses of say the z character (or maybe Z as upper and lower case are different) then despite it being a character in the language you can still afford to overwrite it. If there is say only one use of it then maybe think if you can edit your translation to use a word without z.

If you can find and decode the font this is usually about as easy as playing with an editor. Can get a bit more tricky in the case of variable width fonts but there you either find one of suitable size or see if the game uses simple size values.

This naturally works better for Japanese where a given game might have thousands of characters. A standard European/English game where there are the normal English upper and lower case, comma, question mark, space and full stop can be harder here. You might have some luck here as I am told K, W and Y are mainly for loan words and don't appear in native words.

For the sake of clarity you will probably not be able to type in the accented characters normally on your keyboard and you will have to put whatever character you replaced instead.
For instance you want to write
Um dia eu desci a rua e peguei um sorvete.
but there was no i in the game and you instead replaced a # you found in the font with i it would run something like
Um d#a eu desc# a rua e pegue# um sorvete.
and the game would then display the proper sentence.
... probably should have chosen an example with one of said accented characters but hopefully you still get it.

The more advanced version will see you have to figure out how to add new characters to a game. On newer systems with fully realised font formats (I have an example for the DS in,14708.0.html ) this can be done more easily, for systems like the GBA which had not quite graduated to that yet then it was often still standard picture format approaches. This can be harder if you are not already familiar with hacking, and tends to be fairly tedious even when you are.
Title: Re: Putting Accented Letters in Fire Emblem 7 (U) GBA
Post by: tvtoon on September 03, 2018, 10:29:31 pm
It seems to me you are out of luck, the game likes to use some composite font format, and tons of useless graphic text...
I suggest you pair up with someone with knowledge about the system, because you will need to do something more "advanced" if that tool won't work.

I researched only the graphics, almost everything stored with BIOS routines, maybe there is a chance to simply expand the font, because the game holds lots of unused data at the end of the ROM, but I bet you will have to move stuff even for trial and error.

For the record, addresses 1C4878, 40260C and so on...
Title: Re: Putting Accented Letters in Fire Emblem 7 (U) GBA
Post by: Bregalad on September 04, 2018, 04:46:40 am
I have the (E) version with French language (among other) where there most definitely is accented letters. (By the way, one of the greatest games ever made in my opinion, and the very reason I bought a GBA in the 1st place.)