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Title: the BSNES Zelda games
Post by: IAmCaptPlanet on December 20, 2017, 05:23:12 pm
is there a hack that lets you play the full Ancient Stone Tablets and BS LoZ NES re-make?

i cant seem to understand, the AST hack pages seem to indicate 4 different saves and roms and save file re-naming is required, then how is it released as a repro?

and as for the re-make, just a ROM of the whole NES game, but in SNES mode would be awesome.
Title: Re: the BSNES Zelda games
Post by: Psyklax on December 20, 2017, 06:55:34 pm
Not sure you understand what BS Zelda is exactly. Go through this website first: (

Put simply, BS Zelda was a reimagining of the first Zelda game over four episodes with a voiceover providing tips, and occasionally stopping the game to inform you of special events. You can only explore a restricted area in each week, and playtime lasts just under an hour. I highly recommend it with the English reconstruction of the original audio. There are four different ROMs because there was one for each week that you downloaded through the Satellaview.

Ancient Stone Tablets is more like an original Zelda game and relies less on the audio apparently (I haven't played it because I was waiting for an English audio reconstruction).

There are hacks to provide the timed events as popup windows instead of needing to listen to the audio, and Third Quest and Fourth Quest are hacks to combine all four weeks into one ROM and remove the timed events and elements, basically turning it into a Zelda remake. If you wanna play that, go for it, but I have to say the originally intended BS Zelda is a unique experience that you must try.

There's a lot to read through on that site, but once you've gone through it all, it'll make sense. ;)
Title: Re: the BSNES Zelda games
Post by: ShadowOne333 on December 21, 2017, 01:18:37 pm
For the BS Zelda (remake), you can use the Mottzilla's hack, which combines both Third and Forth quests into one single ROM, and allows you to select your character.

As for Ancient Stone Tablets, sadly there is no way to play it in one single ROM at the moment :/
I had thrown into the air the idea of maybe remaking all of its assets into a ALttP hack (excluding the timed events for particular items), but there seems to be no interest in it.
I tried starting it, but couldn't get the hang og Hyrule Magic to change the starting point to the house near Dungeon 1.

The only technical details to achieve that would be the house, making a character selection and perhaps adding a random weather changer for the game, the rest could be rearranging ALttP's already existing assets to fit the AST layout and flags.
Title: Re: the BSNES Zelda games
Post by: ChaosPrime8 on January 01, 2018, 03:47:41 am
What could be done to make a close replica of AST is to start the game at the pendant phase (remove Zelda with HM) and rearrange the dungeons. Unfortunately, some of the sprites and events will require ASM and I am not sure if it is transferable.