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Title: Super Castlevania IV Drunklevania II (DemoCastle)
Post by: bogaabogaa on October 12, 2017, 05:55:40 pm
Drunklevania II

Where does the name come from?

Drunklevania is a inside name of Super Castlevania hard mod made by DrunkenDraconian. TheMechanicalKoopa did come up with the name as he helped TheLastBelmond to patch his game. Drunkelvania was the very first hack "DemoHack" of Super Castlevania IV. The editor was in a very early state and the hack show suffering issus because of this too. (The hack is also very hard and unforgiving)

My hack OtherCastle tried to be the same thing just for casual player. I had the goal to make it look better. It was made in a newer version of SC4ed. It was also a lot of learning how and what romhacking is. For some reason I thought you need to me smart for this. lol (sure it would help)

This hack may be a Demo what can be done with SC4ed. But I don't wanna call it demo since I may wanna learn some hex editing. Also I don't wanna change the physic or damage of the whip or other things that do not fit the hack. I also take some ideas of DrunkenDraconian there will be a level based on great idea of him. I really enjoin crating levels and I wanna create some difficult once here and cross off the unforgiving. It should be nice and addicting level design with short and hard puzzles/sections to solve. Yes this hack will have the speed potion again and it will teach some ring-glitching. The hack should future tow difficulties.

First Stage

The game will start in the swamp and the go over the graveyard to a church. From there you will continue your way to the castle.

I did complete the first water stage more or less.

As you might guess it is a level to explore. You will find a section with a checkpoint that teaches you to walk over spikes with potion. There are also easy setups to learn ring-glitching. I think even casual player who never did see that one will get it. Lives and continues are the same right here since continue will place you at the last entrance in the current scene. The normal game did not future very complex levels like this. It is very time eating doing a level like this. One more idea like that but after will try to stick to simple level layout.

Next off is finishing the swamp..

I started by doing graphic stuff. And I am new to it.. guess I have to get better. But it is a good project to improve on it.

Stage one is almost finished. Just need the second water slide.
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Post by: bogaabogaa on February 10, 2018, 10:39:57 pm
Simon is still in vacation..


But we might be back soon
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Post by: ShadyRounds on February 11, 2018, 03:00:39 am
I'm rooting for ya.
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Post by: bogaabogaa on March 24, 2018, 11:37:41 am
Thanks Shady-rounds.

Though there been many thoughts were I should go with this project. I named it after the hard mod hack because it should be this inanely hard typ one. But it really takes a lot of time to make a descend levels. I also think most people would appreciate a nice hack similar to my old one. May be a bit easier. And from my personal point of view I can make this hard typ levels for myself and I hope that I get my frind DD into making levels again thought we could do this KaizoVania project together. If you enjoin testing such levels you should join the CV speedruning discord and look for the romhacking section.
Also I feel like there is me and things I could do to get some CV4 hacking going. I could not motivate people to pick up the editor and work with it. It would be nice to get some documents going that will make creative work on the editor faster and more enjoyable. They are easy to create but will cost also a decent amount of time to put things together. The editor should be tested properly that we would know if there are more memory allocation bugs and if we actually more limited to memory space then it first seems. But for now there is a lot of unused space and nobody did care about using it so far to put some graphics in. Also witch pallets go where exactly.. this are the things I mean.. May be one more person to share progress with that also does work on it is nice to have. Not necessary but I like company and working alone will give me motivation issues like I had some in the past.

Whats up next?

The hack starts out to hard already and we will create a decent level one. I like to put the graveyard together with the Cave. I would like to put new graphics in. The cave has so much empty space as you see in the picture. I like some underground crypt going. And for the graveyard.. I really like the screen scrolling in this section. Will make it multi part. What I like to replace are the underground, mud and grass. I think it could look better but absolutely love the forest in this section.

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Post by: bogaabogaa on July 29, 2018, 02:03:38 am
This Project is finished. It is a bit short but it shows what is possible to do in SC4ed. IT IS A VERY BAD DEMO.. because casual player might not beat the first screen.. The game will become a KaizoVania in the end so I have my Kaizo project off the list too. I might take a brake and work on romhacks when I feel like it. I will work on a Bloodletting hack for SC4 but this might take me a long time to finish.

The Castlevania community is in a bad shape and I think people should be aware of it. It is very easy to just burn out of a project. The process could be more fun and less time intensive. Imagine if a development of 4 years could be put down to a year because there are 5 people interested to pick up things like doing a tileset. Documenting something. May be doing a level you could pick for a idea you had yourself. Or may be someone interested in music that would finally do a proper tutorial on CV1. Or may be even show how it is done for SC4.. The files are decompressed so a man that understands SPC700 music should be able to do it. When the things stay how they are yet.  Chances are that I say the time investment is not worth it for me anymore. I could say a other hobby is much healthier for me and Romhacking would be fun but I can't do it since I just will get frustrated after the first year because I don't get anywhere, can't share my experience with people actually helping or give feedback. There could be people with influence that show you new ways to do things or teach you. I guess that is also how the SMW community grow. They post resources and have tutorials how to do things. For a example I did write tutorial things but I did not get any feedback. The only one was justin who did not know that there are tutorials or did not understand them.

I haven't posted much about the process but there been also no questions. Enjoie the hack if you are a diehard SC4 fan like me. I am sorry for casual player who like romhacks.. I always like to help if you have trouble without your hack so feel free to ask.





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Post by: bogaabogaa on December 04, 2018, 12:16:38 am
Downloads of Unfinished/prototype Projects

OtherCastle II
Not much to say. Here are tow stages of OtherCastleTow. On this point I did understand the editor and it shows the possibility.


Super Staris of Doom
This is a hardmode hack type arrangement of more or less tow stages and all the bosses. It is buggy but might be inspiring to pick up ideas from it.


This is unfinished and actually does not push the difficulty of this game too far in my opinion. I had some crazy level concept in mind I did never sit down to bring them to the table. I love me some hard **** to figure out sometimes. Special for a game I put over 1000 hours in by now. This could be inspiring to some folk that feel the same way. If you go left at the beginning you will find some corridors that loop. The right side will send you of to some levels that will suddenly get very hard.


Half Whip Damage and expensive Sub-weapon
Will make every hack or the original harder...

Ugly Colors
!!If you wanna play without softlook expand rom in SC4ed and save the rom first!! Here some experimental and ugly colors I once made. I would had wished it for the randomizer but stoped to work on it.


(Repost of the Simons Sprite replacement with bloodletting skin. Consult SC4 maker post for more info

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse USA

Other Curse
I hope I will return to this one sometimes. Still looking forwared to make this a full hack.


Castlevania PRG1
I made this for TheMechanicalKoopa so his hack could had some more flavor <3 But I guess this project will go nowhere. I redid the first level the rest is how Koopa made it.

Retirement plans?..
Yes they are here. As I started with OtherCastle. Like tow years ago I just lost my job.. this is nothing bad I never had a job in my life for long but working on hacks did fill me with something. Special the kind words people did share did keep me going doing less and less productive things..  Thanks for all the folks that helped!

I don't wanna go on with what type of fuck up I am and how I menage to be in worse condition then people that don't try to work.. since this is the wrong place. But I am on a point I like to try new things and for me to go on I have to leave things behind. I will always be around for people that seek help and I will help as good I am able to. Romhacking is not the thing that made my situation worse.
..for me it feels it was the scene around speedrunging and twitch. I love to waste days with watching what people do. This is also not bad before it was ARK and LoL that toke the sense out of my beeing and I will try to stay away form it to get more productive again.

More productive.. but this time not with using this awesome editors and tools that people create. I really wish more people had time to make use of it. I did meat so many amazing people here and got inspired to try so many things. (Most of them faild but I am also not the smartest thanks to all the people doing tutorials) I will say thanks and may be will returne on some point of my life. Have fun Hacking and keep creative!
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Post by: DavidtheIdeaMan on December 04, 2018, 04:44:14 pm
That Castlevania III Dracula's Curse USA looks VERY interesting,maybe I give a few suggestions?
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Post by: bogaabogaa on December 04, 2018, 05:43:11 pm
I love feedback. Just role out with suggestions if you have them David ^^

-Things worth mentioning. I mainly stopped working on it since I was on the point I had like to do some ASM changes and I could not figure it out. If I
continue working it will only contain what I can do within Revamp and graphic. (Had like to have meat in a candle and if you could make the follower not free
of choice also changes to level order) ..also expanding the ROM and moving the eventable so every level could had some more would be a nice welcome.. not sure how much work within the ROM that would be.
-Credit to the tiles (graphic) goes to Thaddeus. I used pictures of "abandon" projects as reference.
-Character Sprite credits go to Sinis
Title: Re: Super Castlevania IV Drunklevania II (DemoCastle)
Post by: DavidtheIdeaMan on December 04, 2018, 05:57:18 pm
Awesome,since you are updating the sprites I was wonder if are planning to do the same with Characters,Enemies & Bosses?
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Post by: bogaabogaa on December 04, 2018, 07:42:04 pm
It could be that I change the Boss sprites too. May be it will be only palette changes of them. Donno yet. For now I just test all the patches I droped in here and I don't know when or if I return to some of this projects.
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Post by: DavidtheIdeaMan on December 04, 2018, 08:10:57 pm
Ah I see,well seeing the pics of your CVIII hack makes me wish there was a remastered version hack of that game.
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Post by: bogaabogaa on December 06, 2018, 07:22:15 pm
Red X was kind a enough to explain me some method to find the table in the ROM. But I did not find it..

Here if someone like to dig into it a bit.
When I described how I found that data, I wasn't suggesting that you repeat that process. I used a bad methodology and just happened to get lucky. The best way to find a particular address is to think deeply about exactly how the game behaves, and to ask yourself what options are there for coding that behavior. Once you understand conceptually how the code is actually working, you can usually find a good strategy for finding the code by considering what RAM addresses the code must use and setting a breakpoint on those addresses.

I have an idea for finding the addresses you are looking for. I am certain that the game has tables for candle/enemy drops somewhere in the ROM. The table of drops is what you are looking for. Once you find it, you can eliminate drops by setting all of the values in the table to 00, which almost always means empty, or null. A table is just a list of bytes that have a particular meaning. For example, the documentation I sent you earlier has the following:

Character IDs:
00 Trevor
01 Syfa
02 Grant
03 Alucard

subweapon IDs:
01 axe
02 cross
03 dagger
04 holy water
05 fire book
06 ice book
07 lit book
08 grant dagger
09 grant axe
0A alucard fireball?
0B watch

A table for candle drops is probably indexed based on your character, meaning that your drops change depending on what character you are. In the CPU this is done by loading the base address of the table and adding to it the id the your current character. For example, suppose the following was in the ROM at address 0x3000:

03 05 08 00

these four bytes represent the subweapon IDs that will drop based on your character. Another way to think of it is:

trevor gets knife
syfa gets fire book
grant gets knife
alucard gets nothing

If your character is syfa, the game would do the following:

load address 0x3000
add the id of your character (01)

this will load the byte at 0x3001, containing the value 05, which has the ID of the fire book.

I found two addresses for your current character: $0082 and $054E. I believe that the latter is what the game uses when checking for item drops.

The fact that the game uses the ram address for your current character is something that you can use to your advantage. You can take two approaches to find the code:

1. Find a candle that has drops for multiple characters. Document the items that drop for each character. Then open the game in a hex editor and do a hex search for those four values together. Using the example I made up earlier, you would search the ROM for the values 03 05 08 00. If you find multiple locations that match, change the value that drops for your character at that location to something else, save the change in the hex editor, reload the ROM in your emulator, and see if the drop changes. If it does, that location has one of the tables you are looking for.

2. you can create a log where you hit a candle with a subweapon for your character, then search that log where the address $054E is loaded into the x or y registers. The value you are looking for is the value of the pointer that is being indexed.

Using either of these approaches will allow you to find one of the drop tables. Once you find one, your work is almost done, because all of the drop tables for each candle will be next to each other. As for changing the drops into meat, or money bags, those have their own item codes. You can find them by changing the drops for a candle to a number that hasn't been identified and see which one produces the item you want.

As you can see, ROMhacking is very tedious. It involves finding one RAM/ROM address and using it to find another until you are able to do what you want. The difficult and time consuming nature of this causes many people to quit midway through a project. However, if you stick with it until you succeed, I think you will find that the success is often worth it. Let me know if you are able to find the drop tables with the approaches I have outlined.
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I see.