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Title: [Chrono Trigger] Various Hacking Questions
Post by: Josephine Lithius on November 14, 2016, 02:01:58 pm
For once, I'll be straight and to-the-point: I'm trying to make the Guardia Forest map in Chrono Trigger optional.  I find it kind of annoying you have to go through that place every single time you want to go to Guardia Castle.  It's just an unnecessary delay, to me.
However, the northern entrance/exit tile on the overworld map (the side facing the castle) apparently shares properties with several pieces of houses around the world and I don't know why.  I just know I don't want people to be able to literally walk through entire buildings when there's no reason to.

My Google-fu was not strong enough to find an answer for this and the existing manual for Temporal Flux is ridiculously out-of-date... so... is there a way, in Temporal Flux, to give a tile its own unique property?  I refuse to believe that it's impossible, considering what that program can do...  I'm just not clever enough to figure it out myself (and that really annoys me).

Edit: It'd help if... I said what game I was trying to edit...  *cough*
Title: Re: [Chrono Trigger] Adding a NEW Overworld Tile Property?
Post by: Mauron on November 14, 2016, 04:51:47 pm
You can't give an overworld tile a unique property, because Temporal Flux doesn't change how the game handles things, and Chrono Trigger doesn't allow that.

What you need is a different Layer 2 tile - The bottom left tile in the tiles panel has the top two quads as exits, while the bottom two quads are ethereal. Set explicit paste to Layer 2 before laying the tile (Normal never works for me).
Title: Re: [Chrono Trigger] Adding a NEW Overworld Tile Property? **SOLVED**
Post by: Josephine Lithius on November 14, 2016, 06:22:15 pm
Thaaat did it!  Once again, you're the hero of the day, Mauron.  Thanks again!
Title: Re: [Chrono Trigger] Various Temporal Flux Questions
Post by: Josephine Lithius on November 28, 2016, 11:13:56 am
Previously titled, "[Chrono Trigger] Adding a NEW Overworld Tile Property?"

Okay, I've got another problem that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I'm trying to cast Magus in partial shadows during Frog's flashback to the Denadoro Mountains.  The following code will do that exactly:
Code: [Select]
MemCpy88(50, 0F, 44, 01)However...  I can't seem to place it in an area of Magus' coding where he spawns partly-faded.  Anywhere I put it, it seems like he only fades out after the screen scrolls up and brightens.  Re-enabling his ScriptProcessing flag prematurely seems to ruin the timing of the cutscene and attempting to run the code from an Arbitrary state (instead of in the main code) has no effect until, again, after the screen scrolls up.

In addition, adding it anywhere to the second flashback's coding has no effect on Magus... but instead, makes Glenn enveloped in shadows!

I'm really hoping someone can help me with this.  This is a real head-scratcher I can't figure out...

11/29 Edit:
Also, is there a way to make Magus (the boss versions) significantly more resilient to damage?  I want to set his battle stats to match his "playable character" stats (999 HP and all), but even when maxing out his Level and Defense stats in Editor Companion, he takes what would now be a crippling amount of damage (200-300 HP) from critical attacks.  I'd like to make it seem like he's taking next-to-no damage from any and all attacks, instead.  He is, after all, supposed to be the strongest wizard in the world.  ;3
Title: Re: [Chrono Trigger] Various Temporal Flux Questions
Post by: Mauron on November 30, 2016, 08:28:00 pm
I'm not entirely sure how MemCpy88 works - I tried fiddling a little, but didn't have much luck.

Apart from adding permanent protect status, I can't see a way to reduce damage taken from physical attacks, and I'm not sure that would help in this case.
Title: Re: [Chrono Trigger] Various Temporal Flux Questions
Post by: Josephine Lithius on December 01, 2016, 08:13:42 am
I'm not surprised you couldn't figure it out...  MemCpy88 does quite a lot of things, from what I've noticed.  For the most-part, it seems to do various palette-shifting tricks for sprites and locations, but what each individual code does or how it affects a sprite is beyond me...

Also, I was afraid you might tell me something like that about Magus.  Ah well!  Thanks anyway!
Title: Re: [Chrono Trigger] Various Hacking Questions
Post by: Josephine Lithius on March 27, 2020, 08:40:05 am
Previously titled, "[Chrono Trigger] Various Temporal Flux Questions"

Hello~  I'm reviving this topic because a new thought occurred.

In Chrono Trigger, item and Technique information is displayed using a nice 16px-tall variable-width font.  While this looks great, it doesn't leave much room for a huge amount of text.  I was wondering… has anyone figured out a way to make item descriptions use a different font?  In particular, I'd like to use the fixed-width, 8x8 font that's used for item and Technique names.  It would make item descriptions look like the ones in Final Fantasy III (US), but it would also increase the amount of text available for item descriptions.

Alternately, the description text box could be expanded and the text moved up by 8 pixels to allow two lines of variable-width text with the usual font.  This would display one less item in the items list, though, and the shading would need editing in both the info box and the items box.
Alternately-alternately, a nice 8-by-? variable-width font, as in Chrono Trigger DS, would probably be the most ideal solution… but I imagine that would require a lot more coding, such as adding pointers to the new font and, well, adding the font, itself.

As always, thanks for any-and-all help!